Happy New Year everybody and in celebration of the new year here's the chapter one of book two of my newest series Rivergreen Brothers. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1:The Lost Love, The Lost Leader,

The Hostage Situation and The First Battle

Seven Days Later

The rain seemed to be a constant downpour over the major cities in West Washington as a number of people checked their closets and laid out their funeral suits for what the media was calling the biggest funerals in the state as Sheriff Quin and his wife stood over an all white casket in a funeral home while members of the Rivergreen, Tacoma, and Spokane Brothers sat inside the KO Club with glum looks on their faces over the loss. With everything mourning in Rivergreen Sergeant Harper was making her way out of her bathroom and wiping her mouth after another day of morning sickness before her eyes fell on Mark's jacket and a sorrowful look fell on her face at the absent North Valley teen.

While everyone else was beginning their day a white truck was pulling into the student parking lot of Seaside High School before Lee, Mercy, and Trip stepped out of the car before making their way into the building where Ms. Summers and Ms. Smith watched them enter with half smiles on their faces as the group approached them.

"It's finally good to see some of you boys." said Ms. Smith as she noticed the serious looks on their faces.

"Yeah, sorry we haven't been all there as of late." replied Mercy as Ms. Summers noticed their missing leader.

"Marcus still hasn't come back yet?" asked Ms. Summers.

"Nope and we still haven't heard from him since we left the neighborhood, we got pulled over while Mark just kept going. They found his car outside his apartment but that motorcycle of his was missing." replied Lee.

"I kinda figured Aniyah's death hit him hard, I never met her but Mark talked greatly about her." said Ms. Summers.

"She was his girlfriend for two years and even after they broke up it was like they were still together. They were always around each other and giving off the same lovey dovey vibe stronger than ever." said Trip with a slight chuckle before his smile soon faded.

"The funerals later this afternoon right?" asked Ms. Smith.

"Yeah we saved the both of you a seat, there's gonna be well over five hundred people at the funeral." said Mercy.

"Aniyah was loved by everyone in Rivergreen even the guys who wanted to see us dead loved her." said Lee.

"Police are gonna be there as well, they're afraid things might turn violent since almost every Brother in the state is gonna be at that funeral." said Lee.

"Should we expect anything violent?" asked Ms. Summers.

"We aren't gonna do anything violent without Mark at the lead. He's our brother, our leader, our Achilles because when he's leading us we know victory is assured. Wherever he is and whenever he decides to comeback we're gonna strike back fast and hard." said Lee.

Somewhere Outside Portland, Oregon

The sky wasn't just cloudy in Washington but in its neighboring state to the south as the youngest Roman opened his eyes and looked up at the moldy ceiling of his hotel room with a Washington newspaper about Aniyah's death lay beside him.

"There are two points in every life Alpha and Omega." thought Mark as his mind flashed with memories of himself and Aniyah in their happiest moments.

"This is the first time in five years that a death has hit this close to me." thought Mark as he remembered the death of his father, mother, grandmother, and friends with closed eyes as he somewhat shook violently.

"Aniyah is the first innocent person to die on the same street we swore to protect and her death marks the twenty first lost soul taken before their time in North Valley." thought Mark as he remembered the garden of white crosses with names on them in North Valley the thoughts of adding a new name to a new cross brought a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"There are times when I truly feel like the Grim Reaper, where I control who lives and dies but on this occasion I only feel like I'm bringing death to those that get close to me." continued Mark as the memories of Aniyah sitting on his laps at the park flashed into his mind.

"After she died I felt my urges pass to the point of murder. I have nothing for any member of the Centralas no hate, no love, no respect, almost like they're something I know nothing about and don't care about." thought Mark as he started curling into a ball.

"Aniyah was the first girl I had in my life, she was the first to look at me like I was a person and not a monster or some weird kid and no matter what I did I knew she'd never stop caring about me." thought Mark.

"She loved me with all her heart and soul and I can honestly sayI truly felt the same and when I finally tell her how I felt, she's ripped away from me." thought Mark as he rolled over..

"It's times like this I feel like whatever is keeping me alive needs to just let me go." thought Mark as he took a deep breath.

"Since Aniyah's murder, I've had the strongest urge to go out and kill everyone I thought was involved in that murder and Harper knew that. She put out an APB on all of us and rounded all my brothers up with the exception of myself." thought Mark as he remembered Lee, Mercy, Trip, Reid, Link, Zach, Reid, Davey, Eddy, Calvin, Eric, Tyler, and Clyde all being cuffed and sent back home.

"As of late I've grown tired of Washington...Rivergreen in particular but the thought of returning has sparked my interest, especially with today being Aniyah's funeral." thought Mark as he rose from the floor before popping his neck and stretching his muscles.

"Right now I don't feel like killing I just feel like I need to remember before I go." thought Mark as he walked over to his clothes bag and pulled out a gray jacket before putting it over his white shirt before putting on his black hat and pulling the hood of the jacket over his head as he then walked out of motel.

Seaside High School

"Well than mind if I ask why are you three here?" asked Ms. Summers as she and Ms. Smith continued their talk with the trio of North Valley teens before watching as a slight smile spread across each of their faces.

"Our transfer papers came through." said Lee as Ms. Summer nodded her head.

"So you boys are now students here?" asked Ms. Smith with a smile as each North Valley teen nodded their heads.

"It's good to have all three of you here, when will you be able to start classes?" Ms. Summers asked.

