Authors Note: Exam Chapter 2

Todd stood there in the darkness, wondering where he was. He wandered around in the dark place for what seemed like hours. Noises coming from every where around him terrified him. The sounds ranged from children happily laughing to people screaming bloody murder. As he continued to advance through the darkness he seen a faint light far in front of him. Todd started hyperventilating as he started to run as fast as he could through the darkness towards the light. Every second the light go closer and closer but Todd was running short on breath. *THUD* Todd had tripped over something but he couldn't tell what it was. He pushed it aside and got up and started running again. He had finally reached the light, unable to breath sitting there panting, spitting, and sweating. He could hardly breathe so he looked at the light. What he saw, took even more of his breath away from him. The light he saw was like a mirror between to universes. There he knelt, looking through the mirror-type object, looking at his colleagues as they investigated the crime scene more.

He kept watching for at least five minutes before anything major happened. And then. Out of the corner of his eye he could see a hooded figure with no weapon, run behind several pieces of debris to hide from the police in the real world. Todd had caught a glimpse of the hooded mans face, it was quite pale, the man had had to big black eyes, and a deep scar that ran from the top of his right eyebrow down to the left side of his chin. The man walked up behind Jim. Todd started pounding on the glass. "JIM! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!" Todd screamed at the glass. But Jim showed no reaction to Todd's outburst. The hooded man stopped right behind Jim. Jim turned around and screamed. The hooded man put his hand up and raised Jim in the air. The only weird part was he wasn't making any physical contact with Jim. He was lifting him up without even touching him. Jim dropped to the ground. He looked like a smurf from the amount of blueness in his face. He was dead. Jim was dead and Todd just watched him die. He couldn't do a single thing to help Jim from behind the weird mirror-like object that showed him into the real world.

The hooded figure jerked his head towards Todd. He turned his head as if he could see Todd. He brought his hand up in the direction of Todd. He clenched his hand and at the same time he did so, the mirror into the real world shattered and Todd was thrown back into the darkness. His head hit something hard, which knocked him out. When he woke up he had his vision back, but he knew something was still wrong. He wasn't in the real world yet, not just yet at least. He wandered around for a bit more, only to find nothing but debris and overgrown weeds and animal life. Where ever he was, Todd knew he wasn't home. He looked around a little bit more and it started to get dark. He found an old library that he took shelter in. When he secured all the doors and windows so nothing could get in, a strange light shined in the corner of his eye. He looked right to see what it was, and to is surprise it was another mirror-type object that showed the real world.

He walked over to it, slowly this time, not knowing what he was going to witness on the other side. As he peered through the object, he seen his partner hiding in the old motel, rocking back n forth, as if he was paranoid. He looked to the left of his partner to find the hooded figure standing there again. Todd tried screaming but it was of no use. His partner, Connor, couldn't hear a word he was saying. The hooded figure walked over to Connor who was still rocking in the corner. Once again he brought his hand up and brought Connor into the air. Instead of just choking his victim this time, the hooded figure twisted Connor like he was some kind of rag doll. First he twisted his arms into a pretzel like shape and then he did the same with his legs. After that Todd couldn't watch any more, he whipped around so he couldn't see what was going on, from behind him came a noise *SNAP*. The noise made Todd quiver in pain. He looked back at the mirror but instead of finding the mirror he found the hooded man standing, right in front of him, not moving at all. Todd started to hyperventilate again as he fell to his back. The hooded man walked over to Todd, stopping right above him, slowly starting to raise his hand.