Broken glasses scattered across the floor,

She can't get in, someone closed the door,

She cries with so much pain,

In the end nothing really change,

She is locked inside cages,

She been there for ages,

She looks for an ally and sees her reflection,

She tries to look for an ally in the other direction,

But nobody's there, she is alone,

She is all on her own,

The only one she can trust is herself,

She realize "It's just myself",

She is so young, but she sees the truth,

She sees something girls don't see in their youth,

The damage is done,

And no longer will she run,

The world turned against her, so she will do the same,

She picks her self up, no longer will she be a no name,

With with her scarred heart,

She will tear the world apart,

This little girl can no longer be tame,

And everything will go down in flames,