"Pomegranates are good for the body…and for the soul."

As she peeled the tough, bright red skin back, Hanako thought of her friend's words.

While she didn't know if it was true, she did enjoy the fruit's crimson seeds greatly.

Sitting on the simple wood and iron bench under the large tree bristling with ripe pomegranates, she carefully took the piece of peeled skin back, revealing a cell of several red seeds underneath.

It had taken quite a few years, but she had finally gotten the hang of eating the fruit in a fairly straightforward fashion, instead of the fumbling procedure that most undertook in preparing them for consumption.

Picking a single seed, Hanako examined the crimson piece before eating it, savoring the sweet and slightly tart juice as she chewed.

The first piece was always the best.

Leaning back against the bench, she looked up at the sky. As usual, gold clouds swirled around her solitary home, the floating isle of Martaris.

"Now…now is the time…I should do it while I can." She thought as she put down the pomegranate and reached into her coat, slipping out the leather-bound journal and a fountain pen.

Hesitating as she gathered her thoughts, she opened the journal and found the next empty page, then began to write in soft and slow strokes of the black and gold fountain pen.

My name is Hanako Nakagawa.

I am the sole survivor of the planet Lomir.

And the only inhabitant of the debris the apocalypse left.

On my 18th birthday, Lomir underwent an enviromental catastrophe that caused a chain reaction in the planet's core…which scorched the planet's surface and incinerated all life…except for me. Somehow the energies coalesced into a single crystal called the Elysian, a cyan energy source that gave me immortality…to an extent. I will live forever unless I suffer fatal injury from violence or starve and thirst too greatly.

My home, Martaris, is the remnant of Lomir, an isle that was preserved amongst the golden clouds surrounding the shining core of Lomir, hidden forever from the outside galaxy.

While I am safe here, the Elysian allows me to travel between other worlds in the known galaxy.

For years I've travelled, visiting different places and seeing the sights…I've had little else to do.

I rarely speak to anyone, keeping myself apart from any attachments…because what good would it do? I live forever, while normal people live for maybe a century at best. It would leave me alone eventually…and only leave me hurting all the more.

And so I have kept away…kept away from other people.

And that is the way it shall be.


Finishing the entry, she took a deep breath and put the journal aside. Looking at a nearby puddle of water, she studied her reflection absentmindly.

She had somewhat pale skin, kept her midnight-black hair quite long, almost down to her back, and mostly styled it to hide the right side of her face. The apocalypse that had claimed her world scarred her physically as well, burning and scarring the right side of her body, from face to legs, in a languid fashion. Even though Hanako did not often speak to anyone, even on her travels, she preferred to keep her scars hidden, using her hair and long coat to hide them. Her clothes consisted of a knee-length black skirt, with black leggings and shoes, a white collared dress shirt with a black bowtie, and traditional long black buttoned up simple coat that extended just above her knees, which she usually wore a pair of woolen grey gloves with. Depending on where she went, she also wore a black English cap, which helped to keep her hair in a fashion to cover her scarred facial features.

Finally, she wore a silver pendant, the small glowing blue crystal, the Elysian inlaid in the center.

"I should visit another world…I'm getting bored here." She thought, picking up the journal and slipping it into her coat before also retrieving the pomegranate.


Bit of a short intro chapter, didn't wanna dump things too quickly into your brain like I tend to do with All Hail The Queen.

Anyway, this is somewhat of a different type of story than what All Hail is turning out to be (although you poor sods don't know what's about to happen ;P).

Like the story says, Hanako is the sole survivor of her home planet, doomed to immortality (to an extent), who travels between different worlds.

However, she will soon find that the source of her everlasting life is not exclusive to her, and that others are vying for the power of the Elysian.

This is an OC story in which you fellows can impart help with, but I'm gonna try to keep it simple in a way to keep from overcrowding.

The individual planets in the known galaxy are more or less self governed, with a few particularly advanced and wealthy civilizations taking precedence as leaders and peacekeepers in various sectors.

There are different alien sentient species, although humans remain the most populous, and crossbreeding occurs often between species.

However, the planets in the outlying areas of the known galaxy are less civilized, and they often are fraught with conflict and war, from enterprising imperialistic governments invading other systems to gain resources and power to other planets being raided constantly by pirating groups.

Lomir was located in the inner parts of the galaxy, and as such never had to truly deal with conflict on such a scale, which means Hanako is entirely inexperienced and uneducated about combat, although she is no stranger to the suffering and misery of war, or the sheer despair of seeing death.

So, the bulk of important characters she will meet rely on their own past and beliefs to make their impact on her storyline.

I would appreciate receiving an OC or two, and you can decide every part about them as you see fit and as they fit into the lore of the story I have provided, although I have a few conditions about them, which are the OC you give cannot be like Hanako in the sense that they are helpless.

In some way they have to know how to defend themselves, but don't make them overpowered war heroes either.

They also must have some connection with Lomir, Hanako's home planet. Obviously they were not there, as she was the only survivor, but I mean more like in the way that they visited the planet or perhaps heard of its destruction.

Finally, the last condition is that any villain you create cannot have a concentrated interest in the Elysian. I've already got the main antagonist faction for that. They can have a vested interest, but it cannot be their main motivation and focus.

Otherwise, feel free to go nuts.

I hope to get one or two OCs from you guys!

Everyone is limited to two or three, depending on the quality of said characters.