You are free

they said to me:

"little girl, you are free."

They molded me into a butterfly

but they said it was a necessity to clip down my wings

and preserve me in a museum under glass

because i would shatter with a rough touch.

they said that they were protecting me

and that because i am

fragile and delicate

i need to be preserved until a collector shows that

hes worthy of

having me.

They said to me:

"little girl, you are free."

The glass is broken

shattered with his persistence

A boy with callused fingertips hopes to

set off an alarm within me.

He doesn't handle me with the care

that i wanted but i

always learnt that if a boy is mean

he likes me.

He bruises my hips and tells me:

"this is why your kind belong

in boxes. you break

too easily"

They said to me:

"little girl, you are free."

i try to scrape myself

into the something that first made me

worth collecting but he no longer

looks in my direction.

he looks hungrily with desire at butterflies that fly high

in the dangerous and bold colours of a venus flytrap that has

eaten many flies and

i am confused.

He doesn't look at me when he says,

"you bruise with inexperience. You aren't

flying, you're scraping the ground."

his admission chokes me.

They said to me:

"little girl, you are free."

His words leave me bleeding

but at least there's proof I feel something.

I fly higher than any of those before me

and my wings wither from the careless touch

of the men who have caught me.

Yet, I am happy

I am free. But they cannot comprehend my joy and snatch me

in mid flight, cramming me

in a box and

one day

i find him looking at the glass box next to me

hammer in hand

ready to collect another one of

the untouched

he doesn't look at me

he only says:

"i preferred you in your previous box."

They said to me:

"Little girl, you are free. But

only if you act like how

society wants you to be"

I am not a butterfly

i am a little girl with hands that shake;

with lips that you try to stitch

shut and paint pink.

I am not yours to keep

i am not made to be collected

or to be caught

I am not a prude

i am not a slut.

I will not let you put me into a box.

I look into the mirror and say:

"Little girl, you don't need them to feel free."