"Monday and we're planning on bringing our missing brother with us. I got a feeling he won't resist appearing at the funeral." said Lee earning a chuckle from Trip.

"That'll be good, come on I'll walk you around and introduce you to your new teachers." said Ms. Summer earning nods from the group.

"Good hopefully we'll be able to see Maya or Buck, we haven't heard from them since that night." replied Mercy as Ms. Summers walked away from the group.

King County Sheriff's Department

The drive to the station wasn't long for the young Sergeant but it was eye opening for her as she pulled her car in front of the station and noticed dozens of uniformed Sheriff's and members of the GTF scrambling out of the building wearing body armor causing Harper to quickly exit her vehicle and run towards one of them.

"What's going on?" she asked as a Sheriff turned to her.

"We got a hostage situation in North Valley, Rivergreen, three civilian and one infant being held at gunpoint." replied the Sheriff causing Harper's eyed to widen as she rushed into the building to grab her gear before noticing a familiar blonde haired man sitting in his office.

"This shit is getting easier." said Amsel as he sat in his desk with a map spread out before him of the town of Rivergreen as he marked off five locations in the North Valley District that now were locations for drug dealers belonging to the Centralas members.

"Who would have thought that a failed attempt to kill Quin and hitting his daughter would cause this." said Amsel before his door was opened causing him to look up and meet eyes with Harper.

"There's a hostage situation and the GTF's mounted up and ready to leave." she said earning a nod from Amsel.

"Of course they are." said Amsel as he rose from his desk before making his way out of his office with Harper in tow.


The rain continued to pour down upon Mark as he finally entered the city of Seattle before lifting his head and eyeing a familiar apartment complex before parking his motorcycle in front of the building and making his way up the stairs to his apartment.

"Home!" thought Mark as he opened the door of his apartment before making his way inside before making his way towards his bedroom and walking towards the dresser next to his bed and grabbing a photo album.

"People say photos are windows into the past." thought Mark as he made his way back into the living room before taking a seat on the floor in front of his couch.

"But to me they're like the drug I need to remember tales from the good old days." thought Mark as he opened the book and noticed pictures of himself, his grandmother, Lee, Mercy, Trip, Link, Zach, Calvin, Reid, Ryan, Eric, Tyler, Clyde, Tina, Maya, Jenna, Quin, and Aniyah as he continued to flip through the book and noticed a picture of him and Aniyah sitting on a park bench, then a beach, and on his couch before his eyes quickly darted to a picture of the girl on his graduation day dressed in her white cap and gown and a wide smile on her face as Mark quickly picked up the picture and turned it over and noticed something written on the back.

"Even you can get to point Marcus, don't let Rivergreen stop you from getting there." read Mark as his eyes started to tear up again.

"You were right we can get to that point." thought Mark as he began to grit his teeth in anger.

"But we can't go anywhere past it." thought Mark as he gritted his teeth in anger.

"I had a feeling you'd come here." came a familiar voice as Mark turned his head and noticed Martin standing in the doorway of his home.

"I've been camping out here for a few days waiting on you, but I knew you'd show up especially today." said Martin with a chuckle.

"Where have you been?" he asked as he looked down at Mark who remained silent for a minute.

"Wherever as long as it wasn't here." replied Mark with a serious look as Martin stood over him.

"I know the feeling you're going through." said Martin to Mark's surprise.

"You're sad, angry, but mostly guilty because you think you caused her death am I right?" asked Martin as Mark gritted his teeth.

"Aniyah's death wasn't your fault little brother and you must move on from it before it eats away at you." added Martin.

"Stop." said Mark as he kept his head to the ground.

"No you need to hear this, because that's why you're running...you feel like you're to blame for her death. You need to stop throwing the blame, get off your ass, and lead your men because they're looking for guidance from a leader who's not there." yelled Martin.

"Fuck you!" yelled Mark as he rose to his feet before punching Martin in the face with enough force to send the eldest Roman stumbling backwards clutching his mouth while Mark collapsed to the floor in tears and loud sobs.

"It's okay's little brother, let it all out." said Martin as he wrapped his younger brother into his arms allowing him to cry.

"I know how you feel right now because I was in your same position." said Martin to Mark's surprise.

"Her name was Angie, she was my high school and college sweetheart. She would have also been your sister in law because a few years after you left I asked her to marry me." said Martin as Mark remained silent.

"Then one day me and her were sitting outside this restaurant in the Bronx talking about settling down, having kids, and me walking away from this life. One seconds she sitting across from me smiling the next she's laying in the broken glass of the window bleeding from a gunshot wound to the face...it caught her right in the cheek and she died before the ambulance arrived." said Martin as Mark lifted his head to look his older brother in the eyes.

"I know you feel guilty, I did the same all the way to the point where I almost took my own life. I never got over her death, It made me harder especially once I found she was killed because one of my lieutenants wanted me dead." said Martin.

"In this life death happens to us or those close to us and we just have to accept it and move on because if we don't we destroy ourselves and that's something none of them would want." said Martin earning a low nod from Mark.

"So seeing the person we love the most dead runs in this family?" asked Mark with a low growl.

"It happens to anyone Marcus, whether it be now, months, or years from now. Everyone sees the person they love the most die. It's just Gods way of making us stronger for our next step of life." said Martin as he picked up the picture of Aniyah.

"I know how much you loved Aniyah, but you have to move past her death and be strong for her." said Martin as Mark started to chuckle.

"You know our last conversation was about me changing my life and honestly I wanted to do that." said Mark.

