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"Okay, I'm beat. Are the tests over yet?" Luke asked.

"Yes, they are. You three can go get some rest," Laura confirmed.

"Thank you! All of these tests are exhausting," Luke left the simulation room and headed upstairs to his room.

"I think I'll catch a nap too," Amanda yawned as she began to leave too, "Lifting objects that are weighed in tons sure does take it out of you."

"Let me guessed," Laura turned to Benjamin, "You need to rest too?"

"No, but I do need some food," He replied.

"SAM will make you some food," Laura said, "but first he'll print those analyses for me."

"Already done," SAM entered the simulation room, "Here are the papers, Ms Portman."

SAM handed Laura some papers.

"Thank you, SAM. Can you make a meal for Benjamin, please?"

"Sure thing. Ben, right this way please," SAM and Ben left the room, leaving only Laura to herself. She read the papers:

Analysis on the abilities of the new members of "The Alliance":

Laura Portman, who has already been tested several weeks before the others, has been able to teleport up to 250 hundred feet away from her starting point, but she must be able to see her destination to teleport. She can teleport short distances (up to 10 feet) many times without tiring at all, but any farther will begin to fatigue her. She is also gifted with slightly enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and combat capabilities; she is especially talented with her battle staff.

Amanda Armstrong is able to lift up to 2 tons without too much strain, but anything heavier than that will be too much too handle. She can endure much more damage than other humans can before actually taking damage, if such a statement makes sense. She also has slightly-better-than-average combat skills, as she became a crime-fighter a few weeks before recruitment.

Benjamin Turner has been able to run up to 500 miles per hour on a regular basis, but he cannot go faster for an unknown reason. Also noted are his highly enhanced reflexes, and a healing factor. Benjamin has a very high amount of stamina as well.

Luke Moore has the ability to generate a force field (a blue one), which can withstand punches from Amanda. Luke can project the force field with up to a three feet diameter around himself or another person/object/etc that is up to 50 feet away. He also has the ability to turn invisible for up to five minutes. The final ability he seems to possess is the ability to launch small force fields in a fashion that one would refer to as a "blast to deal damage equal to the power of about half of a punch from Amanda.

"Hm... interesting. These abilities could all be helpful on the battlefield," Laura nodded. She left the simulation room, and headed to the dining room, where SAM and Ben were.

/\/\/\/ Several hours earlier /\/\/\/

Laura waited outside of the mansion. She had recently searched through a list of reported "crazy occurrences", and contacted three people who were related to some of these occurrences.

Laura, at 26, had a very fit build, born with blonde hair and blue eyes, which she had turned pink through the use of a special dye and contacts to conceal her identity. Right now she had on a green sweater and blue jeans.

The mansion that she waited by was the previous Atlantic Alliance headquarters. It was abandoned after the team's recent disbanding. Since it was in a decent location (in the middle of the woods, and hidden under a cloaking field), and had very advanced equipment (the team had agreed to get it later, but left it to Laura after she contacted them), she decided to use it so that she could form her own team of heroes.

A robot walked out of the mansion. It had a slightly human like figure, colored grey, and covered in wires. It's name was SAM, which stood for "Sentient Assistance Machine".

"Benjamin Turner is arriving, Ms Portman," SAM informed.

"Thank you, SAM," Laura replied.

Just as she finished her sentence, a white jeep pulled up. When it stopped, a tall 22-year-old man with black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin got out. He wore a blue sweater, blue sweat pants, and sneakers.

"Sorry I look funny. It was a long trip and I wanted to feel comfy. Am I in the right place?" Benjamin asked.

"Yes, you're in the right place, Benjamin. And it's fine, you're appearance doesn't matter too much," Laura excused.

"Please, just call me B- holy smokes, is that a robot!?" Ben jumped.

"Yes. Say hello to SAM," Laura smirked at his smirk.

"Um, hi."

"Hello. Don't be nervous. I'm am not harmful to humans, unless Ms Portman orders me to," SAM said.

"It's not that," Ben said, "It's just..."

"Weird to see a robot?" Laura finished his sentence for him.

"Yeah, that."

Just then, a motorcycle pulled up. The rider took off his helmet. It reveals the face of a 19 year old man. He had blond hair, blue eyes, wore a black leather jacket, black jeans, and black tennis shoes.

"Hey, am I late?" The blond man asks.

"Luke, right? No, you're not late," Laura answered.

"Hey," Luke got off of his bike and approached SAM, "What's up with the weird robo-statue?"

"I m not a statue, that you very much," SAM corrected.

Luke jumped back, "Oh s**t! It can talk!?"

"Yes, SAM is an actually robot," Laura stated.

"Wait, why am I here again instead of spending Christmas week with my family?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, why are we here?" Ben added.

"I'll explain once Amanda arrives," Laura told the two.

