Calamity Angel

Opening: Unchained-Baptiste Thiry

Chapter Three

Dr. Benner rested her hand on Amanda's shoulders. "You stay here," she gently said to her. "I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to talk to Mrs. Lanslow. She runs the orphanage. I'll be right back." She slowly walked away from Amanda, turned, and walked further into the interior of the orphanage.

Amanda looked around at her surroundings. In front of her was a staircase that stretched up to the next floor. On either side of the stairs was a long hallway with a doorway at each end. She glanced on both sides of her and seen four doors, two on each side. She heard giggling coming from behind one of them.

She glanced up at the ceiling. On it was a giant mural. The mural depicted a giant blue-silver dragon rising in front of the sun. Below the dragon were knights standing around, their swords reverently pointed at the sky.

Behind her, above the door was a plaque. "Face each day and arise to the challenge" it read. She heard more laughter from behind the first door on the right.

She started as she heard a slam. She looked down the left hallway beside the stairs. At the end was Dr. Benner walking beside a heavyset lady with fat jowls and long curly blonde hair. They stopped in front of her.

"Amanda," Dr. Benner started, "this is Mrs. Lanslow. She runs the orphanage."

"Hello, Amanda," Mrs. Lanslow said bending over, her face wrinkling up into a smile. "We're glad to have you." A stricken look crossed her face. "Well, we're not glad on how you got here but we welcome you anyways."

Amanda looked up. "What's that?"

Mrs. Lanslow looked up. "Oh. That. That is a mural of the great Bahamut and his loyal knights. We're actually an extension of the church of the Royal Order of Bahamut." She looked up at Dr. Benner. "I assure you, she will be well cared for. You can come visit her anytime you want."

Dr. Benner nodded. "I definitely will." She turned to Amanda. "I have to leave now, but I'll be back day after tomorrow to check up on you. Okay?"

Amanda nodded meekly. "Bye, Dr. Benner."

"I'll be in touch," Dr. Benner told Mrs. Lanslow. With that, she headed for the door, opened it, and walked out.

"What does that plaque mean?" she asked Mrs. Lanslow. "It's the motto of the church." She beckoned at Amanda as she turned around. "Follow me and I'll take you to your room." With that, she walked off with Amanda following closely behind.

Erisa and Eva stared down at the village from a hilltop about half a mile outside of it.

"So that's Orcher," Eva stated.

"Yep," Erisa replied.

"Seems peaceful enough now." As if on cue, goblins came swarming from the trees, about three hundred feet outside the village, off to the left. Bells started ringing from inside the village. "Guess that answers that."

The two spurred their horses down the hill, Eva notching an arrow to her bow. She drew back the bowstring and let it fly. The arrow glowed and then became a multitude of arrows, showering the goblins, and dropping them in groups.

The goblins stopped and looked towards the hill. Seeing Erisa charging in, they turned their attention to her.

She stood up on her horse and catapulted herself into the midst of them. Soon she was carving through goblins two, three, and four at a time. Goblin innards, heads, arms, and legs flying everywhere. Soon, she stood alone in the middle of a gore infested battlefield. The remaining goblins dropped their weapons and fled.

After a minute or so, the gate slowly opened and a short, pudgy man with gray hair sauntered out. "Thank you, heroes!" he boasted. "You have surely saved us from destruction." He motioned towards the gate and a mousy man with brown hair scampered out, a cloth bag in his hands. "Please," the first man said. "Take this reward for you have surely earned it."

Erisa thought for a second. As a Paladin, she should have let them keep their money, but times were tough. "Thank you," she said, accepting the offering. "I accept this payment with all the blessings of Bahamut."

"It is yours." There came a cheer from the gates. She glanced to see that most of the town had gathered there. "Maybe you can do a favor for me."

"And that is?"

"I have a friend down in Toboken. Seems there are dark times down there. Robed men walk through the streets." He leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "They even say the dead walk."

"I'll have to check it out," Erisa replied.

"You'll have to do it without me, I'm afraid," Eva said, running up with another Kitsune beside her. "I have to hurry home. My mother has taken ill and has requested my presence."

Erisa tied the cloth bag to her horse's saddle and pulled herself up onto the horse. She reached down and clasped Eva's hand. "It was a pleasure traveling with you, Eva. Hopefully I'll see you after I'm finished with Toboken. The usual place?"

"I will try to be there in a month's time," Eva replied. "Good meet, Erisa."

"And Bahamut's blessings to you, Eva." She kicked her horse. "Hyah!" She then rode south while Eva and the other Kitsune headed north. The townsfolk waved her off as she headed for Toboken.

Closing: Queen's Breach-Critical

A/N: And thus ends the first arc of Calamity Angel.