"You still can but not until you make everyone that caused her death to suffer." said Martin as he reached into his waistband before dropping Mark's knife on the youngest Roman's lap.

"And I think it's time you let everyone know that Marcus Smith and the Brothers are far from dead." said Martin as he picked up the remote for the television before hitting the power and turning it on a news broadcast began to play on the screen that caught Mark's full attention.

"This is Susan Sampson coming to you live from the North Valley District in Rivergreen, where a crazed gunman has taken three people and a baby hostage at gunpoint in the pharmacy as officers are now trying to-!" started the reporter just as the sound of gunshots soon followed causing the woman and her cameraman to duck as Mark caught a glimpse of Harper and Amsel ducking behind the squad car before a familiar sound caught his attention

"What is this?" thought Mark as the sound a baby crying filled his ears and caused his mind to flash with the last memories of himself and his father before the sound of his own crying filled his ears.

"Let the world know brother that you're still here." said Martin as he patted Mark's shoulder.

"Looks like I've got something to do." thought Mark as he rushed out of his apartment without the knowledge that a man in Rivergreen was rising from his wheelchair and making his way out of his own home.

Seaside High School

The tour of the school seemed very interesting for the trio of North Valley teens as they followed Ms. Summers down the senior hallway before they stopped in front of a familiar door before the woman opened it and noticed the teacher eyeing her.

"Ms. Summers what do I owe this visit?" asked the teacher.

"Sorry to interrupt your class but I came to introduce you to your newest students." said Ms. Summers as Lee, Mercy, and Trip entered the classroom and noticed the familiar faces of Maya, Daryl, Jordan, and Aurora amongst the small class.

"Wow more Rivergreen kids are they smart, violent, or a combination?" asked the teacher.

"Combo." said Trip with a chuckle.

"The three of them rank in their classes top ten." said Ms. Summers.

"And Mark's in the top five." replied the teacher.

"Speaking of him, where is the midget he's missed a lot of days?" asked the teacher.

"Still mourning the loss of his old lady." said Mercy earning the attention of all the students as Lee sent a look to Maya.

"Maya you heard from him?" asked Lee as all eyes fell on Maya the Gothic girl shook her head in sorrow.

"Not since that night, I can't even get a ring from his phone." replied Maya.

"Sounds about right." said Mercy just as Lee's phone started to vibrate causing him to look at it.

"Rule one of Rivergreen cellphones are not to be seen or heard." said Ms. Summers only for Lee to ignore the statement as he lifted his head and noticed a television with an old antenna in the back of the classroom.

"Sorry but does that television work?" asked Lee earning a confused look from everyone.

"It works but it's a hassle to get it to work." replied the teacher as Lee and Trip walked over to the television before grabbing the antenna and holding it outward while Mercy plugged it up causing a somewhat shimmering image to appear.

"Turn it to the news." said Lee as Mercy started to flip the channels before turning it to the news station where everyone noticed a familiar reporter.

"There is now an injured Sheriff on the scene as the gunman fired more bullets into the crowd." said Susan as her cameraman showed an image of cop clutching his bleeding shoulder.

"Jesus!" said Ms. Summers as Lee and Trip kneeled down while Mercy stood behind them watching the television along with the other students and teachers watched the broadcast closely as the cameraman showed an image of the brown haired gunman as they stood in the doorway with the gun in their hands.

"Is that Methhead Moe?" asked Trip.

"Yeah and by the way it looks he's found himself some product." said Mercy as Ms. Summers eyed the group.

"I find it weird how you boys know that man." stated Ms. Summers.

"He's a good guy actually but when he get's his hand on something that gives him a rush, he's as dangerous as a stick of dynamite and a kid with matches." replied Lee just as more gunshots filled the air.

"Shit!" yelled Harper as she went to lift her head only to dodge another bullet.

"Jesus Christ what's this guys deal?" asked Harper.

"He wants the amphetamines in there and he's on enough speed right now to believe he can get out of this alive." replied Amsel.

"Why can't a sniper take this fucker out?" asked Harper.

"Might hit one of the hostages so we're on our own with this." said Amsel as Harper went to lift her head again only to avoid another bullet that bounced off her car.

"Anyone else look at me and the next bullets going in the kids head." yelled Moe as Harper's continued to keep her head down before a familiar pair of black and white shoes stepped before her and caused her to left her head and notice a familiar North Valley teen standing before her.

"Mark!" she said earning Amsel's attention as he eyed the youngest Roman intently just before Mark pulled the hood of his jacket off his head and removed his hat before resting it atop Harper's head.

"What are you-!" started Harper before Mark slid on the hood of her car and began making his way towards the pharmacy.

"And look at this, it appears someone is approaching the pharmacy." said the reporter as everyone's eyes widened at the sight of Mark's.

"Mark!" said Trip.

"Told you he'd show up today." said Mercy with a chuckle.

"What is he doing?" asked Ms. Summers just as the school bell rang out dismissing the seniors but none of whom left the classroom as Maya kneeled down beside Lee watching as Mark continued to approach the pharmacy just as Moe caught site of him.

"Hold it right there asshole." yelled Moe as he pointed his gun at Mark who stopped in his tracks.

"Moe calm down it's me Marcus." replied Mark as Moe caught a look at Mark before a smile spread across his face.

"No your a pig trying to kill me." yelled Moe as he started to shake his gun at Mark only for the youngest Roman to unzip his jacket and reveal his all white t-shirt.

