I love you my dear rain,

The rain that wipes away my pain,

I love your melody that leaves me breathless,

You heal my pain and make me deathless,

You leave me with a nostalgic feeling,

Thank you rain for my tears you are concealing,

Your chilly weather everyone hate,

But for me a beautiful world you create,

You make me so alive,

My happiness you thrive,

You give me a great vision,

One that needs no decision,

You keep the world in harmony.

A world where everyone has an army.

Everyone hates you, but I love you,

For you are the symbol of anew,

For some your big gray storms are trouble,

But for me you make me alive with your rumble,

You used to scare me with your screams,

But now you give me happy silent dreams,

You make me feel like I'm melting away,

I know you, my dear rain will never betray,

Oh how I love your dark ebony skies,

A long time ago you were a mark of arise,

You led Noah and the creatures of earth,

And a new world you gave birth,

Can you get any better?

You are a right setter,

You keep me from going insane,

I really do love my dear rain...