Look After You

Part One- Moving Day

Olivia and Jamie woke early yawning lightly as they padded into the kitchen and Olivia turned the kettle on,

"Tea Babe?" Olivia asks a half asleep Jamie who nods his head as he rubs his eyes,

"It won't take us long to get settled babes!" Olivia new she was nervously waffling on and that Jamie was too tired to notice but she couldn't stop herself! They quickly sipped their teas before taking their boxes of stuff into the van that they had hired for the day,

"Darling you'll be fine once were settled!" Jamie reassures me as soon as we are in the van ready to leave,

"I know babe. But what if we made a mistake moving there when we don't know if he even wants me?" I chew my lip as I fret and doubt making Jamie squeeze my leg,

"Then we will move back home but you need to do this angel. Actually correction we need to do this!" I smile leaning closer towards Jamie and lightly brushing my lip against his before sitting back as he turns the engine and drives away from our home. Jamie turned the engine off filling the space around us with silence as I look over at Jamie who smiles warmly over at my direction,

"Better get started!" We both undo our seat belts and head out the van both looking around the street taking in every single detail,

"Ah you must be Mr James?" A middle aged man in a black suit asks which I assume is the estate agent to drop off our keys,


"Ah I'm Jed the estate agent. Here are your keys and your landlord will come over sometime over the weekend to check that your satisfied enjoy you new place!" He left us both looking up at the posh looking flat, my stomach knotting tightly as I felt Jamie place his hand into mine,

"I'm right with you angel!" I nod my head slowly taking in everything that was going on before forcing a smile onto my face determined to keep busy,

"We better get our stuff inside!" I open the van doors and lift a box before heading towards our new flat. Later on that same evening they both lay exhausted huddled together on the sofa both sipping on glass of wine,

"What you thinking bout?" Jamie asks as he strokes my hair as I lightly shut my eyes,

"Right now how in love with you I am!"

"I should think so too!" Jamie jokes making me smirk as I huddle myself closer into him feeling his lips on my forehead,

"I could stay here forever!" I say contented and comfy while Jamie lets out a small chuckle,

"Babe you know that I love you but being stuck on a couch with you...ouch!" Jamie rubs his arm where I playfully punched it making my smile amused to myself,

"I said that I love Ya! Why'd you hit me for?!"

"You so know why!" We both went back into silence as I felt the tingling sensations in my stomach as I anxiously thought of tomorrow, which I knew that I had to do if I wanted to know him and have all my questions answered nonetheless it was still petrifying. Jamie had no idea what Olivia had in mind for tomorrow which if he did he would of been right by her side giving her all the comfort and support that she needed, but Olivia did not want that as not that she loathed how supportive her boyfriend was its just that she had become reliant on him that this time and this very situation was one where she needed to be strong! So when Jamie is in work Olivia will be heading over to his house. The following morning Olivia opened her eyes slowly as she smiles reaching over to Jamie's side of the bed and lifting up the small note on his pillow,

"Babe I will phone you later! Have a nice day and try not to panic I love you my angel!x" I continue smiling for the rest of the morning until I am heading out the flat and making my way to the address that I had in my hand.

"Hello?" An Middle Aged woman answers the door making me doubt myself for a split second,

"Can I help you?"

"Uh actually I was hoping to speak to a Mr Bradley?" The woman frowns for a second looking my up and down taking in my every detail before answering,

"He's out right now. Can I take a message?" Ah the thing was that she didn't trust him to leave a message nor did she want to come back another day,

"Uh I will just wait here if that's ok with you?"

"Very well. He'll be awhile mind but if you want to freeze be my guess!" The woman shut the door and had left Olivia shivering outside as she sat on the concrete step anticipating what his reaction will be,

"Yes? Can I help you?" Her heart pounded hard inside her chest as she smiles nervously at the tall, fair head man infront of her,

"Uh are you Mr Bradley?"

"The one and only! How my I help you?"

"Uh I am Olivia Bradley...your daughter!"