A/N: Hey all! Very long time, no see huh? I hope all is well with everyone and you're all enjoying your holidays! Here's a fluffy/sexy holiday oneshot with our favorite boys!

This is set in the future with their daughter Celeste and cat Max.

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Beautiful Snowman Family

"Well hi there." Zander turned away from the stove where he was heating up some water to see Tristan standing in the door way. His husband leaned against the doorjamb, hands folded into the pockets of his thick jeans, flecks of snow dusting his dark pea coat.

"Hi sexy," Zander responded, putting the kettle back on the eye. He walked over to Tristan and brushed the snow off of his shoulders. Tristan's green eyes watched his husband carefully, the corners of his mouth quirking up. "Cold?"

"Oh, no, of course not. Why would you ask such a thing?" He gave Zander a pointed look and began undoing his coat.

"Oh well." Zander helped his husband out of the coat and hung it on the hook just outside of the kitchen. "I was just thinking," he smoothed his hands down Tristan's clothed arms, "That if you're cold, then I could help warm you up. But since you're not…" Zander turned around, but Tristan's hand closed firmly around his wrist before he could make it to the stove.

"Is there a draft in here?" Tristan smiled slyly and pulled his husband's body close to his own, relishing the feel of the warmth emanating from him. He shivered a bit.

"Maybe we should have that checked out." Zander responded. His hands found Tristan's trim waist and leaned close, his own lips barely touching Tristan's, teasing.

"C'mon." Tristan mumbled, trying to reel Zander back in—he relented.

He kissed Tristan more firmly this time, slipping his tongue into his husband's mouth when he parted his lips. He tried to reach deep, tried to warm him from the inside out, and judging by the full body shudder he felt travel through Tristan, he wasn't far from completing his mission.

"Please please tell me they'll be some holiday fun tonight. Please." Zander couldn't help but smile at how desperate his husband was and he gave him another quick peck.

"That all depends on what time Celeste gets to bed tonight. And…" Zander leaned in. "If you're able to keep it down."

"Jesus." Tristan sucked in a breath and pulled away from Zander, moving to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water. He plopped himself down on the wooden stool they kept in the kitchen and guzzled down about half of the bottle.

Zander pressed his lips together and tried to keep another grin tucked away. "Where did Celeste run off to when you guys got back?" Both Zander and Tristan had been off from work, but Tristan had to drive in to pick Celeste up from kindergarten when schools closed early due to the impending snowstorm. There was already a good half a foot on the ground.

"She said she had a surprise and that we can't peek or she won't give it to us." Tristan snorted at the thought of their five year old daughter refusing to give them the 'surprise'—mostly because he knew she'd give it and give the gifts to them anyway.

"Papa! Daddy! I have the surprise." Celeste poked her head into the kitchen, the remainder of her small body hiding behind the wall, along with her surprise. Her long, dark braids, despite her hiding, were still visible, purple ribbons decorating the ends of them. "You guys gotta close your eyes and put your hands out." Zander laughed a bit.

"Okay princess." His eyes met his husband's before he closed them. He felt a large piece of some sort of paper being placed in hands a few moments later.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now." Zander's eyes blinked open and he looked down at the construction paper snowman in his hands. "At school, I made us into snowmans. Look, here's you daddy." Celeste pointed at the snowman in Tristan's hands. It had sparkling green eyes and short black hair that was barely visible from under the top hat he was wearing. "And papa, this one is you." She pointed at the one in his hands with blue eyes and a stethoscope around its neck—or where its neck would be if it had one. "And this one's me." She grabbed a snowman off the counter and showed it to them. The snowman (woman?) had long black hair, of course with ribbons on the ends of the two braids, and a tiara.

"Princess," Tristan said, tugging playfully on one of his daughter's braids. "This is beautiful." Zander knelt down and pulled his daughter into a tight hug.

"I think we should put these on the fridge. What do you think?" Celeste's eyes widened.

"Can we?" Zander grinned.

"Of course."

"I got the magnets." Celeste called, already half way down the hall by the time she finished the sentence. Zander stood, smiling.

"I love that munchkin so much." Tristan pulled Zander down to his level and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Me too." Tristan jumped a bit when he felt something against his leg. Glancing down, he saw Max, the family cat, rubbing himself on Tristan and meowing. "We love you too, you dork." Tristan reached down to pet Max and he purred in appreciation.

"Got the magnets." Celeste hopped back into the kitchen with her arms full of refrigerator magnets. She narrowly avoided jumping on Max's tail on the way in. "Daddy, can you help me put the snowmans up?"

"Sure thing princess." Tristan rubbed a hand down Max's back one last time before abandoning his spot on the stool and taking the magnets from his daughter's arms. He placed them on the counter and held a snowman to the stainless steel door as Celeste pinned them up with various Disney characters.

"So gorgeous." Zander said, admiring the artwork of his daughter.

"Thanks papa." Zander leaned down to press a kiss to the top of her head.

"So I think since today is a snow day, we should go build the best snowman ever, and then bake Christmas cookies while we drink hot chocolate and watch a movie."

"Papa, that's the best idea ever!" Celeste jumped up and down in excitement.

"If you go find your snow boots and suit, daddy and I will help you put them on."

"Okay!" Celeste ran out of the kitchen and down the hall again, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Tristan shook his head, mouth quirking up at the corner. "She's got way too much energy."

"I agree. The snow should tire her out though."

