Credit for the first little bit of dialogue in this goes to a Dialogue Prompt I ran into by way of Instagram…. User .authoress if any of you happen to have an account there J


"You can't stay there all day, you know."

"Can too. Don't ever doubt my ability to idle." I open my eyes to find Robin's expectant stare, and casually shut them again. Instinctively, I turn over onto my stomach. I know what's about to happen, and I'd much rather have it happen on my back.

"Too late, my friend. Doubt has happened." Robin announces, laying herself on top of me. It's a good thing the ground in this glade is soft, because there's no way I'd be able to sit here comfortably for as long as it usually takes Robin to decide she's tortured me enough otherwise.

"Okay!" I wheeze after a good five minutes of her on top of me, breathing down my neck. "Okay, I get it… What do you want?"

Robin laughs, and, blessedly, gets off of me. I roll over again, and raise an eyebrow. "What?"

"Branimir wants you for something. He wouldn't tell me what it was." She props herself up against a tree, and I sit up to give her a look.

"Why did you have to tell me this? I could have avoided it for at least a couple more hours, you know." I bend forward and place my forehead on my knees in despair. Branimir always gives me the more annoying chores. Whatever he wants, it'll likely involve talking to stuffy blue bloods, because heaven knows he can't stand them.

"I repeat," Robin states, "You can't stay there all day."

"Yes, but I could have stayed here for more of the day than I'm getting now."

"Eliza, you would've acted like you were getting the short end of the stick no matter how long I gave you. It's almost evening. You've had enough time to be lazy- it's my turn now." I stand up slowly, stretching exaggeratedly before brushing my pants off.

"Stingy." I grumble. "You just want time to practice playing around on your thingy."

"Harp." She corrects, matter-of-factly.

"I know, I just like to bug you."