The Last Game

In the small town of Woosterville lived a teenager named johnny and his family. Johnny was a 16 year old boy who loved to spend time with his friends and play cards. Him and his dad would always sit around playing cards together. It didn't matter what game they were playing they just liked playing cards. Johnny dad usually almost won because he has been playing cards his whole life and johnny was just learning to play, and in the small western town of Woosterville there isn't much to do besides play cards.

One day johnny was at home with his mom one day while his dad went to one of his friends house to play cards. This was usual on a Saturday night, his dad would go out and play cards for a couple of hours. His dad and buddies would play cards and place bets when they placed poker. This was the game that Johnny's dad was really good at. He would come home with a lot of money every time they would play and Johnny would always be there to congratulate his dad when he came home. Johnny would always tell his dad that when he was older he wishes that he would be just like him.

About a week went by and Johnny's dad went out on a Wednesday night to play cards. Johnny thought that this was strange because he never goes out on a Wednesday to play cards, but he didn't say anything about it. Johnny wanted to go with him but he wouldn't let him go for some reason. So johnny was upset and went to bed.

After Johnny went to bed he wanted to cry but he just decided that he would just fall asleep. A couple hours later his mom came in and woke him up and she was crying. Johnny didn't know what to think all he knew was that something bad has happened. When he got dressed and walked downstairs his whole family was sitting in the living room crying there eyes out and Johnny didn't know what to do or say. Finally he asked his mom what was wrong and she just couldn't stop crying so finally his grandma walked over to him and sat him down on the couch.

She said "your father has been shot by a man that lost the poker game."

Johnny said "why my dad he is the nicest person around this town why did he have to be shot?"

"Your father has beaten one of the best poker player in the county and he couldn't stand losing so he shot your father."

This is when johnny just started crying and couldn't stop. He just had so many questions.

His main question was why did he go there in the first place? His mom walked over to him and she was explain to him that the only reason that he went to play poker there was because the bets that were placed there were really big and Christmas was coming up. His dad wanted to give him the best Christmas presents ever so he went to win the money. Johnny was still sad but then he wanted to know who shot his dad.

He then seen the sheriff sitting in the corner of the room so he walked over to him. He then sat down next to him and the sheriff told johnny everything that he knew about the case. Johnny asked the sheriff if he knew where this guy was and he said that they didn't know but they assured him that they would find him.

A couple weeks went by and johnny became the man of the house now that his dad has passed. He does all of the yard work while his mom cleans the house and makes food. When johnny was out in the yard the sheriff pulled up to johnny and stopped him. He said that they have caught the guy that has shot his father and he has been hanged. Johnny was so relieved when he heard this and he ran into the house to tell his mom. After she heard this she was so happy that she started to tear up.