Rememeber To Breathe
By: ShinigamiForever

The rain is falling
Crystalline drops of water
Glistening and breath-taking
Washing the slate of the world to create comething new

I listen to the rain fall
We had been walking outside
The rain crashed upon us
Staining us with its cleansing breaths
The grass beneath our feet becoming a carpet of green

I watch her face
Shining with brilliance and happiness
And I am stricken with the innocence of youth
Before I realize I must look like that too
I take a breath of the icy wind that bears down and smile

This is nothing, I say
Here, it always rains
And nobody cares anymore
It isn't that stunning to us
I look up, letting the water splash on my skin
It makes me believe we can go back to the start and begin again

She smiles back at me
Reaching her hand up to catch the water
And tilting her face to see the raindrops
Like diamonds fall down to earth with ethreal magnificence

She says that we are always breathing
Always looking
Always hearing
Always thinking
But it amazes us everytime

I turn to look at her again
I cannot bring myself to bring her down
Such beauty in the rain, dancing with childishness
I feel like I am seeing the world for the first time again
And I find there are no words to describe the beauty of that chance

A/N: anyone? Yeah, this one was weird..... Do forgive!