Young eyes stared up at the ceiling before turning to the matching ones next to the baby boy – a child of barely three months.

This baby – Felix Sørenson – was of royal blood, his parents being the King and Queen of the Amaranthine Kingdom. He and his twin sister, Felice, were the only children of Annline and Mateus Sørenson.

Felix squirmed slightly and let out a high pitched giggle as his mother reached into the crib to pick him up, eyes sad. At such a young age, the boy couldn't sense the distress coming from his mother and simply pressed a hand to her cheek, giggling again.

"Felix… I'm sorry…" Annline whispered as she pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead, eyes closed as a tear rolled down her cheek. After a moment of holding him, her cheek resting on his head, she turned from the crib and began to walk from the room. The last thing she heard before the door was closed was a scream from Felice as he brother left her side.

Turquoise orbs looked around at the purple halls as his mother walked toward where the entrance to the castle was. Annline stopped in front of where a couple stood next to their carriage.

"Do not fear, my child," she murmured in the baby's ear as she held him for the last time. "You will return some day…"

Once she was finished speaking, she held out the baby to the woman and she gently took him in her arms, smiling coldly.

"He will be a fine young man when he returns to this castle and he will be the perfect servant for your girl," the lady said, eyes on the Queen. After a moment of silence, Annline nodded and stepped back.

The couple entered the carriage and with a crack of the whip, the horse took off. The woman – who goes by the name Bernedine – looked at Felix with disgust and handed him to the man, eyes narrowed.

"It will be difficult to make him a gentleman. Those damn royals are always stubborn, whether they know what blood they have or not…"

Felix – now three years older – ran his fingers through his hair before pulling it back into a messy ponytail, black bangs falling into his eyes as he stared at his reflection. It was around three in the morning and Bernedine and Øven were still sleeping peacefully in their room.

The only time he could ever have to himself in this house were in the mornings, before the others woke. The boy had no time to act like a child and had matured quickly due to the beating he would receive for misbehaving.

Felix washed his bandaged hand before slipping on small gloves and walking into the kitchen, taking the kettle outside to the water pump where he filled it with cold water. His eyes were dull as he set a fire in the stove to boil the water for the tea that his adoptive parents would demand for when they woke.

Every morning, they would wake at exactly five in the morning. Øven had a job in the mill so he would be away two hours before he would have to leave, and that would wake his wife as well. Felix had to admit that out of the two, he feared Bernedine more than Øven due to her being the one to stay home to watch him, and that lead to her beating him a lot more than her husband.

It was a while before a whistle sounded through the kitchen to indicate that the water was boiled. He let out a small gasp as he realized he hadn't prepared the teapot and leaves. He moved quickly to move the kettle onto a cloth and pull out the fragile glass pot. He looked around with large eyes before he spotted the tin of leaves.

He reached for the metal tin when he felt a jolt of pain hit his wrist, pulling a loud cry from his lips. Felix moved his gaze up to where Bernedine stood with a riding crop in her hand, eyes narrowed at him, almost as if she had woken, sensing that he had made a mistake.

"Your master would have been waiting ten minutes before their tea would arrive," she snarled, lifting the crop before bringing it down to hit his cheek, causing him to cry out again. "That's unacceptable!" She exclaimed before kicking his roughly in the chest, knocking him against the counter.

He stayed as silent as he could after that, only the occasional yelp leaving him as she brought the crop down on him repeatedly, catching his face, neck, shoulders and hands which he had used to cover his face.

When she stopped, the water that had boiled was cold again and he used shaky, bleeding hands to move it back to the stove, water spilling on his feet. This, Bernedine did not see, as she was in the parlor, putting her hair into a bun.

This time, as the water heated, he began with the tealeaves, trying his best to keep blood from his fingers from dripping into the leaves.

Once the water was put in the pot and the leaves began to soak, he went outside to wash his hands, letting the water run over them, only causing them to shake even more from the cold.

Felix stepped into the house again and pulled the leaves from the now sweet tea, dumping them out before pouring two small cups of the tea. At the exact moment he carried the tea into the dining room on a silver tray, Øven and Bernedine seated themselves. He set the cup in front of the two before bowing to them, disappearing into the kitchen.

He must have done well, as this was the first time Bernedine had not yelled at him for the taste being too dull or too strong.

He felt like he had done well and couldn't stop the smile from coming to his lips as he began to make breakfast for the pair before Øven would leave for work.


~WinglessAngel and Malec18