Note: This is a short story that I made when I'm in high school. My original plan is to use it for my fanfiction but I've decided to leave it with original characters. So here's my first version. Tell me what do you think.

Brown Eyes

After the passing of her elder brother, Rachel moved in to New York with her father while her mother stayed at San Francisco to with her cousin. Rachel was tired of her life until she met a guy at school. His name was Stephen. He was a handsome and kind-hearted guy of the school.

She met him at class with a simple greeting "Hi, Stephen." and soon they became friends. Every time she met him, she always starts the conversation, "Hi, Stephen." They were always together, the girls were jealous of her. But Rachel just ignored them. After four school-years together, she felt something weird in her heart. Stephen was a kind and good-looking guy even his brown eyes are making her heart beat even faster.

Is she in love with him?

Years later, Stephen and Rachel finally reached college. Stephen told her about his feeling about her. Rachel blushed and she also told him about her feelings as well. After that, they were graduated from college and they decided to split up just to look for a job and make a living but they promise that they will be together in the future. Stephen went to Europe as a business man and Rachel became a famous performer in popular plays. While Stephen was away, he watched her performances on 'You Tube'. She became famous and everyone knew her and loved her. After five years, Stephen went home and soon met Rachel, beautiful than ever.

"Hi, Stephen."Her own catchphrase.

After that simple meeting, he asked her out and she accepts.

They went to a nice restaurant, they chats about their work and their experiences.

After having a great time, unexpectedly, Stephen kneeled before her and showed her a box. He opened it and there was a ring with a diamond. Rachel was surprised. Stephen asked her, "Rachel…"

"Yes? Are you…?"

"Will you take this ring?"


"I mean you will wear it."

"Are you proposing?"

"Well…" He blushed. "Yeah..."

"You said it wrong."

"I know. I want it to be different."

"Come on. Do the old thing."

"Okay." He cleared his throat and asked, "Rachel, will you marry me?"


Rachel was very happy and accepted the ring and calls her friends at work and her parents.

A month later, they were planning for their wedding and the party. They were getting ready for their invitations. While they were planning, Rachel can't stop looking at Stephen. Stephen's eyes remind her everything; since the day she met him at school. She looked at her wedding ring and smiled. She will be with him forever with his glossy brown eyes.

During the day before the wedding, her father called them and invites them in a celebration party tonight. It was an advance celebration of their future. He invited all Rachel's cousins, aunts and uncles. Stephen's father also invites few of his relatives. They went to a big glamorous restaurant and they talked and laughed, making the night fun. The restaurant has a big television set so everyone can see a game or something. Rachel and Stephen told every one of their stories and their plans to the future. They want to live in a tropical island; a private one.

Then her father watched the television set and got his attention to a news about the Toyota Company. After the news, the football game came back. Later, the party ended. Their relatives and friends were leaving. Stephen and Rachel waved farewell to their family and they went to their car. Stephen was driving this time and Rachel starts to talk about something.

"Do you know, Stephen, why I liked you in the first place?"

"No, why? Because of my kindness? My charms?"

"Yeah. Those, too. But there is one thing that makes me love you... or I can say, it makes you perfect."

"Then what is it."

"It is your brown eyes. They are like electricity that sparks my love to you. Giving me more life."

"Are you studying Shakespeare? Is it Shakespeare, right?"

"No, I'm just telling you the truth."

"Well, me, I will do everything I can to make you happy. That's a promise. I will be there for you forever, Rachel."

"Oh, stop it. This is going to be like a cheesy romance flick." She laughed.

"I know. I'll be like the guy who played that sparkling vampire." Stephen made a bad joke.

"Don't mention that movie, Stephen."

"Sorry. I forgot how much you hate it." He chuckled. "The book's better."

Rachel smiled when she saw his perfect smile. "I wish the marriage is today."

Stephen turned to her and answered, "Well, you have to wait before-"

Then they were interrupted by a speeding car rammed the side of their car where Rachel was. The window of the door shattered and the glasses sprinkled to her face. Their car was pushed to a parked dump truck. It crushed Stephen's side. After seconds, Rachel can't see where she was and Stephen was bleeding badly. The ambulance took them to the nearest hospital. The doctors started to treat them. Rachel was okay but her face was damaged. The doctor took out the fragments from her and Stephen has a lot of broken bones and deep scars but he can barely speak.

He asked the doctor, "Where…is…Rachel? Is she…okay?"

The doctor replied, "I am sorry. Her face were damaged. I don't know if we can repair them."

Stephen felt terrible hearing the news. He can barely breathe after that crash. But at that time, he always think about her. He must do something to make her okay so he told the doctor what to do. "Doctor, do you have a paper?"

After many hours, Stephen's and Rachel's parents came to see them but when Stephen's parents heard about their son. Rachel's parents, they were relieved that Rachel's okay.

Then Rachel woke up. They were relieved to see her again but not Rachel. She looked around and noticed the bandages on her body and face. She asked her mom where Stephen was.

Then there was silence in the room. Rachel felt her heart beating fast. Fear kicks in. She then cried, knowing Stephen's gone.

Two months later, Rachel was at Stephen's house. She stayed there like forever. Her friends from her work took care of her. She was going to kill herself so that see could him again. But her friends were always telling her that Stephen was just there with her.

He always was.

She doesn't believe them. She believes that Stephen's dead. She was now infamous dancer and a thin woman. She eats twice a week. She was always thinking about Stephen and their future but that dream were destroyed by a drunk man driving. She imagined what if Stephen was still alive and he was there working on his desk while she's cooking a small dinner. Unfortunately, that will never happen. There's nothing she can do but cry.

Then a mysterious envelope was delivered to her doorstep. She saw the mailman leaving the place. She took it and saw Stephen's name written there. She immediately opened it and read the letter.

Dear Rachel,

If you are reading this letter, please go to the bathroom. This is private.

Then Rachel went to her bathroom and locked the room. She continued reading the letter even with her teary eyes.

Rachel, please understand. If I don't make it, I want you to know that I love you. I know losing someone you love hurts so much.

Your brother Alexander.


But, Rachel, I want you to move on. Don't worry. I'll always be there for you. I want you to know that the accident took me away and your eyes as well. The doctors said that you'll live blind for the rest of your life. At that time, I was thinking of you. I don't want to leave you like this.

Remember when you told me that my eyes reminds you of me?

Now if you feel so lonely, I'm always there for you. Just look at the mirror and you will see.

I will always be there for you.


Rachel slowly looked at the mirror. As she saw her own reflection, her sadness slowly fades away. She can see her new eyes. Now she knows that Stephen was with her this whole time. She saw at the mirror Stephen was crying. Rachel stopped her tears and saw him smile. Finally, Rachel smiled but her tears still won't stop. She doesn't mind. Because they were tears of joy.

She simply said to the mirror, "Hi, Stephen."