Chapter 16: The Truth Comes Out

The Change in Leadership

The Next Day

Things seemed to be almost normal on this snowy day in Seattle but things seemed off for Ms. Summers as she began to make her way inside of school before heading towards the teachers lounge where she sat her lunch in the refrigerator as the sound of a door opening caught her attention as she turned her head and noticed a skinny elderly man with a shaved head entering the lounge.

"Mr. Carter you're here early." she stated with a smile.

"Yeah, I got up a little early this morning." he replied with a smile earning a nod from Ms. Summers as a few seconds of silence washed over them before he spoke again.

"So have you heard anything about Marcus?" he asked earning a few seconds of silence from Ms. Summers before she responded.

"Not since that Friday before the break, I tried calling him after I saw that his house had been bombed." she replied.

"Yeah, it's scary to believe someone like that could happen to a kid, one of our students at that." he said.

"Yeah, and he better have a descent excuse for this shit because it's really scarring a lot of people, including me." she said before walking out of the lounge.

Chinatown, Seattle

The day was already going by in full swing for the youngest Roman even though the sun had barely risen on this day as he entered a restaurant in Seattle's Chinatown where he noticed Ricky and six of his men sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant.

"Marcus it's good to see you." said Ricky as he extended his hand to Mark who limped towards him before shaking his hand.

"Likewise." replied Mark through the shake before Ricky let go of his hand.

"Something the matter with your leg?" Ricky asked earning a chuckle from Mark.

"Yeah, my brothers pulled a bullet out of it." he replied.

"Than have a seat so we can make this meeting quick." stated Ricky earning a nod from Mark as he took a seat across from him.

"I'm aware you've taken care of your little problem in Rivergreen." he said earning a nod from Mark.

"Sergio is dead and the remaining members of the Centralas are either dead or in hiding, but one thing is for sure...they are no longer in King County." said Mark earning a smile from Ricky.

"That would mean the territory and drug trade that once belonged to the Familia is up for grabs." said Ricky earning a nod from Mark.

"Yes and I hear you're looking to move in on it." stated Mark earning a chuckle from Ricky.

"You heard right, but unlike the other assholes trying to force their way in. I want someone already there backing me up." said Ricky with a smile.

"As long as you follow boundary rules I don't have a problem backing you, but there is something else brewing that's out of my command." said Mark as he sent a look to Lee and the others who were remaining silent.

"What?" asked Ricky.

"By the way it's looking I won't be in charge of the Rivergreen Chapter long, for my actions in killing Sergio Hernandez." stated Mark earning a nod from Ricky.

"You killed the man that killed your girlfriend, that seems justified." stated Ricky earning a nod from Mark.

"Others don't see it that way, but even though I won't be leading the chapter I still have sway with people in all the neighborhoods, the cops, and the Royals so I'll be able to back you anyway I can." said Mark earning a nod from Ricky.

"Glad to hear that." said Ricky as he shook Mark's hand with a smile while watching the youngest Roman stand up.

"Oh and Marcus there's another matter of great importance that I really need your help with." said Ricky earning Mark's full attention.


Things seemed to have calmed down for Amsel as he finally woke up and rolled off the bed in his small hotel room before quickly making his way to his bathroom and closing the door just as the sound of gunshots went off outside his hotel room causing Amsel to hit the floor as the bullets flew over his head before stopping as the gunmen stopped firing at the hotel before hopping into a van and driving away while Amsel slowly stepped out of the bathroom unharmed but taking deep breaths before grabbing his clothes and rushing out of the hotel room.

Seaside High School (Hours Later)
Time almost seemed to fly as Ms. Summers sat in her office doing paperwork before the sound of her door opening caught her attention as she noticed Mark standing by the doorway.

"You miss me?" asked Mark as he smiled at the angry looking Ms. Summers who watched him limp over to her chair.

"Well look who's still alive." she said earning a chuckle from Mark.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore, this war is officially done and we're done fighting." said Mark as he took a seat across from a chuckling Ms. Summers.

