I don't really know where to start, so i guess i'll start, wherever.

They say the truth lies, and where i'm not entirely sure, but it definitely lies… somewhere

As a human, my obsession with finding the origin of things has lead me to this belief:

A lie begins with a wish

When I was little

I wished that I were special

So i made up a lie

Just a little white one

But as if i were my own genie, that lie twisted itself into a chaotic black hole

spiraling out of control and into reversed oblivion

I mean, lest they forget how i was admitted into a psychotic ward three days after telling my english class how suicidal i was and am

I will take that to my grave, whether i kill myself or not.

Every breath i take i take in with agony and pain

Wishing i could drop dead with a bullet in my brain

Or get hit by an on coming train oh how i love this pain!

Oh my. I've seem to have come clean

I do. I do love the scene of death, especially my own.

People ask why, when I have a light to be shown around the world?

I answer them with an all famous idk

Because what else am I supposed to say

Tell the truth and have people think it as a lie?

As I said the truth does lie,

And like i said, it lies within a wish

And as i said, I wished to be special

Well here I am, standing in front of you all confessing my sins

The spotlights on me, my fifteen minutes of fame has come, and what do i say?

I say the truth now. I say how i want to die because the lie inside me has spread like cancer

It's like an enhancer has been boiling inside me for too long and now

I believe the lie. And now it lies in the truth. I am suicidal always have been, always will be

I'm dragging these words on like my fragile life, oh just kill me!

Can't you see I'm lying, dying inside and outside

I lied, I lied, I lied, goddamnit, I'm telling the truth!

I lied okay!?

What else was i supposed to say?

Tell the truth and let that become a lie?

They say the truth lies. But this time, The lie became the truth.


Because I believed it.

And so does everyone else

Wish granted.