"We were frozen, facing off with Taun," Dareth said with relish, gesturing with one hand. "His blaster was pointed straight at your mother - I couldn't move, for fear he'd blow her to bits."

Their daughter, sitting on his knee, shivered, gazing up at him with wide grey eyes. "What happened?" she lisped.

"Daddy made that Taun run for his hide," said their older son with wicked glee. "Bang bang!"

Dareth chuckled. "Not exactly. He said some things about your mother that were entirely uncalled for, and that was when I hit him. That was a fight to remember, I was-"

"Dareth," Alithea interrupted sternly but smilingly from the kitchen. "They don't need to hear every detail of that fight."

"I want to hear it, Mother!" Aric pleaded.

"No," Elora said in a small voice, and buried her face in her father's chest. "Don' wanna hear," she added in a muffled voice.

Dareth tenderly stroked her soft black curls. "Alright, sweetheart, we'll skip that particular story," he murmured affectionately. "How about Mommy's and my wedding..."

Taun gazed sullenly at the controls on Delly's dashboard, lost in thought. He'd been drifting in space for years now, only occasionally daring to make landfall on Earth where he could blend in, never daring to make landfall on Lora. He wanted to return to Tatone, eventually, and lead the rebellion against their captivity.

And after Tatone was free...he would hunt down that girl and her creepy Loran lover, kill the man, and take the woman for his own. He had always intended to keep her for himself, to hide her away from the rest of the world. And that desire hadn't slackened in the least. Now he'd get the pleasure of killing the man properly, instead of just shooting him. And Alithea would finally be his.

It's been a fun jaunt, folks, hope you enjoyed. ;)