"What is the meaning of life?" Is what people have been asking themselves for a long time, but to understand the question we need know what life really is. Life is the period of time which creatures live. "Meaning" is the same as its definition and we already answered that, but that is not what the question is really asking. It is actually asking why we live or what purpose we live for. We live for many reasons, not to die, to survive, and many more reasons the human race can come up with. Wonder why we build buildings, leave land marks, and write down history? We do that in order not to be forgotten. We live to create memories that proves our existent, but that is not the only reason ALL human beings live for. Some live for the moment, others simply because they do not want waste their lives. Many people live for many reasons and as our population begins to grow and change, there will more reasons to live. That is why there are so many "meanings of life" , humans keep creating more and more. So there is no absolute answer for that, but in the future we might find one single reason why ALL life live. That is why humans need to keep an open mind to all the possibility and impossibility we can come up with because there is no absolute answer (Not for now any way).

Date: 09/02/2013