Right now on my bed I lay,

I'm a alive, but everything is so gray,

I can see the vast world yet I'm blind,

I can think yet there is nothing on my mind,

I can taste yet I can't eat,

I'm waiting until my time fleet,

I can feel yet I'm hallow,

I have depth yet I'm so shallow,

I hear the birds yet I can't sing their tunes,

There is laughter yet silence falls on the rooms,

I love the roses yet I can't admire their perfection,

I have many friends yet I can't feel their affection,

I'm moving forward yet I'm frozen,

I'm a statue made out of bronze,

I have a heart yet it's not bleeding,

I have a life yet it's not proceeding,

I'm breathing yet I'm not living,

The same day I'm always reliving,

I'm alive yet I'm dead,

And I wait here for my death bed,