You say that I'm not the only one alone,

So why is there no one at the end of the phone,

I pled and pled for someone to come,

I feel so alone, my body is so numb,

I wait for countless minutes for some to hold me,

But there is no one when blood comes out of my knee,

There is no one to say "I'm here so don't worry",

There is no one to tell me a bed time story,

There is no one to fill the silence,

There is one to start an alliance,

There is no to help me find the light,

There is no one to help me fight,

There is no one to have fun,

There is no where I can run,

When will my lesson be learn,

That I could no longer be reborn,

My scars are swollen,

My heart have been stolen,

I'm no longer myself,

I'm a doll siting on a shelf,

And there is no one to cut my strings,

There is no one to relieve my stings,

I am alone and no phone have rung,

I am alone till there is no air my lung...