(Eerie music in background, spoken by female)

"You have incredible power inside you. People will come for it. They will come for you."

(Eerie music continues)

Verse 1- Female- sung

Once upon a time, isn't that how every story begins?

And this one's no different, it's about a girl devoid of sins.

She was the last remaining fairy in this age of darkness.

There was pure magic radiating off her innocent face.

And she spoke to all the stars,

Sang in tune with the dancing leaves.

They told her magic's not real,

She told them, she'll always believe.

Verse 2- female- sung

Enter a prince, he was everything she had wanted and more.

Her happiness sent sparkles out to outer space and earth's core.

She was the last remaining fairy, and love had made her hope,

That she could end all his sorrow and all his reasons to mope.

And she told him she loved him,

Held on firmly to his cold hands.

They told her it's a mistake,

She told them, it's where she will stand.

Chorus- male- growl

Darkness always lurks

Behind every spark,

There's evil in every eve.

Nothing's what it seems

When you're lost in dreams,

And something has got to give.

He wasn't a saint,

Like they had all claimed,

He just wanted her magic.

He tore her apart,

Broke her fragile heart,

And it left her scarred and weak.

Verse 3- female- sung

When he left her, all the magic in her evaporated.

It rained on him, his hunger for power was satiated.

She was the last remaining fairy, but she was under spell

Of the afterglow of her favorite long lost fairytale.

And she cried to the dark night,

Screamed through the water in her lungs.

They told her it's over now.

She told them to hold their sharp tongue.

Verse 4- female- sung

Lost and confused, torn apart and scared of magic and love,

She refused to give in to despair, she refused to give up.

She was the last remaining fairy, the strength in her remained

Absolutely intact and unaffected by all the pain.

And she prayed to darkness,

Tapped into its immense powers.

They told her, it's dangerous,

She showed them her strongest hours.

Chorus- male- growl

Day comes after night.

While it all seems right,

There's danger in every day.

When you have faced it,

Magic's in heart beats,

No one can take that away.

So she had turned rogue,

And she had invoked

The power that comes from pain.

With innocence lost,

She has paid the cost,

But none can hurt her again.

Outro- female - sung

And that's how she lost him and found herself.

So if you're afraid now, I hope this helps.

Once upon a time, but this story is true.

And if you met her today, she would tell you,

(Choir in background, spoken by female)

"You had doubts, you were afraid. You came to believe that what you loved most dearly could be taken away from you. But the truth is, no one in the whole universe could ever steal your past, your dreams, or your magic powers. The witches do not own them. They are yours to keep, forever. To recover your powers, look deep inside yourself."

Note: The first quote is from The Secret Circle, and the second one from Winx Club.