Nobles have a way of getting under your skin and staying there. I can't even tell if I'm talking literally or figuratively. Sometimes it feels like both, to be honest.

"Madame Eliza. Right this way, please." One of the younger servants (Garth, I think his name was) bows and leads me down the hall. I always feel so uncomfortable around him. Mostly because he is my age, and I could be in exactly the same position, and I know I would loathe every second if I were standing in his shoes. Regardless, I thank him, and follow him anyway.

The hall that leads from the front of the house and into the other rooms is wide and grand. Large banners bearing the Rescott family crest hang from the walls on both sides, and white tile lines the floor. Garth and I turn on the second right, and both Lord Rescott and his son are waiting for me. Somehow, the package that has been occupying my hands feels a little heavier than it did earlier, and lifting it over into Garth's waiting hands in front of the pair of them feels like heaving a pile of bricks. What's even in it, I wonder?

"Thank you, Lady Elizabeth. Your services are always appreciated." Lord Rescott smiles kindly at me, "Remember to let Sir Branimir know that we would be much obliged to offer him our help if ever he needs it in the future."

I curtsy, and I swear to everything, I can feel his son Alden's eyes on me. I feel like puking all over him, but I could never do that in front of Lord Rescott. Plus, I might get some of it on this fancy blue dress I have on, and Alden isn't worth the money it'd cost to replace it.

Garth begins to lead me down the hall, and I follow suit once more. I only make it about halfway before I hear Alden calling for me. If it weren't insulting to the house, and by extension, his father, to walk without Garth "showing" me the way, I would have kept walking. Or maybe even run. But Garth stops in answer to his master, and so I stop.

If I weren't worried about the dress, I might puke right here, just to get him to leave me alone.

"Elizabeth!" He calls. The sound of his voice makes my skin crawl. Suddenly I wish I had Gresham with me to double team the living crud out of him.

Maybe I'll just get Branimir to look scary at him later. It's practically his hobby.

"What?" I answer flatly. I am in absolutely no mood to deal with him, whatsoever.

"Why the sour tone, my dear? Are you not delighted to be indulged by one so much higher above you?" He smiles in what I assume he thinks is a flattering way. "You should be grateful that I even consider you an option, granted all of the other women I could be giving my attention to." I try- I try so hard- to keep my eyes from rolling. I am only barely able to turn away just enough so that he can't see.

"My Lord," I have to do my very best not to gag on those words, "I thank you for your consideration, but strictly speaking, your company is simply… Not what I desire. I hope you understand." Beside me, Garth watches coolly; only his soft, green eyes betraying his amusement. I hope this is at least entertaining for him. I might as well make his life a little less miserable.

"Perhaps not yet, my dear, but I enjoy a challenge. Such a pretty thing like you cannot last for long. Eventually you will desire me." He stands tall and straight in front of me, and Garth, oh-so-thankfully, begins to walk me towards the door once more.

I've had it with playing messenger girl. Next time, Branimir can get Robin to do it. Or maybe even Molly. I know Molly loves playing politics.

I sigh to myself as I enter the Rescott coach, and stare out the window on the opposite side. Maybe if I could actually talk to Molly, she'd take me up on it.

But I won't, and she won't, and I'll be back here again sometime next month, and I'll be telling myself the same exact thing all over again. I thrust my shoes off, and grumpily run my fingers through the braids in my hair as the horses begin to pull me forward.

I wonder if Branimir has anymore sweet buns hidden somewhere in the kitchen.


I think I need more practice writing in Noble-Speak... 0.0

I hope you enjoyed!

(also: Branimir/Molly are Eliza/Robins' parents... They just don't call them Mom and Dad anymore because at sixteen, children are considered adults, and Eliza/Robin are now seventeen. It's a sign that they have grown up that they call them by their first names.)