Chapter One: Beginnings

Thousands of years ago, demons and monsters used to torment mankind. Various groups were formed to keep these demons in control. The Red Hand Gang, the Ninja Heroes, to name a few. Thus balance was formed.

Then, he arrived. A great and powerful dark wizard named Zarius. He formed a pact with the demons and monsters and empowered them, destroying the balance. Through this unbalance, he was able to corrupt the very organizations that had been formed to keep the balance in the first place. Chaos ensued and destruction looked eminent. Then, like a beacon of hope, the Sorcereress Axandria appeared and sealed all the demons, monsters, and groups into scrolls. But like all things, nothing ever lasts.

Every 1000 years, the scrolls need to be resealed. This must be done 13 times before they will be permanently sealed. Sometimes by one person, sometimes by many. Thus competitions were formed to find the sealers. 12 times they had been sealed. Then, the scrolls and these competitions, disappeared into legend. The world moved on. Superstitions disappeared and the belief of monsters vanished. 1000 years have passed and times of great trouble are upon us. The seals are breaking and the monsters are slowly becoming free. War, famine, terrorism, violence. All products of monsters. A new sealer must be found and time grows short.

There is hope. For a man, who disappeared for two decades has appeared with a new game. A game he calls Monma. A game he says will change the world. Where did he come up with this game? Why now? What is his agenda? What does it have to do with the ancient competitions? And can a new sealer be found in time?

Keep reading to find out.

"Bye, Dad!" Maxxie yelled grabbing her bag off the couch in the livingroom. At 13 years old, Maxine Dale was a down-to-earth, realistic type of girl. Her fiery red hair always made her stand out in a crowd and her jade eyes were so green, many boys had told her they were like jewels. They would fawn that way over them until she would comment on how they couldn't possibly be jewels because her eyes would be in constant pain. She thought of herself as plain but she usually heard boys call her a hottie or a doll. She really hated that last one.

She quickly headed for the door and tripped over something in the middle of the floor. She pushed herself up onto her knees and looked behind her. Her kid brother, Jeremiah, was sitting in the middle of the floor playing with some dumb cards.

"Ow!" Jeremiah complained rubbing his back where her knee had fallen on him. "Watch where you're going, sasquatch," he said.

"Sasquatch!" she yelled. "My feet may be bigger than normal girls, but I am not a sasquatch! Plus, you shouldn't be playing with your dumb cards in the middle of the floor anyways. They're for kids."

"What am I?" he shot back. "I'm only 8."

"I meant little kids, dweeb."

"Plus, they're not dumb. The game's called Monma. You spend points to play cards and-"

"Uh-huh," she muttered zoning him out. She picked herself off the floor and headed for the door. She opened it and looked back. "Actually, card games are for people with no intelligence and no life." She went out the door and headed up the walk.

Jeremiah gathered up his cards. "Stupid sister," he said, crying. He stalked into the kitchen and threw his cards in the trash.

"Hey!" his dad shouted. "You really wanted those. What was that for?"

"Maxxie says they're for people with no life," he said. "I want a life."

He picked Jeremiah's cards out of the trash, cleaned them up, and handed them to him. "Miah, Maxxie isn't always right. You're too young to know what it means to have a life. Enjoy your childhood. I'll be having a chat with her later."

Maxxie boarded the bus, walked down the aisle and plopped into her seat.

"I pay 9 PP to summon Mythical Beast-Hydra to the field. Now with all 4 of my Hydras out and my Harpie giving them Ranged, my Hydras each have 6 attacks each. So that's 25 attacks directly, making it game!" she heard from behind her. She looked over the seat at her two best friends, Emma Shore and Katlin Moss. Katlin had blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was what Maxxie would call a hottie. Emma had pink hair, purple eyes, and wore glasses. She wasn't a hottie, she was actually kind of skinny and looked very nerdy, but they had known each other for years, and she had always been there for the other two. Especially when Maxxie's mom had died. They were both playing with cards.

"You guys too?" she asked as they picked their cards up. "First my dorky brother and now you two?"

"It's actually an interesting and intellectually challenging game," Emma said, pushing her glasses up on her face. "So many numbers to keep up with is quite the surmountable task."

"Uh-huh," Maxxie dryly responded. "Quit talking like a nerd. We both know you're really not."

Emma stuck her tongue out and winked. "You know I like to tease you like that on occasion."

"It's called Monma," Katlin said. "It's really fun." She looked at Emma. "Wanna play again?"


Maxxie turned around as they played rock-paper-scissors to see who went first as the bus came to a stop. She looked out the window and saw a man looking at her. He had black hair and wore glasses. He was wearing a dark suit and tie.

Suddenly, she saw a vision of a woman in red robes. The woman pointed towards her. "You...You...You..." And then the vision was gone and the man still stood there. He smiled as a city bus passed in between them. When the bus had passed, he was gone. She turned around in time to see Charles Thompson step on the bus and time seemed to slow down. He had brown hair and red eyes. He was lean and only slightly muscular. She sighed.

He saw her as he neared her. Then his eyes widened. He walked towards her as her heart pounded. Was today the day? Five steps. Ba-Bump! Two steps. Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump! Then he was past her and standing at Emma's and Katlin's seat. "You guys play?" he asked.

They looked up at him and answered simultaneously. "Yeah. Do you?"

He pulled out a deck of cards. "You bet I do. The game just came out but I'm already shop champion at a few card shops. Maybe we can play sometime." He looked at Maxxie and her heart leapt. "Do you play?"

Her eyes widened. The crush of her life was into the stupid card game as well. What was she to do? What should she- "Sure do," she blurted out. Her friends looked up at her with disbelieving looks on their faces. Seen her face, looked at Charles, looked back at her, got sly looks on their faces, and went back to their game. "I have lots of cards." She couldn't believe she had just said all that.

"What do you play? I play the mighty dragons."

"The cute ones?" she stammered, not knowing a thing about the game.

He laughed. "Which ones are the cute ones?"


Emma leaned over and whispered, "Say Magicians."

"Uhhhh...Magicians?" she leaned over to Emma. "What are those? she whispered.

"They use counters to be effective."

"Magicians, huh?" he chuckled more. "You're one of those players. Go for strategy instead of brute strength. I'll play you some time, although you may not be in my league with those." With that, he walked to his seat and sat down.

"Uh-huh," was all she could say.

"What a jerk," Katlin said. She put on a serious face. "'I'll play you some time, although you may not be in my league with those.' Where does he get off saying that? Honestly Maxxie, I don't see what you see in him."

Maxxie got a horrifying look on her face. "What am I gonna do? I don't own a single card," she moaned.

Little did she know what fate had in store for her.

To Be Continued...