My name is Ashley and here is my story of how I almost died avenging my brother's death. First let me tell you a little about him. Austin was the most kind-hearted person I know. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He cared about helping people more than he cared about himself.

My grandparents raised me and Austin since own parents couldn't raise two of us at once. I had never met them before. Mawma and Papa owned a ranch in the outskirts of Alabama. That's where Austin and I lived and worked. They also had Nate working there as stable cleaner. I never liked him. I always thought he was a good person. Nate was one of those people that if something wasn't done the way he liked it, it was wrong. Even if you were correct those whole time. He had severe anger problems that he often took out on my horse. I walked into the stable one time to find Lucy laying on the ground, limp, and bleeding because he had beaten her so much.

Last night, I witnessed an argument between Austin and Nate. It didn't get physical until Nate grabbed his knife. Austin backed away for obvious reasons, but Nate continued towards him. I turn away for literally 15 seconds and when I turned back, Austin was lying on the ground covered in blood. I let out a scream and run outside. I see about 7 stab wounds in Austin's chest and stomach. Nate is long gone by this point and has even taken Harry, Austin's horse. Austin was coughing up blood and breathing really heavy. His final words were, "Don't let him get away with this." I knew I couldn't let him down.

I called 911 and reported Austin's death and told them who the murderer was. They told me they would be right out to our ranch, but its been 5 hours and they still aren't here. I decide to talk matters into my own hands and set out to find Nate. I know he has to be near Alabama soon and is probably hiding out there later on. He doesn't know I seen the altercation, so he won't see this coming. I speed off on lucy towards Alabama.

I reach my destination by daylight. I decide to go straight to the police station and inform them that as killer is on the lose here, but again, they do nothing. Lucy and I wander off. I eventually see Nate and Harry on a dirt road. They are stopped for some reason. I speed up to get to them.

"Nate." I say once I reach them. He immediately jumped up.

"Please stay away from me. I don't want to hurt you too." He says bearing the knife.

"Nate, I need two things. One, why did you do it? And two, please turn yourself in." I say, getting off of lucy.

"I was drinking and on drugs. I didn't know what I was doing. I have to leave this state. I can't be here anymore. I have made some bad decisions in my life but this. This is the worst." He says coming closer with his knife pointed to me. I dig in my pocket and pull out Papa's knife.

"Don't make me use this. All you need to do is walk down the street to the police station." I tell him. He grabs my hand and turns me into a chock hold. My breath become short and my vision is starting to go black.

"Ashley, I warned you, but you still nagged. I have to do this. You were the only witness that night." He says, and just before I pass out, he jabbed the knife into my side.