Verse 1

Mary had a little lamb that I fell in love with.

So I stole him for myself, I could finally breathe.

Till he left, with the very best of me,

The mirth, the faith, the spirit so carefree.

Chorus 1

Oh silly Mary, oh silly me,

Naïve little girls who never see,

That men who can be stolen are not worth keeping.

They just leave with our hearts, we're the ones left weeping.

Verse 2

Mary lacked a little lamb so she stole my pet goose.

He followed her hypnotized, so I just cut him loose.

Such great theft, I have to applaud her skills.

Now I wait for him to leave, cause he will.

Chorus 2

Oh silly Mary, oh silly me,

I surrendered, but the foe will flee.

Why are we stealing what we never even had?

I don't think love is blind- I think it turns us mad.


Mary, come, take a ride on my Pegasus.

Mary, come, take a look at the clouds so high above.

Mary, leave, he'll break you like you're made of glass.

Mary, leave, believe me, we're strong, we don't need their love.

Chorus 3

Oh silly Mary, oh silly me,

When we join forces, we can break free.

They can't play us, little lamb will be slaughtered soon,

And my pet goose can now run right to his monsoon.

Theme- basically, you steal a girl's guy and she steals yours. But in the end, it's the guys playing you both, and you girls are the losers. Loosely based on real life experience.