A world crumbling

Piece by piece

Like a the world is a cookie

That was too hard to bite

But easy enough to grate between

Your fingers

Watching the minuscule

Grains fall.

I turn on the nightly news

And see the blood of

Innocent children ingrained into

The screen like a brand of death

Stamping people

One by one.

One by one.

I sit on a windowsill

And for a moment I think I can see it

Shards of light piercing an

Eternal darkness that's more

Internal than infinite.

Sit in a box and press your hands out

Until the splinters of wood

Pierce your fingers.

Fill up the space

So the bright

Over runs the dark.

Push it out

Push it away.

They say "It's irrelevant "

And we believe them.

Continue on.

Keep walking.

There's nothing to see here.

There's something here.

Don't lie.

I'm watching the world

Crumble slowly into the folds

Of a napkin.

Take another shot.

We all know for a fact

That the amount of liquid

That's in a shot glass

Can't drown the amount of sorrows

That dwell here.

But they won't judge.

Shoot the needle in.

We all know for a fact

That the amount of drugs

Jammed into the syringe

Won't kill all the pain.

It's temporary.

But they won't judge.

Make a town

Of paper people.

Who have paper families

And paper hearts drawn

Onto the back of their hand

Like a special rune to

Protect them.

Take a match

You can light the paper people

On fire.

And watch the paper couple

Who were joined by hands

In the street

Burn and crumple down.

Like dust.

Light one up.

See the rest burn.

But don't you understand

When you burn us

You leave trails of fire behind

That chase us in and out

Of horrific nightmares.

People gone Into a black hole of ash.

Don't you see?

This is more than reality.

I'm watching the remains

Of a once whole world

Crumble Into the folds of a