"See no badge no vest I'm not a cop just someone trying to end this shit." replied Mark.

"Well what do you want from me man?" asked Moe as tears started to fill his eyes Mark heard the continuous loud screams of the baby from inside the store.

"I just want the baby nothing else." said Mark as Moe took a look back at the crying baby as a look of confusion spread across his face.

"I don't know man." replied Moe.

"Come on Moe give me the baby and you can have me, it's a fair trade a quiet hostage for a noisy one." said Mark as Moe started to panic and take deep breaths just as Mark started back approaching him only for Moe to fire a shot at the ground in front of Mark's feet causing a few people to jump backwards with the exception of the youngest Roman who stood his ground with the familiar emotionless look on his face.

"And a warning shot has been fired but the boy looks unshaken." said the reporter as Maya, Ms. Summers, and the other students looked at the television with worried looks on their faces while the members of the Brothers clenched their teeth.

"He's gonna get himself killed." said Harper as she started draw her gun.

"Wait!" came a familiar voice that caused everyone to turn their heads and noticed a familiar man with wide eyes.

"Sheriff Quin!" said Harper as the woman eyed the man with a look of surprise as he walked up to her.

"Damn it!" whispered Amsel under his breath as he gritted his teeth at the sight of the Sheriff.

"Marcus knows what he's doing, let him do it uninterrupted." stated Quin with an emotionless tone as Harper and the other Sheriff's turned to the unfazed Mark.

"Well that would have felt better if it hit me in the head." thought Mark as he took his eyes off the bullet hole in the ground before looking back up at Moe.

"Don't move!" yelled Moe as Mark gave a low grunt.

"Come on Moe you don't want to kill me, you just want get high and you can get as high as the ceiling without hearing a baby screaming if you just make the trade." said Mark as he watched Moe begin to panic again before rubbing the side of his head while Mark began to approach him again only for the man to point his gun at him again with a shaking hand.

"Finally!" thought Mark as a half smile spread across his face he continued to approach Moe until the barrel of the man's gun was touching Mark's chest as the North Valley teen watched the man struggle to pull the trigger.

"Damn it why am I always right." thought Mark as he grabbed the man's gun shocking the man as he went to pull the trigger before watching as the magazine of his pistol fell out.

"No!" said Moe as he sent a look at Mark before bending to grab the magazine of his gun only for Mark to kick the magazine backwards and send it sliding towards the police cars with Moe following after it.

"Fucking Junkie!" thought Mark as he entered the pharmacy.

"What just happened?" asked Ms. Summers.

"He pushed the magazine release button and flipped the safety switch at the same time." said Mercy to everyone's confusion.

"Wait what?" asked Ms. Summers.

"The magazine release button takes out the gun clip but there's still gonna be a bullet in the chamber so he put the safety on to keep him from firing." said Mercy.

"And Moe's too strung out to know it." said Trip with a chuckle as Mark entered the pharmacy and noticed three people balled up in a corner while the crying baby lay in a car seat on the counter with a baby bag next to him

"Who the hell leaves their baby in this type of situation. Damn horrible mothers, I mean my mom was a heroin addict who used to watch my older brother beat my ass around but she never left me in these situations much." thought Mark as he got a better look at the child and noticed the small patch of black hair on the babies head before it looked up to him and stopped crying.

"Oh boy!" thought Mark as he took off his jacket before wrapping it around the baby then picking him up in his hands only for the baby to continue crying.

"Shit I'm not in the mood for this!" thought Mark as he looked into the diaper bag and pulled out a bottle before sticking it in the babies mouth earning silence as the baby closed his eyes just as Mark breathed a sigh of relief then looked over to the cowering people.

"If you want to leave follow me." said Mark as he turned away from the people before catching the site of a pink candle in a glass jar that caught his attention.

"It's time I finally put you to rest." thought Mark as he picked up the candle with his free hand before putting it in his pocket and taking a deep breath.

"Why do I have a feeling I'm gonna hate this?" thought Mark as he started to walk out of the store with his baby in his arms before he noticed three Sheriff's trying to restrain Moe.

"And the boy has saved the baby and the hostages." said the reporter as the North Valley teens and the students and teachers of Seaside High started cheer for their friend while watching him walk out of the pharmacy with the baby in his hands.

"He's back!" said Lee as he, Mercy, and Trip slapped hands with smiles on their faces while Maya gave a sigh of relief as they watched Harper and Quin approach Mark.

"Shouldn't you be in a wheelchair?" asked Mark as he eyed Quin with a smile.

"You finally found your head?" asked Quin.

"Nope and I think you know that already." said Mark as he turned to Harper who looked at him with mixed emotions.

"You-!" started Harper.

"Hold that thought." said Mark as he used his free hand to grab his hat off the woman's head before setting it back on his head.

"You can slap me around when we lose the camera but try to hold off cursing me out in front of the child." said Mark as he looked down at the baby causing Harper to do the same as a slight smile spread across her face at the sight of Mark feeding the child before pulling the bottle out of his mouth causing the child to cry.

"Where's this child's mother?" asked Mark as a young woman walked over to Mark before taking the child from Mark and giving the North Valley teen a hug and a thank you before walking off.

"Young parents man." said Mark.

"Tell me about it young Roman." said Quin as Mark gave a low chuckle.

"Speaking of parents and kids." said Mark as he turned his head and noticed a number of cameramen pointing their cameras at him.

