From Detroit to Nowhere

My name is Kelly Kelsey. I live in Downtown Detroit, but I go to a boarding school in California. Its called Monte Vista Christian School and its Watsonville. Its where I met Justin because its coed. He is a senior, and I am a junior. Life crashed yesterday. And it was all because of Justin. This is what happened.

I was heading over to Dun Hall, which is where his dorm is. I was going to visit him when the wind picked up. Its fall so leaves started to fly into my hair and in my face, so I ran to the hall. I knocked on his door and he should've known who it was because everyone else is gone on Thanksgiving Break.

"Who is it?" he asked nervously from the other side of the door.

"Who do you think? Hmmm, let me think. Who is the only other one on campus?" I said or maybe strongly stated sarcastically.

"Oh, sorry darlin', I forgot. It kind of slipped my mind. What are you doing here?"

"Its Friday. We always hang out today. Remember?"

"No. Maybe. I don't know."

"Well do you want to or do you want me to leave you alone?"

"Can you leave me alone. I don't know what is even going on."

"Okay you know where I am at if you need me." or did he? That was the question of the day. Everyday. It was like he was depressed lately and losing his mind.

Later that night when I went to check on him. He open the door and gave me a weird look.

"Who are you?" my heart shattered.

"Your girlfriend... Did you forget? I'm just comin' to check on you. Earlier you seemed out of it. Can I come in?"

"Is this some sick joke? No I don't think your my girlfriend. Your one of them aren't you?"

"One of what, Justin? You're sca-"

"Them! You want me gone don't you? God! I can't stand you people you never leave me alone!" and like that he left. So time to go through his room. I opened up his drawer and found an old journal. I never knew he kept one. The first entry date was two months ago. It just talks about how great one of our dates went but then goes on saying that someone was watching him the whole time. Someone that was watching him before that day. I never noticed it. The next entry date was two days later. It says how he has been starting to feel like a nervous wreck again. Since when is he nervous? I need to go find him and tell him I am not one of these people and get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

I find him down in the library. "Justin. Its okay. I am not part of whoever these people are. I love you and want to help you. Please. Let me."

And then he walked into my open arms and started bawling into my shoulder. "Kel, I'm so scared they're going to find me and take me back. Keep me from them."

"J, who's 'them'?" he pulled away from me and looked at me in the eyes intently.

"When I was ten, these random people I didn't know came and took me from home. They didn't do anything bad but take me. But finally the police found me and took me back but before they found me those people said don't say anything or they'd find me and they've been searching since. I don't want to leave you."

"Hun, did the cops ever find out who these people are?"

"Kelly? How do you not remember? You're their daughter?"