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Saying Felix was lost in the new city was an understatement. He could have sworn this was the fourth time he's passed the bakery. He stared at the store with the newly baked bread before he turned his narrowed eyes back down the paper in his hand.

Felice had ordered a dress from the tailor here months ago and it had arrived, but he hadn't been here when she'd ordered it. All he had was the payment and small paper with the address written beautifully across it.

For probably the hundredth time, he sighed and continued walking down the street, paying close attention to the signs on each corner.

As he looked around this new Kingdom, he couldn't help but be amazed by the lack of poverty. In his own home, people were suffering on the streets with no food or shelter. Dozens died of sickness every day and more from execution. But here… Everyone smiled as they conversed about who-knows-what, children laughed and played on the streets. Not a single person was seen without a home and everyone seemed well fed. It was strange to him.

"Excuse me, sir," a soft voice said from behind Felix, a gentle tapping on his shoulder. He turned to find a young woman standing in front of him, smiling slightly, her eyes green a bit amused. "You don't seem to be from around here, and I couldn't help but notice how lost you look." As her words sunk in, Felix blushed a deep shade of red, his eyes widening.

"I-I can assure you that I am not lost…!" He said quickly, his voice embarrassed. At this, she laughed and shook her head.

"You've walked past my house six times now. I think you're lost." When he didn't answer, she laughed again. "I'll show you to where you need to go." Looking at the paper in his hand, she saw the address and smiled. "The tailor isn't hard to find. Come on." With that, she began to walk down the street and Felix reluctantly followed, his cheeks still the bright red.

During the walk, Felix feared that she would ask where he was from, and when he would answer, she wouldn't help him. But she it seemed she wasn't going to pry, and for that, he was grateful. It wasn't that he was embarrassed or ashamed of his country, but he wasn't exactly proud. They didn't have a good reputation and people often despised them. It was a lot to deal with.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Felix heard the girls voice say, breaking him from his thoughts. He blinked a few times and his eyes looked over the area, a very large market area in the shape of a circle. In the center was a beautiful fountain with water falling from the petals of a large flower. She was right. It was beautiful.

He turned to answer her but was cut off when a gust of wind blew by and took his hat with it. He let out a small sound and reached for it, his fingers just missing it. His eyes followed it to where it landed on the ground by the fountain. He began to walk toward it, but stopped when he saw someone reaching to pick it up. Suddenly, he wasn't so concerned about the hat.

First, he saw a small, delicate hand pick up the hat and his eyes moved up to where he saw the face of the woman. She had large, green eyes that met his, and a soft smile appeared on her plump lips. Her hair was a shining strawberry blond that was pulled into a bun, secured by a green ribbon. A few strands of her hair fell around her face, curling ever so slightly.

She was like nothing he'd seen before. She was stunning and here he was, gawking at her like a fool. Despite that, she walked over, her silk dress flowing around her slim form. He shook his head as she stood in front of him, holding out his hat.

"Here. This is yours," she said softly, her voice like a flowing beautifully. He felt himself melt at the sound and his cheeks heated up.

"T-thank you, madam…" He said quietly before he cleared his throat. He gave himself a moment to recompose himself before he looked at her again. "Would I have the honor of knowing your name?" He said, smiling slightly at her, though he was sure that his red cheeks ruined it.

She let out soft laugh and opened her mouth to reply only to not have the chance to answer when someone ran up to her and grabbed her hand.

Felix looked at the boy that stood there, his smile bright and his blindingly blue eyes dancing. He had an upturned nose and his messy black hair looked unbrushed, but other than that, he seemed quite put together. But the way he was so close to this girl, the way he held her hand, it all made Felix hate the boy.

"Nastasia, I was looking for you!" The boy said, smiling at her. "Come on, we have to get going." She smiled at Felix before the boy quickly pulled her away. She gave a small wave over her shoulder before being rushed along.

Felix stood there for a moment, his eyes still trained on where she'd disappeared. He heard the girl who was helping him walk up next to him.

"That's our Queen, Nastasia Grönson. It's an honor to meet her," she said softly, and all he could do was nod.

He did feel honored to meet a woman such as her. Not only a queen, but someone so fair, so kind. So perfect.

The rest of the walk to the tailor shop, he couldn't stop thinking about the queen. He'd never experienced it before, but he knew for a fact that he'd fallen in love with her. He'd always thought love at first sight was just a myth, but earlier, he'd learned otherwise. Him, a lowly servant, had fallen in love with a Queen.

He was truly pathetic.


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