"Hope you guys are watching." said Mark as he reached into his pocket before taking pulling out the pink candle and holding it up to the cameras.

"Now the boy appears to be holding up a candle." said Susan as Lee, Mercy, and Trip rose from their kneeled position before turning to Maya.

"Let's go Maya he's calling us." said Lee as everyone turned to the trio.

"He's calling you, how do you know that?" asked the teacher.

"Keep watching the news and you'll find out with everyone else." replied Mercy.

"Link, Ryan, Reid, and Calvin have got the message and are on their way." said Trip earning nods from the group before they began to make their way out of the classroom as Ms. Summers sent the group looks before turning back to the television.

"I gotta go." said Mark as Quin nodded his head.

Be in the Cul-De-Sac everyone's gonna be waiting for you there." said Quin.

"Got it!" said Mark as the cameramen and reporters started to approach him only for the North Valley teen to make his way back inside of the pharmacy before hopping over the counter and going out the backdoor and sneaking through the alley.

"This will make things a little more complicated." said Amsel as he gritted his teeth in anger.

Club KO Two Hours Later

The drive back to Rivergreen wasn't long for the group of North Valley teens as they entered the night club and noticed the other members of the Brothers sitting around the club

"Hey where is he?" asked Mercy.

"He never came here." said Reid to everyone's surprise.

"What?" asked Maya as she gave the group a confused look.

"He's not here and we have no idea where he is." said Link.

"I got an idea where he's at." said Lee earning nods and smiles from the group as they made their way out of the club before making their way back to their neighborhood where they noticed a familiar teen kneeling down in front of Quin's house with the man standing beside him.

"Told you he'd be here." said Lee with a smile.

"Looks like your troops are here." said Quin earning Mark's attention as he heard the heavy footsteps come to a halt before turning his head and noticing Brothers standing behind him with mixed looks.

"Time to reclaim what's mine." thought Mark as he reached into his pocket and drew his knife before pointing it at the Brothers.

"WHO'S READY TO GET BLOODY?" yelled Mark earning loud cheers from the group as he eyed them with a smile before Lee, Mercy, Trip, Buck, Reid, Ryan, Link, and Zach approached him.

"Glad to have you have back brother." said Link as he rubbed Mark's head.

"Glad to see we're all thinking alike." said Mark as he eyed the group before turning his attention to Maya as the girl approached him.

"Gonna slap me around?" asked Mark before he was taken off-guard as Maya wrapped her arms around him for a hug earning a smile from the man.

"I'll slap you around later right now I'm just happy to see you." replied Maya before she let go of the youngest Roman before his eyes darted to the familiar face of a Native American man with long black hair and stood about five foot nine.

"Task and the Everett Brothers what are you doing here?" asked Mark as he shook hands with the man.

"Aniyah's death rattled the entire organization and like you we all want a little payback." replied Task earning a nod from Mark.

"Count us in as well." came another familiar voice that caused Mark to turn his head and noticed an fair skinned teen that stood about 5'6 with short black hair approaching him with a smile.

"Dominick the Yakima Chapters here as well?" asked Mark.

"Yeah and we're aren't filled with killers and fighters like the rest of you but all of Yakima County is beside you brother." he replied earning a smile from Mark.

"Enough talk about fighting can we at least do the funeral before you guys go off fighting?" asked Maya earning the attention of everyone before Mark nodded his head.

"She right so let's start getting ready while the skies are still clear." said Mark earning nods from the group before they went their separate ways with the exception of Lee, Mercy, Trip, Buck, and Reid who eyed him closely.

"That meant you guys as well." said Mark earning smiles from the group.

"Glad to have you back brother." said Lee earning a nod from Mark.

"Glad to be back." said Mark as the group made their way towards their respective homes before stepping out wearing black tuxedos with white shoes and bow ties as both brothers turned their heads and noticed Lee dressed in the same tuxedo and wearing a pair of black sunglasses leaning on their truck.

"You guys ready?" asked Lee as the duo nodded their heads.

"Funeral doesn't start for another hour why are we dressed so early?" asked Trip as Lee pointed his finger to another house in the neighborhood as the group of boys noticed a number of men and women dressed in funeral clothing from the neighborhood before their eyes fell on Maya who was wearing an all black dress.

"You look good in a dress." said Trip as he winked at the girl.

"Whatever." replied Maya as Link, Zach, Tina, Chris, Reid, and Buck approached the group.

"Fix your tie brother." said Mercy as he started adjusting Buck's tie.

"We need to be there before the guest arrive." said Lee as the group of boys watched as Quin and his wife both stepped out of their homes wearing funeral attire as the three boys walked towards them.

"All of you look nice." said Ms. Parker as she eyed the group

"Thanks just wish we circumstances were better." said Mercy earning nods from the boys as they lowered her head.

"Aniyah's death haunts me but she'd want us to be strong remember that all of you." said Quin as his eyes fell on Buck who started to feel tears fill his eyes he was stopped by a hand on his right shoulder as he looked up at Rivergreen Sheriff.

"Save those tears for the funeral." said Quin earning a nod from Buck who quickly wiped his eyes.

"Sorry sir!" said Buck as he finished his eyes.

"Let's get going." said Quin.

"What about Mark?" asked Maya.

"He had to go pickup a tux but he'll be there." said Quin earning nods from the teens as they climbed into their vehicles before driving off.


While everyone was making their way to the cemetery the youngest Roman was dressing himself up in a black tuxedo with white shoes and a white tie with a serious look on his face.

