It use to be only you and me,

Then there were three,

I was scared that if she came along you'd turn cold,

I haven't known you a long time but my soul I would've sold,

Curse me for falling in love so easily,

How can I get caught up in something so measly,

I convinced myself it was all in my head,

"They're just friends!" I always said,

I pretended that I didn't love you, I'm such a poseur

But sure enough you guys got closer,

I bit my tongue and said nice words,

But a dark path I ended up walking towards,

The first time I was hurt you helped me heal,

The second is too much, I don't want to feel,

Now you are the one hurting me,

Why can't you open your eyes and see,

I just wish I could sow up my heart,

If only I didn't fall in love with you from start,

Why is love so painful?

Why is love so unfaithful?

Im tired of smiling for you,

My tears are past due,

You and love are things I want to forget,

I want to cut you from my heart, but yet...