As if on cue, a green car pulled up. Out came a 20 year old woman with curly brown hair, green eyes, a green vest with a white sweater underneath, blue jeans, and green shoes.

"And this is Amanda? She looks fine," Luke raised his eyebrow.

"I'm not available, hot-shot," she grinned. She turned your attention to SAM, "So you're the famous SAM, the latest butler robot of the new disbanded AA team, huh? I heard that Gear built you himself."

"Wait, you know what this thing is?" Luke pointed at it.

"As a new superhero, I try to stay informed on other teams and they're activities," Amanda smiled.

Ben began to speak, "Hold on, you mean to tell me-"

"It's time for you to know why I asked you to come here," Laura interrupted, "I had studied reports from around the US and learned about many superhumans who I could have recruited for a new team. You three looked like the best choices so far, so I contacted you so that you could come here and decide if you want to make a superhero team."

"Wait, so you know that I'm the Blur from Phoenix?" Ben said.

"Yeah. And I know that Luke robbed a bank with his invisibility and force field," Laura gave Luke a look.

"Hey, my mom was in debt!" Luke defended.

"Huh, so hot-shot is actually a sweet guy? Shocker," Amanda teased.

"Why do you keep calling me "hot-shot", huh?" Luke asked.

"I know your type. "Bad boys" on motorcycles trying to pick up college chicks and the like? Yeah, your charm wont work on me."

"In my defense, I dont do that too often... anymore," Luke admitted.

"We're getting carried away. Do you all have your possessions, because you will be required to move in to be a hero on the team. Rooms with a bed, a television, a closet, some cabinets, a desk, and a computer are available. Food and water will be provided. Do you wish to choose superhero names yet?" Laura asked.

"My codename is Gauntlet," Amanda said, "I won't change that. Plus I have a costume. Can SAM create a replica? Mine's a little torn."

"Yes, he can," Laura confirmed, "What about you two?" She asked Ben and Luke.

"I'll go by Blur, I guess," Ben decided, "After my nickname back home."

"I have no idea which name to choose," Luke frowned.

"Why not Hot-Shot?" Amanda joked.

"Not only does that name not fit Luke's abilities, but a superhero located in San Francisco already goes by that alias," SAM commented.

"I know. I was joking."

"Why not Barrier? It's original, and sounds a little cool. How about it?" Ben suggested.

"Sure, why not? Hey, can we tour the X-manor yet?" Luke asked.

"Yes. Let's go," Laura led the others into the manor. They were in a large room, which had two rows of stairs on both sides that led to several doors. Beside each set of stairs was a door. Between the stairs was a hallway that led to one door.

"The stairs lead up to the personal rooms, as well as bathrooms. The door on the left leads to the living room, with a large television, furniture, and other things. The door on the right leads to th game room. The door in the hallway leads to the dining room, and past the dining room is the kitchen. There are two hidden doors on the sides of the stairs. The one on the left leads to the lab and the hangar, and the one on the right leads to the simulation room," SAM explained as they toured the rooms.

"Wow, that's a handful to learn. So what now?" Ben asked after the tour ended.

"I suggest you bring in your things, then we should begin to test the extents of each of your powers. You'll need to get ready, because the tests will take a lot out of you," Laura suggested.

"I'll bring in everyones' things, then you guys can put them up," Ben offered.

"It's okay, I think we have it," Amanda declined.

"Amanda, he already brought in our stuff," Luke stated.

"Oh. Well nevermind then," Amanda shrugged. She saw all of her things sitting neatly on the floor.

"It was pretty easy, actually, thanks to Luke's lack of luggage," Ben smiled.

"Hey, I'm the only one of us three who didn't know we were going to move in in the first place... right?" Luke asked Laura for confirmation.

"You're right, because otherwise the others would not have brought their luggage. Would you like Ben to get your things?" Laura asked.

"If he's willing, then yeah, that'd be great," Luke said.

"Sure, why not? I'm feeling generous. Tis the season, right?" Ben agreed.

"Cool. Here's my house keys and my address. Can you just grab some clothes and my bathroom stuff for now?" Luke handed Ben his keys and a card with his address on it.

"See you in a few," Ben nodded. He left.

"When he gets back, we will go into the simulation room to test your abilities," Laura said.

"Hey, Laura, what's your alias?" Amanda asked.

"Port. Why?" Laura answered.

"How come I never heard of you? You were never a member of the Atlantic Alliance from what I know."

"I've been training in secrecy for a few years. After they disbanded, I thought I'd start a new team to take their place," Laura explained.

"But why become a hero?" Amanda asked.

"Why did you become one?," Laura said.

"Good point," Amanda laughed.

"Hey, I'm back," Ben arrived, almost out of breath. He had two bags full of clothes and other stuff. He dropped them on the floor

"Good. After you cool down a bit, Ben, we can begin testing," Laura informed.

"Sounds good to me," Ben grinned.

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