"I know you're there." said Mark as he turned his head and noticed Harper standing in the doorway.

"We're in a store remember that while you're slapping and yelling at me." said Mark as closed his eyes before feeling a pair of arms wrap around him.

"Shocker of the year." thought Mark as Harper gave a few sniffles.

"I haven't heard from you in days and when you finally decide to show up you put yourself in harms way." said Harper through sobs as Mark wrapped his arms around the woman with a saddened look on his face.

"For the past couple of days, I've been a voiceless motionless vegetable clinging to my past love without the care that I'm hurting the people who are still here and that care about me." thought Mark as he kissed Harper on the shoulder.

"I think I prefer a slap over this." said Mark as he pushed the brown haired woman off him before using his thumb to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry about how I've been acting it's just been hard for me these last couple of days and I didn't realize that I was hurting you in the process." said Mark as Harper looked at him with a serious look.

"Were you trying to kill yourself?" asked Harper to Mark's surprise as he looked away from the woman.

"Answer me." said Harper as Mark took a deep breath.

"Yeah I tried to kill myself, I've been so hurt by Aniyah's death I forgot that there were other people that care about me enough to not see me dead but I forgot that. I thought I lost all the reasons to be here and thought I had nothing." said Mark as Harper looked at him with wide eyes.

"But today I realized that there are a lot of reasons for me to be here, my friends, my classmates, my teachers, Quin, and you." said Mark as he looked at Harper.

"I gotta get to the church." said Mark earning a nod from Harper.

"I'll see you there." said Harper as she and Mark shared a quick kiss before the brown haired woman quickly broke away from him.

"Why do you taste like chocolate?" she asked.

"Comfort food." said Mark earning a chuckle from Harper.

"You are one of the weirdest people on Earth." said Harper with a chuckle as she and Mark shared another kiss before parting ways.

Two Hours Later

"This Susan Sampson coming to you from Rivergreen Town Cemetery where it looks like the scene of a movie." said the young reporter as he cameraman eyed the waves of people well into the hundreds dressed in funeral clothing entering a large church.

"This is the funeral of young Aniyah Parks, the young daughter of Chief of King County Sheriff's Department James Quin. Who was killed a few nights ago as we see that people from all over the small town have come to pay respects to the young girl." said Susan as the cameraman eyed members of the Brothers, Royals, and Familia who were standing outside the church before the cameraman filmed a white limo pulling into the cemetery while a black funeral hearse followed behind it before stopping behind it as Aniyah's Parents exited the car followed by Lee, Link, Maya, and Tina as Clyde gave a sharp nod to the group as they entered the church.

"I thought you said Marcus would be here?" came a familiar voice as the group turned their heads and noticed Ms. Summers and Ms. Smith standing behind them.

"He's on his way." replied Lee as he directed the two women to their seats just as a tall man with long black hair approached the group with three more men.

"He better hurry we're about to start." stated Link as he group turned their heads as Mercy, Reid, Trip, and Zach made their way down center aisle with the coffin above their heads.

"Looks like you're gonna have to stand in for Mark Lee." said Ryan earning a nod from the Chinese teen before following Ryan with Link, Task, Reid and Dominick behind them while the four Brothers set the casket on a table in front of the podium before splitting up and moving to different seats in the order of their Chapter.

"Goodmorning everyone we'd like to thank you all for coming here to celebrate the life of Aniyah Parks." started Link as he started to speak without the knowledge that a blonde haired man was watching the show from his desk.

"So it looks like the Brothers are trying to force a comeback." said Amsel with gritted teeth before pulling out his cellphone and sending a text message with a wide smile on his face.

Thirty Minutes Later

The sky was turning a darker shade of gray as the loud crackle of thunder filled the air as Task stepped the preacher stepped down from the podium.

"He's still not here." whispered Task as Link looked through the rows and people without caching a sight of the Mark before turning his attention to Quin.

"Damn!" whispered Link as he slowly made his way up to the podium as Mark finally arrived at the cemetery before parking his bike and running towards the crowd of people as Link eyed the short Brother and breathed a sigh of relief.

"And now for the Benediction by our brother Marcus Smith." said Link as he extended his hand as the crowd of people turned their heads and eyed Mark as he stood in the center row making his way towards the podium with a red flower in his hand.

"Told you he'd make it." said Lee as the Rivergreen Brothers eyed their leader with smiles on their faces while clapping their hands at the shortest Roman as he moved towards the casket where he gave a quick glance and looked at the body of Aniyah before kissing the flower and setting it down on the girls chest before he slowly made his way up to the podium.

"Good afternoon!" started Mark before he looked down in the casket before taking a deep breath and looking up at the crowd of people.

"It was great having you here today, I know I'm a little late, but truth be told I've been late a lot for Aniyah. Aniyah has always been good to me since we were young, she made me and everyone around her feel special everyday. She never left our side and was always the light in the darkest tunnel for all of and since she's been gone and that light diminished we've all been sorta lost." said Mark.

"Since her death, I wake up with the feeling that I have nothing to go on for and blame myself because I was the last person to talk to her before some gang member decided to earn his stripes by taking the life of a girl with her entire future ahead of her. And everyday it eats at me, if I walked her back to the clubhouse would she still be alive, if I held her up would she still be alive, if I did what I was afraid to do would she still be alive." said Mark earning sad looks from the group.

