A/N: Hey guys, I'm back with a new story. Hopefully this one sticks for me.

My name is echoing through the forest. He keeps screaming it over and over to scare me; to get me to slow down enough that he can catch up and bring me back Home. I'm scared shitless. Blood pounding in my ears, heart beating so hard it could burst, sweat pouring down my face. It runs along my spine down the back of my ratty t-shirt—I am all sensation. Wet, hot, terror.

"Anabel! ANABEL!"

Bare feet slap through thick, cold mud and my breath catches in my throat when I hear him invoke my full name. I glance over my shoulder, choking on my sobs, struggling to stay quiet as branches snap against my naked legs. The peek costs me as a damp twig rakes a painful cut across my cheek.

It makes me stumble over my own two feet and I tumble into the soggy earth. I don't even want to look at them. It's early February, still freezing cold but getting rainy, and I'm getting frostbite. I can't feel the bottoms of my goddamn feet. I claw at the unforgiving sod around me and scramble back on my quivering legs and the only thing keeping me going is pure adrenaline.

Pure, visceral instinct. He taught me that word, along with a couple others. As I'm being thrashed by trees and pouring sweat I wonder why I'm still so fucking cold. My chest is tightening and I know I'm almost done. I can't run anymore. I can't run anymore. I can't run anymore.

"Ana! Ana, come back!"

Black creeps in on my peripheral vision and I come to a stop before a steep embankment. I'm not thinking straight between the drugs he shoots in my veins and the sheer exhaustion from running my feeble body to the brink. There's a waterfall. Could I make it? Was it worth risking death?

My ears start ringing and I squeeze my eyes shut, clutching my head and turning, sloshing mud everywhere. His boots are crunching closer. He's running, but he's faster and not as panicked as me. He knows I'll stop eventually. He knows he'll catch me. I can already feel him handcuffing me and dragging me back kicking and screaming while the birds sing to one another overhead.

I want to be home with my mom and my little brother. I can't remember how long I've been gone but it feels like an eternity. Weeks? Months? Years?

"Anabel, princess." I hear the cold clinking of metal. "Come here."

The forest is turning dark and the tightness in my chest is getting worse. It radiates down my arm and I have a feeling I'm not going to make it out alive anyhow.

"Come here, Ana. You need your inhaler."

Stiffening, rigid; my lungs aren't working. I draw a few sharp, empty breaths and stagger backwards towards the ravine with a hand over my chest. I am going to die. I will never see my family again.

He jerks forward to grab me but I summon my last ounces of strength to hurl myself from the cliff down into the rocks below, and he screams in rage, and I have one last smile before—