"Really because the last time you said that five people ended up dead." she said while folding her arms over her chest while Mark reached into his back pocket, and pulled out a yellow bandana, before dropping it on Ms. Summers desk.

"Earlier this morning me and the other gang leaders met with the remaining members of the Centralas and...persuaded them to surrender which they did." said Mark.

"By persuaded you mean threatened to wipe them off the face of the earth." she replied.

"More or less." stated Mark.

"And what were the terms of their surrender?" she asked.

"Well they can't operate in Rivergreen or King County for that matter, they had to drop their yellow flags, and find a new supplier." said Mark earning nods from Ms. Summers.

"And they'll listen to you?" she asked.

"They don't have a choice, I think they're barely forty guys spread out between five cities and majority of those guys are inmates at Coyote Ridge Corrections after the riot at Washington State." said Mark with a chuckle.

"But what about Sergio, did you-?" she asked.

"No, someone else left his heart on my doorway." said Mark earning wide eyes from Ms. Summers.

"So everything is over?" she asked earning a nod from Mark.

"Yes mam and all it cost me was a knife in the side, a bullet in the ass, leg, and shoulder, being blown up almost countless times, and a whole lot of bruises." said Mark as he lifted his shirt revealing bandages covering his torso.

"So where are Lee and the others?" she asked.

"Mercy and Trip's mother opened her eyes from her coma on Thanksgivivng day, and Lee's parents showed that same day and they've been with them since, is Maya here?" he asked earning a shake of the head from Ms. Summers.

"I tried looking out for her this morning but the Freshman is here." she replied earning a nod from Mark.

"Alright I'm gonna go pay him a visit before I head to class." said Mark as he slowly rose from the chair and began making his way to class before he stopped by a familiar blonde haired man.

"You." he said before pushing Mark back into Ms. Summers office startling the woman.

"What's up with you?" asked Mark as Amsel eyed him angrily.

"Someone shot up my hotel this morning trying to kill me you mind explaining to me why is that?" asked Amsel earning a chuckle from Mark.

"Ms. Summers can you give me and Detective Amsel some privacy please?" asked Mark earning a few moments of silence from the woman before she complied and walked out of the room leaving the cop and killer alone.

"What the hell I thought you killing Sergio was suppose to stop people from killing me." he said earning a nod from Mark who only reached into his back pocket while chuckling.

"Yeah, I thought so to mainly because I thought they were targeting you like Quin and Harper, but it turns I was wrong." said Mark as he pulled something out of his back pocket revealing it to be a picture of Amsel, Sergio, and another tall Hispanic man with short black hair and a smile on his face.

"You know who that is because I do, that's Mario Salvatore the leader of the Salvatorian Drug Cartel based in Mexico, did you know that." stated Mark earning silence from Amsel.

"Where'd you get that?" asked Amsel earning a smile from Mark.

"Sergio told me where I could find this amongst other things, like information that tells me you were actually born in Nuevo Leon in a small village occupied by German Settlers. Your mother was Mexican but your father was pure German, that's where you got the last name Amsel to match your blue eyes and blonde hair." said Mark earning a scared looked from Amsel.

"You were taken from your parents at an early age by the Cartel who used you as a part of a ring of Cartel loyalist to infiltrate various law offices in the United States like the military, the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, Customs, and so forth to help them smuggle their drugs and keep eyes off their organization. The fact that you were a white male makes you look...normal to them." continued Mark.

"You allowed the Cartel to supply their drugs to the Centralas Reyes Street Gang in California and use them to do your dirty work, that's why their numbers grew so much and why you brought them here." said Mark.

"You used them to try and take control of the trade here in Washington but you didn't count on resistance from the local gangs, so you called in Ex-Military Cartel guys to take us out, but that didn't work and the moral of this story is, You Brought Sergio Here and the Damages he's done is all on you." said Mark.

"I may have brought him here but I know you took him out and I can use that." said Amsel as he eyed Mark angrily.

"You know something I like to do Amsel, I like to do short term gains Vs. consequence. You could arrest me and the short term gain is that I'll be in jail but the long term consequence will be that you'll lose your protection." said Mark earning a confused look from Amsel.