"Recently though, today I mean, I've stopped blaming myself because I know she wouldn't want me or any of us to live like this because we all know better, because she taught us better. And since the day we've known her to this day and onward she will always be in our hearts and no matter what she will never be forgotten by anyone of us." said Mark as he balled his right hand into a fist before slamming it over his heart earning the same gesture from the Brothers even Quin.

"Brothers A La Vie A La Mort."yelled Mark earning a repeat from everyone as Lee, Mercy, Zach, and Trip stood from their seats before making their way to the table and carrying the casket towards the grave while Mark took a stance next to Aniyah's parents while a teary faced Buck took a stand beside him as Mark patted the teen on the shoulder.

"Be strong for her Brother." said Mark earning a nod from the group as they watched the four of original six Brothers slowly place the casket into the ground before the preacher gave a few words the group bowed their heads and when they raised them they were greeted by the sight of two men burying the casket in dirt as the rain started to pour down harder as the last bit of dirt was placed over the coffin many of the people started moving about with the exception of the Brothers, Quin, his wife, Ms. Summers, Ms. Smith, Maya, and Tina as Mark broke away from the group and approached Aniyah's parents with a somewhat calm look on his face before kneeling down on one knee before them as Quin placed his hand on the youngest Roman's shoulder.

"You're not the only one blaming yourself but like you said we have to be strong." said Quin earning a nod from Mark before he looked at the man's teary faced wife.

"Thanks for being here." said Quin as he rubbed Mark's head before the teen rose to his feet to watch the duo leave before Mark turned his eyes back to Aniyah's grave and bringing his hand to his stomach.

"All this is doing is bringing up my urge and since Aniyah's deaths I don't feel full just more blood thirsty." thought Mark as he removed his hand from his stomach before moving it towards his sheathed knife that was holstered in his jacket.

"I already feel it rising I need to kill something." thought Mark as everyone started to approach him.

"Glad you finally made it.' said Lee as he and Mark shook hands while Reid rubbed the teens head.

"Sorry about that haircut took a little longer than expected." said Mark earning nods from the group just as Ms. Summers and Ms. Smith approached the youngest Roman before giving him a quick hug.

"Glad to see you both." said Mark.

"We're glad to see you got your head on straight." replied Ms. Smith.

"And it'll be good to see you in school." added Ms. Summers earning a chuckle from Mark before he turned to the group.

"All of you got your candles?" asked Mark earning nods from the group as they reached into their pockets before pulling out their candles.

"You two should stick around and see how this goes." said Mark earning a nod from the two women.

"Let's get this done." said Mark as he pulled the pink candle out of his candle before lighting it while Lee and the others did the same before making their way out of the church with the other members and associates of the Rivergreen Brothers in tow each carrying candles as they were quickly barraged by the flashing lights of cameras and words of reporters.

"This is why I hate the media." thought Mark as he continued to leave the group who gave the reporters angry looks and low growls as they walked past them before making their way down the streets until they came across a familiar flower filled garden and white crosses with the names of the dead as the youngest Roman kneeled down next to Kozik's cross before pulling his knife from its sheath and sticking it in the ground next to his.

"And looks like this is a candlelight memorial here in Rivergreen." said Susan as Daryl, Jordan, and a number of other people watched the scene on their television as Mark resheathed his knife before Quin handed him a white cross.

"Pour Mon Ami, Ma Famille, Et Mon Amour, may you rest in peace." said Mark as he jammed the white cross in the ground before setting his candle in front of the cross as the light from the candle revealed Aniyah's name written in black writing for everyone to see.

"Rest in peace." said Mercy as he and Trip crossed their hearts while Link, Zach, Reid, and Ryan kept their heads to the ground while Quin tried to refrain from crying unlike his wife who was crying on his shoulder.

"Set them down." said Mark as the North Valley teens then set a candle in front of the twenty other crosses while Mark watched Lee set his candle down in front of Kozik's grave before putting his hands together and bowing his head before taking a few steps back to Mark who tried to refrain from crying as Harper rested her hand on his right shoulder before Mark rested his hand on top of hers.

"For most people funerals are when you give your goodbyes but this isn't a funeral, but a message to our enemies that's lets them know we aren't dead yet." thought Mark as he gritted his teeth.

" A La Vie A La Mort." yelled Mark earning a repeat from the members of the Brothers as they all pressed their hands over their hearts.

"This is a sad but at the same time beautiful moment to see here." said the woman before the cameraman turned his attention to fifteen Hispanic men approaching the group with smiles on their faces before Mark lifted his head he noticed the men walking towards the crowd with mixed looks on their faces while another twelve or so stood far back away from them as Mart gritted his teeth at the sight of men.

"Something is happening!" said Susan as the cameraman turned his attention on Mark who rose to his feet before untying his tie and taking off his jacket and dress shirt and leaving him in only a white wife beater.

"You might not get your wish." said Lee as he looked at Maya, Tina, Ms. Smith, Ms. Summers, and Harper before undoing his tie and removing his jacket and dress shirt before following after Mark with Mercy, Trip, Reid, Clyde, Calvin, Eric, Tyler, Link, Zach, Davey, Eddy, Ryan, Murphy, Task, and Dominick in tow as they quickly ran after Mark as he stopped and stood a few inches from the men.

"How did they get past the cops?" asked Tina as she turned her head and noticed that a number of the officers were nowhere to be seen while the two sides of gang members stood mere inches away from each other.

