Chapter 2 of From Detroit to Nowhere~

"You're their daughter.."

It rang in my ears as I backed away slowly. "Justin, I have no clue what you're talking about. I don't remember you at that house."

"You wouldn't. Don't you remember how you weren't allowed into the basement? Its because they had a renovated room down there." he looked really upset with himself.

"Why didn't you tell me?" then the tears just came rolling out. I couldn't hold them back anymore. But I didn't want to seem vulnerable

"Kels, I would love to talk this through with you but I need to know where your parents are. And one more thing but I don't know if you'll like it."

"What is it?" I suddenly got extremely nervous. I don't how I am supposed to feel about any of this. I'm utterly shocked.

"We need to leave this place and never come back."

"I love you, J, but why can't you go alone?" I asked. "I would love nothing more than to runaway with the boy I've fallen in love with but I need to know why?"

"I got a letter from your parents a few days ago. It said that even if I hide in the deepest cave they'd find me. But I was gonna leave anyway because I didn't want to pull you into it. But then on the back it said that if I ran, I would never see you again. I don't wanna know what that means so please just come with me." Now he got on his knees and was begging me. I could see that he already started to cry.



"I guess we better pack." I said while wiping both of our tears away. We both stood up and practically ran around his room getting his things together and then ran to mine to do the same.

When we were finished I looked at him and wondered how we were going to pull this scheme off.

"What do we do now?"

"Well if you didn't notice we get in my car and drive away. We need to go to D.C. I know people who can help us there."

"D.C.? TheD.C.?" I was in shock again. He wants to drive across the country.

"Yes but I promise it won't take that long. The only reason why we're going to stop is restroom breaks, food, gas, or a hotel."

"But we don't have the money for this. How are we going to pay for all of that stuff?"

"You forget that my parents are extremely wealthy. I can afford to take 15 of us on this trip." he said as he came over to take my bag, which I had dropped moments before when he told me where we were going, and took them to the car. He was telling the truth. His parents owned a multi billion dollar company that side with Microsoft and Apple called The Next Level. He received money from it since he gave them the idea of the name.

After we got in we sat there for a minute. Analyzing what we were about to do. We are running from my parents. The parents that kiddnapped my boyfriend when he was a kid. And going to Washington D.C.

"If we're really doing this, I would really like to listen to some tunage." and like that we were off.