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Chapter 5: The Reveal

It felt like years as we were taken by these two strange pale people into the dark tunnel. It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing inside the sack. I can only feel the muddy ground, smell the stench of wet dirt and hear the twins foot stepping on it.

"We are here." The sister said.

First, I heard knocking and then the echoing sound of a door creaking open. Light finally touched my face and my eyes were wide open to see what's inside. The sack has a tiny peep hole for me to see through what's outside.

"You're late." A tall slender man approached the twins. He wore a slick suit and a pair of round shades. His hair was silver, slicked back medium-length grey hair that was slicked back. He saw the sack and he removed his shades to take a closer look. His eyes were blood red, like a predator ready to catch its prey. "Well, well, well...what do we have here?"

"Fresh humans." The brother said.

The tall man doesn't seem satisfied. "Humans? It's a Monday. I don't eat humans today. I'm on a diet here."

The sister responded. "It's a special occasion. For the meeting, remember?"

"Oh, right. The Landlords meeting. Alright then. Take them to the kitchen."

Then I got a good look of the place we were in. It's obvious we were in a large cave with a thousand large stalactites and stalagmites. However, the strange thing about this cave is that those large stalactites and stalagmites were buildings.

There were houses. I saw doors, windows and stairs were carved in those stalagmites. It was an amazing scenary. The cave appears to be a town hidden underground.

"What is this place?" I can't help myself asking.

Knowing that I can see through the sack, the twins didn't answer. They continued taking us to a large stalagmite building and dropped us on the wet solid floor. The room was surrounded by candles and torches lighting up the dark place. They pulled out from the large sack and placed us on a storage-looking room and shut the large stone door.

I began heard gears clanking like the door has a large lock inside. Why do they have that in a storage room? My hands were tied tight and I tried to break free. However, I didn't bring anything sharp with me. I began to wonder how foolish I was when I ran to get Caitlyn without any weapons. It must be the heat of the moment; an adrenaline rush. But I stopped thinking about my mistakes too much and so I began to inspect my surroundings.

What I found inside is more horrifying. There were bodies. Decapitated bodies of any kind and race. There's a white elf body, its entire organs were removed leaving only bones and 's human flesh, dwarf flesh, centaurs, minotaurs, trolls, goblins, dragons and etc. These people are like on the top of the food chain.
I mean, in my knowledge, dragon flesh are not edible. Not a single carnivores especially insects or maggots can eat its flesh. These creatures' flesh can be used as a weapon, not food. Goblin flesh is not edible as well.

As I recall the twins conversation with the tall man, they mentioned about preparing us for a meeting of the Landlords. As I remember reading one of my grandfather's journals, he stated that he encountered a man with an enchanted spear and he claimed himself to be a Landlord.

Landlords were once called the Guardians of the Freeland wielding their Eternal Spears to vanquish evil-doers. But when the Great War broke out, they were slaughtered and their spears were lost in the battlefield, not until my grandfather met someone who found one of the spears. He approached this man and asked which land he owned.

The spearman showed him Rivertown and he proclaimed it as his own. He wanted to wipe out the town and the people in it. Of course, my grandfather doesn't want that and so he fought the Landlord. After a long heated battle, my grandfather won and slayed the Landlord with his Mjolnir. What he wrote in his journals about the Landlords is a that their spears can generate powerful energies that destroy any matter turning everything into dust.

Eternal Spears are one of the few and rarest weapon to be used to kill a horde of Nightmares.


Caitlyn finally woke up. "Hey, Caitlyn. Are you alright?"

"My head hurts." She looked around and saw the dead bodies around her. She was about to scream but I covered her mouth.
"Sshhh… they are outside." I whispered.

"Where are we?" I can tell from her expression she's terrified.

"We'll be okay. We just need to get out of here." I answered her question. "We are in their storage room. They are planning to eat us."

"Dear goddess…"
"I know. That's why we have to find a way to fight them." I said. "Unfortunately, I left my weapons back in the camp. I just hoped Alex and Obliron followed us." I crawled towards the dragon corpse and used its horns to cut through the ropes. After breaking myself free, I went to untie Caitlyn.

"How did we get here?"

"You remember the well, right? We went down to the well and through the tunnel leading a door and into this large cave filled with buildings. We are in a hidden underground town. It's amazing. But knowing about the occupants here, it's horrible."

Caitlyn looked down, trying to thinking of something. But she can't think straight. She can't decide what to do next. "How are we going to get out?"

She wanted an answer. I tried to comfort her. "I'll improvise. I promise you. We will get out of here alive."

But then, the room's temperature began to rise up. I began to panic. I thought the cave was above a river of molten lava. I quickly theorize that the sound from the mountain was just a waking volcano. If Mount Lychinus is going to be a volcano, Rivertown will be destroyed. There will be no time to evacuate once it erupts.

"This is bad!" I said to Caitlyn. "We need to get out of here." I ran towards the solid stone door and tried to open it. It's not use. I went to one of the fresh stored corpses of a dragon and plucked out its large tooth. I tried to use it to break the stone.

It did but it will take a lot of time to create a hole through the door. "It's no use, Caitlyn. I don't think we'll get out. The lava is underneath us. We can't… we can't get out!"
"No." She spoke. "There's no lava here."

"What do you mean?"

Then the unexpected happened. I saw Caitlyn walked towards the stone door. She looked at it, inspecting its structure. "It appears I can't hide it forever." I just stood there watching her doing probably the most powerful thing I've ever seen. "Stand back, Nathan."

I followed her command and watched her inhale and exhale, preparing herself.

She then deeply inhales gather a lot of air in her system and then she made a powerful blow of wind. That's what I thought at first. She blows a powerful hurricane like winds.

However, it's not. She blew fire out from her mouth like a wild dragon. The fire was so intense that the push force broke the storage door open. Once she did that, she took a moment to breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

She then turned to me and saw my shocked expression. Caitlyn apologizes, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" I asked.
"I'm sorry for pretending to be a clueless normal cook." She knew I have questions in my mind right now. She then asked me. "Do you know who I am?"

"Yes. You're the last."
"I hope not." She commented.

The battle has ended for Obliron. He sat down and rest and looked what he did. The Spider Princess was defeated. She's not dead, just unconscious. Her skin was hard to break and Obliron knew the only way to win is to knocked her out.

He used his surroundings for his advantage. He dropped the entire tower on her, completely knocking her cold.

"Is she dead?" My friend Alexander came out from hiding. "Is she really dead?"

"No. She's out cold." Obliron said as Bartholomew tried to catch a breath. "Her skin is impenetrable."
Alex sighed with relief. "Oh, thank the goddess. She didn't abandoned us."

Everything looked like they survived a near-death battle. Unfortunately, it's not over. The spearman Lord Vesra and his elf Aurora came just in time. Vesra grinned as he saw the two in their weakened state.

"It appears we are right on time." He said. "Aurora, kill them."

The elf draws out her arrow embedded with Epithumian death spell. Once the arrow hits its target, the victim will be wrapped by thorned vines and slowly squeezing them- just like a snake would do to their prey.

Aurora launched her arrow straight to Alexander.