"This is a nice service you got here amigo." said the man with a smile on his face as Mark noticed the tattoos that covered the man's face and torso along with the gold teeth that lined the man's mouth as Mark looked a the group he noticed that a few of them belonged to a gang that once gave allegiance to La Familia as Mark gritted his teeth.

"Leave now before this turns bloody." said Mark as the man started to chuckle.

"Then it's a good thing we're at a funeral." said the man as Mark gritted his teeth along with the other members of the Brothers.

"Things could turn violent." said Susan over the camera as the cameraman showed the image of the youngest Roman brother standing mere inches away from the man with a calm angry look on his face that clashed with the panicked looks on everyone else as the man flashed a gun hidden in his waistband at Mark.

"Therefore not for you darling." said Rockem as he knocked the camera out of the cameraman's hand before Sockem knocked the duo in their news van.

"I suggest you and your friends wipe that smug look off your faces." said the man as Mark gritted his teeth in anger.

"I would say the same thing for your bitch but she ain't smiling no more." said the man as Mark felt his blood come to a boil before he headbutted the man in the mouth causing him to take a step back before the youngest Roman tackled him to the ground before throwing punches to the man's face while other Brothers joined in the melee as Mark slammed the man's head into the dirt covered ground to the point where his forehead was bleeding but he was stopped by the feeling of someone's arm wrapping around his neck and pulling him off the man as he struggled to fight through he was stopped as man came up beside with a knife in hand.

"NO!" screamed Harper as she watched the Lee slammed the man to the ground before punching him in the face.

"FUCK YOU!" yelled Link as he kneed a man in the man face knocking him to the ground before beginning to kick him in the chest.

"Come on asshole." said Trip as he held a man in a headlock while punching him in the face.

"Take um out!" yelled Ryan as he and the Spokane Brothers charged into the melee lending support to the Brothers while Mark went back to the man he was fighting who tried to punch Mark in the face only for the youngest Roman to respond by lunging to the side and biting down on the man's ear before wrestling him to the ground.

"This is barbaric." said Ms. Summers as she watched more Brothers join into the melee along with the twelve other men before she turned her attention to Zach who had one of the men in a full Nelson while Eddy punched the man in the face successfully knocking him to the ground before Davey kicked the man in the head.

"Quin you've got to stop them." said Ms. Smith as she approached the man who was watching the scene with little emotion just as Lee slammed a man's head into the side mirror of a car successfully breaking it off the car before sending him back first into the side of the car.

"You picked the wrong side asshole." yelled Lee as he picked up the broken side mirror and began beating the man over the head while Mercy held the leg of another man and repeatedly punched him in the face.

"Mark you've gotta stop this now." said Harper as she approached Mark who was standing over a man punching him in the face with blood leaking from his mouth before pulling him away from the man.

"Rage, Rage, RAGE!" thought Mark as he delivered a swift kick to the side of the man's head that caused him to forcibly turn his neck before collapsing to the ground with blood leaking from his forehead.

"Please Mark stop this." said Maya as she latched onto Mark's arm while one of the Centralas gang member hop into his car before being pulled out by Reid as he and Clyde began to pound the man's face into the ground.

"Mark the entire King County Sheriff's Department is on the way here right now, if you stop this all of you are going to jail now call them off." said Harper as Mark gritted his teeth before reaching into the back of his pants and drawing his Pistol causing Ms. Summers eyes to widen in surprise as Mark lifted his gun into the air before firing a shot startling a few people while earning the attention of the other Brothers as they turned to face him.

"WHO'S READY TO GET BLOODY!" yelled Mark earning loud cheers from the group as they rose their fist to the air everyone noticed Mark licking his blood covered lips in satisfaction before grabbing the man he was attacking by his shirt and pulling him off the ground.

"This is the just the first of many battles for us in this war. These assholes killed a girl loved by all of us so what's stopping them from coming after your mother, your sister, or your girlfriend. Are any of you going to sit by and let this shit happen?" asked Mark earning loud no's from the Brothers.

"Today's battle is won now let these assholes pick up their teeth, pop their bones back in place, crawl back to their boss, and tell them that the Brothers aren't dead, that we aren't standing by and allowing this shit to go on, and that we're willing to spill blood if it means protecting our own." said Mark earning loud cheers from the group just as they heard the sound of sirens in the distance.

"You know the method down and out." said Mark as he got down on his knees before tossing his gun in the bushes and putting his hands behind his head while Lee and the Rivergreen Brothers, Link and the Tacoma Brothers, Ryan and the Spokane Brothers, Task and the Everett Brothers, and Dominick and the Yakima Brothers did the same just as six Sheriff cars pulled up in front of the group.

"Jesus what a night." said Ms. Summers as she approached Sergeant Harper who was watching Mark closely.

"Are they going to jail?" asked Maya as she and Tina approached the brown haired woman.

"There's to many of them to arrest, so I kinda figure they'll arrest Mark and the other leaders and I kinda picture them being bailed out before the sun rises." said Harper.

"Can't you do anything to slow them down, Mark has a lot of anger in his system and he'll take it out on anyone that he feels responsible for Aniyah's death." said Ms. Smith as the group watched as an officer put a set of handcuffs on Mark before carrying the youngest Roman away.

"Today was just the first battle in a new gang war that'll have bodies dropping like rain in Rivergreen." said Maya coldly.

"And in Rivergreen when it rains it pours." said Tina.

"I think I got an idea that should slow them down enough at least and Mark's really familiar with it." said Harper as a half smile spread across her face while Amsel sat back with gritted teeth.

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