"Sergio told me that he wasn't killing you for revenge, he was killing you because he was ordered to by his bosses south of the border, it turns out they've lost a lot of faith in you and believe you to be more of a problem than an asset" he added to Amsel's surprise.

"So the Cartels been ordered to kill me?" asked Amsel earning a nod from Mark.

"Aye, and in about a second your gonna say to me that I'd better protect you or you'd tell what happened at that cabin and who all was there." said Mark with a chuckle.

"But here's a twist for you that you might remember." said Mark as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone before setting it on Ms. Summers desk.

"I know where Sergio is." came a familiar voice that obiviously belonged to Amsel.

"So go do your job and pick him up." replied the voice of Mark.

"What do you mean go pick him up your the one that wanted to kill him." Amsel replied.

"I'll admit I want to see him suffer for what he did to my friends and Aniyah, but it seems to me that you want him to disappear more and you're using me to do your dirty work for you, well no more, I'm done solving your problems. If you want Sergio dead... then go kill him yourself because I'm done catching grenades for a man that just wants to lock me up at the end of the day." finished Mark as grabbed a green apple from his refrigerator.

"That cabin is nothing but a burned out shell and Sergio's body is amongst the ashes with a Shotgun round to the chest and bullet wound to the head, and with this recording and evidence. They'll believe you killed him and that you've been hiding a lot of other secrets." said Mark earning an angry growl from Amsel.

"So here's what I suggest take what all you have and get out of Washington and soon, because your old friends have been circling you all day and guess what... I'm done protecting you, when all this time I've been hunting you." added Mark earning an angry growl from Amsel.

"Quin and my brothers don't know about this so I suggest we keep it that way and if you go to the police I will burn you and your world." stated Mark before he walked past Amsel and made his way out of Ms. Summers office where he noticed the woman standing outside the door.

"What was that all about?" she asked.

"He's looking for someone to take a bullet for him again, and I told him to look somewhere else." said Mark as Amsel walked out of the room before walking out of her office while glaring daggers at Mark.

"It's a shame that's he's gonna die sometime this week." stated Mark to Ms. Summers surprise.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I learned yesterday that Sergio was targeting me as a personal vendetta but the real target has always been him. He's also the reason why my house was bombed, because he was there with me, Lee, and the others." said Mark to Ms. Summers surprise.

"He's also the reason why I couldn't get to Sergio, he's been following me around like a lost puppy, because he knows he's a marked man but used me to protect himself, but now I'm not protecting shit. I'm done!" finished Mark.

"Wait, so you're just gonna let someone kill him?" she asked.

"Better him die than me or anyone I care about." said Mark before he walked away from Ms. Summers and began the hard trek to his locker just as the school bell rang for the change of class.

"Dude you just don't die." came a familiar voice as Mark turned his head and noticed Daryl and Jordan approaching him.

"Yup nothing hurts me." said Mark with a smile.

King County Sheriff's Department

The building seemed to be a bustle of activity today as the officers continued their search as Quin stepped into the building and took in the site just as Officer Doyle approached him.

"Chief how are you feeling?" he asked with a smile.

"I would say like a million bucks but yesterday I had to run and that took a lot out of me. I guess I'm not as healthy as I thought." he said.

"Sorry to hear that, we could really use you here more than Amsel who hasn't been here in days." said Doyle earning a nod from Quin.

"Yeah, he's got a lot on his mind with Sergio trying to kill him." replied Quin earning a nod from Doyle.

"Yeah, it's a shame I thought having the feds here would help bring that fuck down but they're not having much luck either." stated Doyle earning a nod from Quin.

"Where's Urbano now?" Quin asked as he Doyle made their way to his old office.

"Still on the hunt for Sergio but they aren't getting much luck in fact some of us believe he's either out of the country or six feet under, and like you I'm hoping the latter." replied Doyle earning a nod from Quin.

"You and me both." stated Quin with a chuckle as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Well when you see Urbano, give him this I got a tip about a body being found at burned out cabin outside Seattle." stated Quin earning a confused look from Doyle who took the piece of paper and noticed that an address was written on it.

