Ginevra gazed up at her father, a soft frown pulling at her lips.

She turned her attention to her first mother, the woman's smile soft and encouraging. It moved to the other three women, two of them pregnant, before moving back to the man standing before her. She stepped closer, blinking as he knelt. His voice was soft as he asked, "Do you understand, Evra?"

"I'm engaged." She replied easily. "Like Lucy and Hanna."

She tried to remember which boy Reagan was. Was he the eldest or the middle son of Mr. Maurer? She went to school with several of his daughters, and his two wives taught at her school. She turned her gaze to her father as she asked, "Will I marry William as well, father?"

"Once you turn sixteen, yes." He answered, eyes warm. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, and Ginevra fought the smile threatening to emerge as he said, "Not many of the girls get multiple husbands, but the Elders agreed that both are well-suited for you. However, William decided to wait until you have learned the courts before making you his queen."

"Will William like Reagan? He doesn't mind I'm marrying Reagan first, right? He's happy, right?"

"Of course."

Ginevra smiled. The three of them played together throughout their youth, William always in the lead with his soft laughter and stern ways. Always quick to correct them when they made a mistake. As she took her mother's hand, led away to get her hair brushed out, she couldn't stop the soft smile that spread. Now they'll be together. All three of them, like they promised when they were children. Her gaze shifted to her mother as she asked, "Can I get married tomorrow? I don't want to wait."

Her mother's soft laughter rang throughout the tranquil silence of the compound.

"Patient, little dove. Live for today. Let the Elders worry for tomorrow."