"I'll just have a hot chocolate, I know how good your coffee is," she says without looking up. He hates her instantly.

It's a shame he still has to be polite, "Sure and what-"

"Nothing, thank you," she interrupts; He looks at her in her clad black pants and grey hoodie, but can't find the energy to bother.

She just had this vibe about her.

Fast forward a couple of months-then years and everything would be different.

He really didn't see it coming.

A/N: I'm going to be putting up more chapters over the hours- but please try to bear with me :)

This is my first fiction, I usually write fanfiction(Slash) Don't worry this story isn't Slash for all you non Slashers. An interesting concept to this story is that the male protagonist and the female protagonist do not have names- well they do, but I don't mention them. So when you see things like "He-Him-His" and "She- Her-Hers", don't get confused- I'm probably referring to these guys