"Wait why would this be important to the FBI?" asked Doyle as Quin turned around and walked away from him.

"Because my tip said that's the body of Sergio Hernandez." he finished earning a surprised look from Doyle who watched Quin walk out of the department building.


Things seemed like a slow morning for Lee as he opened his front door and noticed Mercy, Trip, Link, Zach, Mercy, Murphy, and Task standing outside his door.

"What's this about?" the Chinese brother asked before he turned his head and noticed Robson and a few of the Yakima Brothers standing behind the group.

"We're here to discuss Mark's punishment for disobeying the rules." stated Robson as the new Yakima leader eyed Lee angrily.

"I still say this is a complete waste of time, there's no way we're making Mark step down as our leader." said Trip with his arms folded over his chest.

"Oh so we should just let him go unpunished when everyone's obeying his rules?" asked another Yakima Brother angering Trip who eyed him angrily.

"Killing the man that killed his girlfriend sounds justified to me." stated Murphy as he used his knife to clean the dirt from under his fingernails.

"He finally killed him after Sergio killed Dominick and four of your guys." yelled another Yakima Brother.

"You Rivergreen guys are all alike you start shit than drag us into it to try and bail your ass out." stated Robson.

"Excuse me asshole, if I recall none of you have ever bust gun or even threw a fist for us, but then again what do you know only Dominick was from here." said Lee.

"As far as we see it you and your entire chapter are nothing but Brothers in name only." said Zach as he rubbed the dragon tattoo on his arm causing an argument between the two sides before Link interrupted them.

"Mark's already made his vote, and he's following the rule." stated Link to the shock of everyone.

"Wait are you serious?" asked Lee earning a nod from Link.

"He said if he didn't follow the rules like everyone else does, there wouldn't be a point to having structure." said Link earning a smile from Robson.

"Well if he's willing to step down we don't need to take the vote." said Robson.

"Are you sure about this Link?" asked Ryan earning a nod from the blonde haired Tacoma leader.

"Yeah he says he'll be here later to explain, he's taking care of business right now." he replied while putting his cellphone away earning mixed looks from the Rivergreen Brothers.

"This is bullshit." said Lee as he walked away from the group with Mercy and Trip in tow.

Seaside High School

The day was coming to an end for Mark as he exited his final class of the day and quickly parted ways from Daryl and Jordan before climbing into his car and driving away from the school where he noticed a familiar truck parked a few blocks away from the school before pulling up along side it.

"He show up?" asked Reid after he rolled down the windows of his truck.

"Aye, and I gave him the message and I suspect he's already packing his bags." said Mark.

"Want us to follow him?" asked Clyde earning a nod from Mark.

"Yeah, at least until I'm finished with this next thing, after that make your way to the hospital to pick up Calvin he's getting out today and pick up Buck and bring them both back to the neighborhood." said Mark earning a nod from Reid.

"Are the rumors true are you stepping down as leader?" asked Clyde earning a few seconds of silence from Mark before he responded.

"I gotta lead by example brother." said Mark as he went to drive off he was stopped by Reid who called his name.

"Right your wrong." said Reid as he tossed Mark a hand grenade earning a nod from the North Valley teen.

"Give that mother fucker a closed coffin funeral." added Clyde as Mark drove away from the group and quickly made his way towards Maya's house before stepping out of his car and making knocking on the front door hoping to receive an answer from the girl.

"What do you want Mark?" came Maya's familiar voice from behind the front door as Mark rested his forehead on the door.

"To apologize and to talk." he said earning a few moments of silence from Maya.

"I know you're mad at me for breaking my promise and leaving and going after Sergio and I just wanted to say...I'm sorry and I understand if you want to keep your distance from me or don't want to talk to me at all I understand and I'll keep my distance as well." stated Mark as he went to turn around and leave he was quickly stopped by Maya who shouted out the door.

"I'm not mad at you for doing what you did." she said to Mark's surprise.

