It was his last day before retirement and everyone was dying around him. He was the Sheriff of the tiny town of Karoo. The town was located outside of the Karoo desert. Since it was so far away form other towns nothing really happened in Karoo,lucky for him. The only thing that was big in town was a big orange train with a three painted in white on the side of it. The only thing the train did was bring in food/water supplies from the inner cities. It also brought in tourists, which there wasn't really a reason for, taken the fact that Karoo was the tiniest place ever. It's so small that it's not even located on any map.

It was December 15th, 1941 and it was Sheriff Todd's last day at work. On December 16th he turns seventy-one, so the police department was basically throwing him out. It was 6am when his alarm sounded. If you stood in his room you probably wouldn't even notice that he was in bed. Then an old, wrinkly hand found it's way out from the covers and hit the snooze button. Todd whipped the covers off and walked over to his television and turned it on, putting the volume to about 62. He lived alone so he didn't need to worry about disturbing anyone who was still sleeping. He walked into his washroom and turned on the water. The shower head spat out a few drops of water that rolled down his wrinkly, old arm, then water flowed out of the shower head.

He undressed and stepped into the shower. He was in there for about seven minutes and then he cut off the water. He stepped out from the shower and dried himself off. He grabbed his uniform, that was folded neatly on his dresser, and stepped into it. He finished buttoning the top button and then carefully fastened his badge onto his chest. He walked out of the washroom and shut his television off. He re-made his bed and grabbed his belt and gun from the drawer next to his bed. He left his room shutting the door behind him. Grabbing a cup of coffee, he locked up his house and got in his cruiser.

He put his mug in the cup holder and started his car. He backed out of his drive and pulled away, heading towards the Police Department. About five minutes down the road his radio buzzed "*static* Hey... uh Todd...*static*." He picked up his receiver "Yah..." he waited for a reply. It was about thirty seconds until the radio buzzed again. "I need you to come to the Pharp Motel out in Ghoul county." "Alright, on my way." Todd said setting the receiver down.

Todd flipped on his sirens and sped down the road towards ghoul county. When he arrived at the motel there were three other cruisers parked. "What happened?" he asked Jim, who was leaning against his car. "Double-Homicide" Jim replied. "We're checking all the rooms though." "And why's that?" Todd asked him. "The owner said once he heard screaming, he ran out in the lot to see where it was coming from. But when he got out here the screaming stopped but, all the lights in each room start flashing really fast and the.. Pop, all the lights blew out." He told me. "Do we have the files?" He asked him. Jim handed Todd the files and he read over them. Although no one was found dead in any of the rooms, they all had something that they shared. Each room in the middle of the floor right in front of the television, was a blood stain in the shape of a cross.

He was walking to the lobby to ask the manager if anyone signed in, in the last few nights. The manager, Kyle, told Todd that there was only one person who signed in last night. His name was Jesus amen. Todd look him up on the computer and found that Jesus Amen died 14 years ago to today, in room 143 of the Pharps motel. "That's where the screaming was coming from" Kyle told me. Jim asked Todd to go look in all the rooms. Todd walked into room 143 first. Upon entering the room, Todd shut the door behind him. He walked over to the flood stain on the floor and put his hand to it. Fresh blood stained his hand. Todd stood up and walked to the washroom to rinse of the blood. He cleaned himself up and looked in the broken mirror. In the background of the mirror was a scary, ghostly face, starring directly back at him. He whipped his head around to find nothing there. Todd walked out of the bathroom and went to open the door to the parking lot. When he looked outside it was pitch black and he couldn't see an inch in front of him. Something from behind him pushed him out into the darkness. When he turned his head around there was nothing. Not a person, not an animal, not even the motel. Todd was standing in the middle of the darkness not knowing where he was, when it was, or even who he was.