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\/\/\ Issue 2 /\/\/

It has been two months since Laura, Luke, Amanda, and Ben had met. Over the period of the two months, they had all trained to become proper heroes, and to prepare for their new dangerous life style.

SAM had made all four of them costumes after they all specified what they wanted for the costumes.

Laura's costume was pink, with purple gloves, purple boots, a purple belt, and two slots on each leg for two halves of her battle staff, as well as another one on her back for when she wanted the staff to be whole. She also wore a pink domino mask.

Amanda's suit was similar to Laura's, but made of a tougher material to take help absorb damage taken. It was mainly lime green, with the gloves, boots, and belt being dark green. On the back of her suit was a picture of a dark green fist; her insignia. Her domino mask was lime green.

Luke had an all black suit, with blue lines all over it that were designed to glow when he was firing a blast or putting up a force field (luckily, it would deactivate when he turned invisible); he thought it would look cool. He wore a black domino mask on his face.

Ben's costume was orange, complete with red boots and gloves, along with a red belt. His domino mask was red, too. A red lightning bolt insignia was on his chest. He also got rockets (he had wanted to be able to fly) on the bottom of his boots, which allowed him to fly for 10 minutes at a time. Since they were both solar and lunar powered (some how), they almost never ran out of energy.

Along all of these special features, each suit is equipped with a com link, so that all four of the heroes could talk to each other despite being distanced.

The team had taken breaks on Christmas to visit their families, and threw a big New Year's Eve Party. Ben, Amanda, and Luke had by now become good friends.

\/\/\ Present Day /\/\/

"298... 299... 300!" Amanda grunted. She gently lowered her car, then got out from under it, then grinned while holding out her hand to a smiling Luke, "There, I did it. You owe me one-hundred bucks!"

"Wow, I didn't think that you could really do it!" Luke was astonished. Then he gave her one-hundred dollars, "Well, I guess you win. Man, and I was hoping to get those new tires, too."

Luke and Amanda were outside of the Alliance's mansion; since they were bored, Luke bet Amanda one-hundred dollars that she couldn't bench press her car 300 times; he had easily lost, since by now Amanda could have done twice as many bench presses.

"So, what now?" Luke asked.

"Well, we could see what Ben and Laura are doing," Amanda suggested.

"Ben's running laps around town and Laura's reading up on Gadget's machines, as usual," Luke informed.

"Gear. His name is Gear," Amanda corrected.

"Whatever. Anyway, I think I could go for a bite; it IS lunch time. You want to tag along," Luke said.


Suddenly, SAM burst out of the doorway. He told the two that Laura wanted them.

"Is this about my computer history? I swear, it was hacked," Luke joked, but Amanda didn't seem to notice, as she was following SAM into the Laura's lab.

"Come on, Luke! This might be very important!" She said.

\/\/\ Meanwhile... /\/\/

Ben was not running laps around Andrewsburg. Well, he WAS, but then he stopped at a local pizzeria. It was called "Papa Pete's Pizzeria", with the slogan "Papa Pete's is perfect, or your money back!"

He walked in, and entered the bathroom to wash up; he was meeting up with his sister, who was having a birthday today. Since it was her 25th birthday today, he and his family had planned something special for her.

Ben looked in the mirror as he washed his face. He was wearing his usual outfit: his black jacket, blue jeans, and his lucky grey sneakers; he always bought the same type, because he almost always won a race in those shoes (even before he discovered his powers).

Exiting the restroom, Ben saw his sister walk in, so he walked up to her and greeted her.

"Hey, Ben. How are you doing?" She asked. Ben's sister was pretty well, pretty. She was kinda short at 5' 2", and had black hair and brown eyes, like most of the rest of her family, although her hair was long and straight. She wore a fluffy black winter coat, black pants, and black heels.

"I'm doing pretty good, Kara, pretty good. So, did you get that journalism job?" Ben answered his sister.

"Yeah, actually, I did. I'm doing a story on how local business is slowly getting better, actually. So, what was the surprise you got me? And where are mom and dad, and everyone else?" Kara wondered.

