The Dream World


As some of you may guess from the title, this story is going to be heavily influenced by one, maybe two dreams I've had in my life. The first dream is one I had when I was perhaps twelve, which would make that… seven years ago. The second dream is one I had this year. Both were dreams that stuck with me, though the first one more so. I am going to intertwine them, and they feel so similar in terms emotion and setting that probably no one reading will be able to tell them apart. I decided to share this story, created from these two dreams, because I felt it meant something. It meant something important, though for the life of me I cannot figure out what it meant.

Now, I know this is FictionPress, and by definition, this is not FanFiction. However, because this is based on two of my own personal dreams, and one of them has obvious ties to a real-life video game, I cannot entirely escape speaking of something that already exists. This is referring to a video game called Journey. To give you the short version: It's about you, the player, whose avatar is a little desert-walking nomadic creature seemingly made of cloth. Your goal throughout the game is to reach a mountain way off in the distance. It is eluded to through non-verbal cutscenes that the mountain either houses a God, or is a God. So essentially you are making a pilgrimage.

Other than my mention of robed sand-surfers endlessly gliding dunes in the night, the reference to this video game is slim, so I doubt plagiarism will be an issue. I'm just putting this here so I don't get in trouble later.

Disclaimer: I do not own Journey, or anything associated with it, etc.

This place was the polar opposite of everything she had known in her life. This place with its darkness and odd silvery disk of light in the sky, as opposed to the one she knew. The one that was so bright you couldn't look at it. Where she was from, it never went away. The sun. The sun never left. Where she was from, it was always that time of day right at the beginning of sunset, before the sun turned red, and was instead a rich golden color. In fact, everything she saw around her was golden. The long, tall grasses that swayed in the breeze were golden. Every crumbling ruin of the castle she knew as home was bathed in golden light. It was only inside, in the bowels of the castle, that there was any kind of darkness.

In the place where she lived with the wolves, there was one last room that had walls and a ceiling. But even this room was imperfect. Long ago, vines had made their way through a small hole in the ceiling and replanted themselves into a crack in the floor. Over time the hole in the ceiling had grown larger to accommodate yet more vines. Through this hole, which still wasn't very large, the light shown through, creating a halo on the ground. This was the place where the wolves gathered, where they slept and spoke with one another.

But that was before. She had finally escaped the land of the Ever Golden. When she had first arrived here, the sudden blackness of the night had frightened her – she who had known only light her whole life. In the beginning, she had thought herself blinded, and had cried out. But over time, she had come to see the pale, round, silver-white light of the moon, though she did not know it was called such. She was in a desert, a desert full of dunes that rose and fell like ocean waves. The sands of the dunes all flowed in seemingly the same direction, like the current of a river.

Up on another dune in the distance, she caught a glimpse of half a dozen figures who all seemed to be standing there doing nothing. They were all relatively small, which she could tell even from the distance that divided them. Out of curiosity, she moved closer to them, gliding over the dunes with ease. But after a moment, she stopped again, for she saw even more figures mingling with the first. These were four-legged, and bounded happily around their two-legged friends, tails wagging.

Wolves! They were wolves, just as her friends long ago had been wolves. She continued onward then, a sudden longing deep within her. The two-legged figures stood still and seemed to wait for her. But before she could get close enough to see them clearly, they all – wolves included – slid down the dune they stood upon and began surfing the "waves" of sand, following the current. She turned right to follow them, surprised at her sudden happiness. Though they had not stopped to wait for her for very long, she got the distinct feeling that they were not leaving her. They simply wanted her to travel with them.

The wolves howled in joy as they followed their robed and hooded companions up and down the dunes. Finally, the ground flattened out again, and then something wondrous happened. As the wolves ran alone now, for the sand-surfers had gone far ahead, the sand behind the wolves turned silvery and reflective, like a mirror. As their paws pushed off the ground, the silvery substance followed swiftly, until great distances of the desert floor were turned into a sort of rippling silver skating rink. The substance looked like liquid mercury, and it was beautiful.

As time passed, she realized that she was happy here, ever following these new night wolves and their companions. She knew that she had found a new home, with new wonders, and a new kind of light. She found she rather liked the white light of the moon in comparison to the golden hue of the sun, though she could not say she had a favorite, for each was beautiful in its own way…

Author's Note

I know it's short, but I felt adding more to it would destroy its purpose. It was based off of two dreams, and adding something more to dreams so wonderful would seem… wrong.

If anyone felt anything while reading this, please write a review or PM me. Who knows? Perhaps I am not the only one who had dreams like these. I have always wanted to return to the place of Ever Golden light. Time seemed to have stopped there, and I have wondered why. Some people think dreams are just dreams.

I think dreams are sometimes just dreams, too. Other times I think dreams are places in other dimensions. In this case, the place of Ever Golden Light seems to have been a place. It was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had, as was the dream of the Desert at Night. Both had wolves, and yet they were opposites of one another.

I've wondered if maybe there's a connection here that I'm missing. Both felt very real and very spiritual to me. I was not afraid in either of them, and felt a sense of belonging in both. Though in my dream about the Golden Light, I was trying to find a way out. I was trying to find out why it never became nighttime.

Enough prattling from me. I hope you enjoyed the story, however short it was.

Thank you.