Day/Time: Wednesday 24th December 2014, 6:55pm

Location: On my bed, on my iPad.

Mood: Not particularly excited for Christmas...

Listening To: My idiotic brother talking about something.

Random Thing: Today I helped my mum build our new table. It came as flat pack furniture and we just put it together but one of the legs was dodgy so my dad had to drive all the way to the shop and get a new one. But then he came back and we made a table. It seems really big in our kitchen.

Random Thing 2: I am now 16 and one week old.

Random Thing 3: My brother Jake is being weird and singing about my owl cushion and how he was playing his PS3 earlier.

Sudden Realisation: Jake is more excited about Christmas than I am... The joys of having a little brother. Although he is 13 which in my opinion, is way too old to be that excited.