"Ah, ah, not yet. That's supposed to be a surprise. Come on, let's go eat some pizza, then I'll tell you," Ben said.

They ate pepperoni pizza, talking about what their lives had been like over the past few months. Ben had even told her about the superhero stuff, but told her to keep it secret.

Eventually, the two left for her apartment building downtown. After they got there, Ben and Kara headed for her apartment when his phone went off. He checked it and frowned.

"Gotta go. I have business to attend to. Sorry. I hope you enjoy your surprise party once you get inside," Ben sighed, then realized what he said, "Whoops."

He grinned and ran off.

\/\/\ At the manor /\/\/

Amanda, Luke, and SAM were heading down to the lab when Ben came from behind them suddenly.

"Hey guys," he said casually.

This somehow scared Luke, even making him jump, "Oh crap! You have to stop doing that! One day you'll give me a heart attack!"

"After the crap you pulled two weeks ago, you probably deserve it," Amanda laughed.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know there were fifty bikes behind me? This is why bikers shouldn't set up their bikes like dominoes; they should have realized that that would have happened sooner or later," Luke defended himself.

"Whatever you say, man," Ben smiled.

The group reached the bottom of the stairway to be met with two doors, both secured by passwords. SAM unlocked the left one, and everyone entered the lab.

It was filled a lot of gadgets, computers, papers, and desks. Laura sat in a large chair, looking at several monitors at once, as she typed several things.

"You called?" Luke asked.

"I'm glad you could arrive. I have what you may or may not perceive as good news. A super-villain who goes by the alias Voltage is attacking a power plant. This is our chance to see what we're made of," Laura said.

"No kidding? So what does this "Voltage" do exactly? What's his power?" Ben questioned.

SAM answered by saying this, "Voltage has the ability to absorb and discharge electricity at will. He also seems to be an expert on electricity, as he usually has metal armor on, which is mainly composed of copper wiring."

"So great, he's basically a human battery. This doesn't seem too hard, right guys?" Luke laughed.

"Don't under estimate this guy," Amanda warned, "He once held off the Elite Eight for several hours back in 2008. And they are a great team of superheroes."

"Luckily for us," Laura added, "The electricity he absorbs has been slowly harming his mind, so he isn't as smart as he used to be."

Laura brought up a photograph of the criminal. He was about 6' 2", wearing a metal mask that was entirely yellow on the left side and brown on the right. He also wore armor like that, but copper wiring covered the a lot of it too. Plus, the boots and gloves he wore had the color of the armor on the opposite side of his body. Lastly, Voltage wore a large yellow battery on his back, which was where all of the copper wiring was connected to.

"What's the battery for?" Luke asked.

"It stores extra power for him, incase he runs out, I assume," Laura explained.

"Wait, the map says that he's all the way across town. How are we going to get there far enough to stop him? I mean, I can get there, but the last time I took someone with me, they felt sick for a while," Ben noticed.

"I'm glad you asked," Laura grinned. She pushed a button on one of the many keyboards that were around her. Suddenly, a pad lit up with pink lights behind everyone, "And that's why I completed Gear's prototype teleportation device. It is now able to send up to a large group of people to anywhere within New York, and maybe a little farther, safely. And, I programmed it to where the last teleported group can be warped back if the process begins within 72 hours, but they must be in the area that they teleported to. Questions?"

"Um... who's gonna operate this if we all go?" Luke asked... again.

"SAM, of course. He is programmed with all of the knowledge that Gear and I have, so he can operate it just as well as I can, if not better," Laura said, "Now, time's wasting. We must go now."

Laura stepped onto the teleporter while Amanda complained, "Oh, I don't know if I'll enjoy this."

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad," Luke shrugged as he and Amanda also got onto the teleporter, "Hey, what about you, Ben?"

"Um, I think I'll stick with running," Ben hesitated, then ran off to the power plant.

"Wuss," Luke laughed.

SAM fired up the teleporter, and there was a bright flash...

\/\/\ To Be Continued... /\/\/

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