The Stars

Stars glimmer across the sky lighting the ground beneath slightly. Although it is hard to see, dark outlines of people march across the grotesque camp. If there is something to see, it is only the blazing yellow stars imprinted onto the clothing of the people.

The people. They are everywhere. They are alive and dead. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. They are people. They are not subhuman monsters. They are you, and they are me. They are the people whose lives are crushed into nothing with one word. Fhürer. Adolf Hitler is not their Fhürer. He is a Teufel, a demon. He does not think twice of what he is doing in these camps. Of the people who are dying. All he wants is one singular master race.

I do not want to be a part of this master race. I do not understand what makes a person with blonde hair and blue eyes superior over someone with hazel eyes and brown hair. Looks define nobody. It is the actions they choose that determine whether or not they are in a master race.

My mother used to tell me no matter what a person does, to find one good thing about that person. To never judge anyone. To accept people as they are. There is good in everyone. But there is no good in Adolf Hitler. He is a subhuman monster. Ordering the mass murder of thousands upon thousands of people because they do not fit his idea of a perfect person. He sends them to concentration camps like this one to be disposed of. The people are led to the gas chambers by guards like me. These innocent people are forced to tread down a beaten path to die. They perish because of people like me.

I didn't start out as a Nazi. I was just a part of the German Army. A kid who wanted to help fight for his country. As a country we were still recovering from World War I, then, along came Hitler, he made promises to help Germany heal. I had faith that life was going to get everything changed. He started pointing fingers, blaming Jews and Gypsies. I involuntarily joined the Nazi party. It was a choice,die or join. They sent me to this concentration camp sometime in the 1940's. Everyday, I regret that choice when I march those people to the gas chambers.

"Achterberg! Nehmen sie in die kammer!" Achterberg! Take them to the chamber!

It is my job to lead the group of people. I can't help but look at them as they walk by me. A woman is weeping as she isdragged away from her husband. Some are saying their last goodbyes to their loved ones. Many of the people are praying, as usual, it is a group of older women. They sadly accept their fate and the woman stops weeping. There is a smaller cry though. One of a child. It's not hard to find the child in the back.

"Alles wird gut, kind." I don't know why I try tell to her everything will be alright.

How can one comfort another when he is taking her to die? It is almost an impossible thought. She thinks so too because she cries harder. She is scared and so am I. I do not want to be a Nazi any longer. The death of a child is greater than any other. Especially when they do not have to die. There is no reason for any of this pain or hurt that these people are experiencing. What is the point to all of this? I do not know, but I can not sit here and watch it happen. I do know that someday this must end. It may be today or it may be tomorrow. No matter when it ends Germany will be forever impacted. This is not something that will ever be forgotten. I just hope people learn from this terrible event. They learn to better their corrupted governments, appreciate people more, and try and prevent this from happening again. I am so angry I drop everything I am holding.

My weapon is now on the ground and I am shouting. No! I will not take these innocent people to the gas chambers. The Fhürer is a coward! He is a monster. He deserves to go to hell! These lives are beautiful and I will not stand to watch any more of this murder go down. Stop-

Before another word escapes my mouth I am shot down. My stomach is now burning and I'm struggling to breathe. But the stars. I can see the stars of all the Jewish people shining in the sky. It is the most heartbreakingly beautiful sight.

"Alles wird gut." The child whispers, the brilliant star on her shirt seems to outshine all the others in the sky.

"Alles wird gut, kind." Everything will be alright, child.