"I hope so." Tristan hooked his fingers into the belt loops of his husband's jeans. "I love this family." He said, pulling Zander close so that they were pressed together from hips to chest. "I love you." Tristan kissed Zander's jaw, arms encircling him.

"I love you too. So much." Zander's hands came up to still Tristan, resting their foreheads together. He brushed his lips against Tristan's, lightly at first, and then again, harder.

"Daddy and papa, you have to help me get ready!" Celeste pouted from the doorway of the kitchen, her snow attire dropped at her feet. "No more kissing!" The couple pulled apart with reluctant smiles, eyes hiding promises of what was to come later that night.

"Hey, stop eating all the dough, you cookie monster!" Tristan nudged Celeste away with his hip. She simply giggled and clambered back onto the step stool next to her dad and grabbed another cookie.

"Daddy, I'm a princess. Not a cookie monster." He glared at her and she tried to hide behind her cookie. Tristan bit his lip and rolled his eyes.

"Well, right now you're a cookie monster. Shoo." He nudged her away again. "Go help papa pick a movie."

"Alright daddy." Eating the rest of the dough from her Santa cookie, she bunny hopped into the living room, where Zander was seated on the floor in front of the TV. Celeste smiled and ran over, draping herself over Zander's back and wrapping her arms around his shoulder.

"Princess, I heard you're a cookie monster now." He said, looking over his shoulder at her. She shook her head vigorously.

"Nuh-uh, I'm not."

"Daddy says so."

"Yeah, but daddy doesn't know that princesses can have as many cookies as they want. It's the rules." Zander raised an eyebrow, blue eyes sparkling.

"Oh really? The rules, huh?" Celeste nodded. "We should make sure we tell daddy that later. Now…" He whipped around and grabbed his daughter around the wait, pulling her down into his lap. "Okay princess who eats a lot of cookies, time to help me pick a movie."

"Daddy, I want three big 'mellows in my chocolate."

"I'm not sure there's room for three in your cup. They're pretty big."

"Do we gots a bigger cup?"

"Sorry sweet pea, don't think so." Celeste pouted and Tristan booped her nose, making her grin immediately. "How about you get two 'mellows, just like me and papa, but you can have one extra cookie."

"Yay! Thanks daddy! I love you." She hugged him, her head only reaching as far as his belly button and he hugged her back (as best as he could from his current position anyway).

"Can you help me carry the cookies into the TV room? You have to be very careful. Think you can do it?"

"Don't worry daddy." She put her hands out and her face was something that Tristan thought was supposed to resemble seriousness. "I will be the most careful I ever been."

"The most careful ever? Well in that case…" He carefully handed off the plate of cookies to her and she walked (!) out of the kitchen. Tristan grabbed his and Zander's mug of chocolate and followed her into the living room, where she was slowly placing the plate of cookies on the coffee table.

"See!" She jumped up and down as soon as the cookies touched the wood and were out of her hands. "Told you I could do it!"

"I knew you could." Tristan handed Zander his cup of hot chocolate and his husband smiled at him from his seat on the couch. Tristan plopped himself down, mindful of his hot chocolate, and maneuvered so that his green-and-red sock clad feet were in Zander's lap. His green eyes found the TV screen where the menu for Frozen was up.

"Celeste picked it," Zander said, reading his mind, although he didn't have any doubts that it would be anyone but his daughter.

"Princess, aren't you missing someone?" Celeste stared at Tristan, lost for a minute, before it hit her and she ran from the room.

They were still working on the whole not running in the house thing.

She ran back in a few moments later, a small stuffed Olaf in her arms. "Here daddy," she said, sitting Olaf in her father's lap. "He gets to watch the movie with you tonight."

"Are you sure that he doesn't want to watch with you?" Tristan asked, settling his mug of hot chocolate on the table with as much precision as he could. Olaf would melt if he got any hot liquids on him.

"I'm sure. He says I should share." Zander squeezed Tristan's ankle and Tristan smiled.

"If he says so, then okay." Celeste smiled back and then grabbed a cookie, holding it between her teeth as she lay down on the carpet on her stomach, feet kicking around in the air. Tristan scooped up the remote, along with a cookie, petted Olaf and pressed the play button.

Tristan closed the door to their bedroom, as swiftly but gently as he could, and locked it. Just as he turned, Zander exited the bathroom in a pair of completely ridiculous but hella sexy Santa suit boxer briefs. They outlined the curve of his dick way too well and we cut to show just enough hipbone to tease.

Oh yeah, there were red suspenders too.

"Fuck," Tristan crossed the room in two large steps, cupping Zander's chin and kissing him hard. "Jesus, I had no idea that this is what you had planned. You're so…let me just…" He pulled back a little and his eyes raked over his husband. "Please tell me that we're—" Zander leaned in and bit his lip, slightly harder than he meant to, but it effectively shut Tristan up.

"Have you been naughty, Tristan?" Tristan swallowed hard, staring to get dizzy with desire. He loved where this was heading.

"Yeah," he breathed. "So naughty. Really naughty."

"You know what I do to naughty men, Tristan." Zander reeled Tristan back in by his belt, hands sliding around his body to grope his ass.

"Fuck yeah I do." Tristan's eyes were glazed over and wow, Zander thought smugly. This really gets him going.

"Shh," he prompted, kissing him once again, sloppily, and then pushing him onto the bed. "Let me do my job."

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