The ill-tempered Jed Summers and the poor stripper Misty Jones crossed paths when Misty was visiting a friend in the apartment building where Jed lived and the elevator got stuck. Although the attraction between them was strong and undeniable, they had always had a feeling that they weren't right for each other. But they ended up getting married anyway, bought a house and produced two children, Cade and Cassandra.

If Jed had decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and Misty had changed her mind about meeting up with her backstabbing friend, they would've never met. Misty would've continued working as a stripper until she got fired for drinking at work and turned to prostitution instead. Jed would've continued living the carefree bachelor life until he died in an apartment fire.

Cade Summers grew up in a suburban neighborhood in Las Vegas. He had a passion for building things and joinery and used to escape to the tool shed and practise his favorite hobby as soon as he got sick of listening to his alcoholic parents brawling and witnessing domestic violence. When Cade was a freshman in high school, he had built a doll house for his nine year old sister Cassandra. Cassandra never got the pleasure of installing her cloth dolls in the doll house, however, since Cade decided to sell it for drugs, causing him to die of a heroin overdose later on that evening. Cassandra, deeply distraught by her brother's death and emotionally scarred by her childhood, became a high school drop out and spent the rest of her life waiting tables and dating emotionally unavailable men until she ended the perpetual pain and loneliness with a gunshot to the head.

If Cade had decided to give the doll house to his sister, and gotten the money for the drugs by mowing his neighbor's lawn and walking his dogs, things would've turned out differently. He would've met up with the drug dealers later than planned due to a long day of hard work, just in time for his teacher to catch him doing business with the drug dealers outside of his school. Cade would've been sent to rehab and eventually overcome his drug addiction. He would've started a successful furniture company in his early twenties and spent the rest of his life doing what he loved the most; building things. Cassandra would've become a preschool teacher and met the love of her life on a depression forum, filling the emptiness inside of her.

If Cassandra had decided to not reply to the lonely, suicidal stranger's message on the depression forum and ended her life instead, the man would've put a rope to his neck and followed her example only a few days later.