It's like a clock ticking

My Life just flicking

Back and Forth holding on One Push,

Yet the Reason for it is held on a hush

Why go on with Such falseness

When the future is like my heart; just Blackness

It's not fair, the torture I take

From me, myself, and I, We begin to break

Shattered, Empty, and Alone

as I cry out and Moan

I silence and darkness I Brood

While I manage an existence so crude

Pointless and neverending is the path

Perhaps it's the cross I Bare for my past

But is this truly fair?

Though it seems I shouldn't care

It's so hard to justify my life

Day in, Night out my thoughts carry around my knife

Then I see the few who are burdened with me

And the few that have been able to open me

From th shell I have become

of the Boy that was Loved by Some

But even so I fill drained and tired

From this world that's destined to set fire

to the pieces of myself that have fallen

Deaf to the Voices that are still calling

Day by Day

Night by Night

I try to Fight

but lose reason to stay