To the GOD I love,

the father of Jesus Christ,

I offer you the soul of mine.

My Father goes to the heavenly light,

so far above this stormy life.


He's headed home to the place you know

up in the clouds the colour of snow.

Please take his hand, and give him hope.

Take him inside your gracious home.


I need this badly, this you know.

I'm praying for his humanly soul.

He's demons are still here are Earth.

LORD, keep him safe from every harm.


I thank you dearly, GOD of all.

I have not much to prove our worth,

just word of mouth here from the dirt.

Still all my thanks are the words

I offer you.


To the Son of God,

the Prince of Peace,

Please sooth his soul, offer him ease.

Please, take his pace, tend to his needs.

Give him the love he once gave me.


Fill all the cracks inside his mind

from searching for the Great Divine,

from fighting sorrows left and right,

from living in a wretched plight.


I ask of you to heal the pain,

and never have him feel again

the misery inside his head.

Lay him to sleep on feather beds.


I hope you listen to my prayers.

Please listen in on thoughtful ears.

Please listen to my silly fears,

and make my Dad shed no more tears.

I thank you so.


To the Spirit in the night,

the Stars Above, which shine so bright,

Please mend the wounds inside his chest.

Please off him only the best.


He's kind of silly, this you know,

with boisterous laugh and many throes.

I ask you please to let me know

if he is finally feeling joy.


Please let him shine the brightest star,

so I can see him from afar.

Please let his soul feel no more war,

no punishment, feathers nor tar.


Please bless his life inside and out.

Take all my fear and all my doubt.

Let my Daddy finally be proud

of the child who loves him now

more than ever before.


The Trinity, the Holy Light,

shine all about this lovely night.

Please take my Papa from the plight

of the Earth. Take in his Light.


I offer you my lowly soul,

and everything that I hold close

to my heart. Take everything

that makes me human, that makes me, me.


Take everything that I hold dear.

Take all my worries and my fear.

Take care of my Dad. Hold him close.

I offer you my very soul.


Take care of him.

Watch over him.

Please, care for him.

From Your Son,

The Human Kohla