"You saved Quin and Amsel and I understand that, why you went off alone is something I don't understand, but what's got me not wanting to see you is that-." she started before pausing for a few seconds while Mark patiently waited on her response.

"I watched you pull Sergio's heart out of his stomach and laugh about it like you just got an A on a test." said Maya causing Mark to lower his head.

"Everytime I look at you, I see his heart in your hands and that's something I don't want to relive." she finished earning a nod from Mark.

"Alright, I'll leave and I'll keep my distance at school and when you're ready to talk to me you'll come.' he said before walking away from the girl's house as the memories of Sergio's beating heart moving around in his hand filled his mind as he walked back to his car.

"Another mistake that I can't say never crossed my mind. I knew she was gonna walk away from me, but as much as I tried to believe she'd see reason...I knew this was a too big of a mistake." he thought while sliding into his car and noticing the hand grenade on the seat of his car.

"But there is one mistake I can fix." he finished before starting his car and driving away from Maya's home while the young Cambodian girl looked out her living room window with tears in her eyes as Mark sped away from her home.

Lake House

While Mark was on the prowl Detective Urbano found him at the once beautiful cabin, hidden in the forest outside Seattle, that now seemed like a skeleton of burned wood and ashes as the detective watched a forensics team pull a burned body from under the rubble of the cabin.

"Is it Sergio?" he asked.

"We'll need to run a DNA test to be sure, which could take a few days." said a forensics officer as Urbano looked over the burned body and noticed a big hole in his chest and bullet hole in his skull.

"Looks like someone put a Shotgun to his chest and a pistol to his head, so someone must have really wanted him dead." said Urbano.

"Yeah, they blew his heart clean out of his body." said the forensics officer as Urbano scanned the area.

"Whoever did this was smart, they melted the snow in order and burned the ground to cover their footprints." said Urbano before his eyes returned to the burned body just as his cellphone started to ring.

"Hello!" he answered.


The sun was beginning to set over the town of Seattle as Amsel rushed out the front door of his home carrying a bag with his cellphone to his ear.

"Joey I'm in trouble." he said while sliding into the driver side seat of his car.

"What's going on?" came the voice of Urbano.

"Listen there's something you gotta see at the First Light Hotel in downtown Seattle in a room rented in my name-!" he started before Urbano interrupted him.

"What do I need to see what's going on?" he asked.

"Listen to me if something happens to me you need to know that-!" started Amsel before his eyes fell on his side view mirror where he noticed a familiar Samoan teenager standing across the street with his arms folded over his chest, a Jerry can on the ground beside him, and staring at the car before Amsel's eyes soon fell on a hand grenade hooked with a fishing line, but what made his eyes widen was the pin for the grenade lying on the floor.

"MARK!" Amsel yelled at the top of his lung before the grenade went off with an ear piercing explosion as Mark watched the driver side door fly off the hinge off the car while all the windows easily shattered in the process as a cloud of smoke started to come out of the car Mark quickly picked up the Jerry can and reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a stick of dynamite.

"Thank you Uncle Viktor." he thought while putting the dynamite through the opening of the Jerry can, then making his way across the street where he took a look at the burned motionless body of Amsel before quickly lighting the fuse of the dynamite and lifting the Jerry can up over his head and tossing it through the front window of Amsel's home before walking away while reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his rings and dog tags that were stolen by Sergio.

"It ends here." he thought before the dynamite exploded in the Jerry can igniting the gasoline and gun powder cocktail inside and creating a violent explosion that destroyed the houses living room and even caused the ceiling to collapse on the home and even the car as a cloud of dust soon covered the home while Mark continued to walk away.

Lake House

"Amsel, what's going on?" shouted Urbano after losing his connection with Amsel's phone earning the attention of everyone as they eyed him closely.

"What's going on?" asked Quin as he approached Urbano with an emotionless look.

"Something going on I gotta-!" started Urbano before he was interrupted by Doyle.

":Sir we got reports of an explosion in Seattle." he said earning a confused look from a few officers.

"Let the Seattle PD deal with it." stated Urbano.

"It was at Amsel's home." finished Doyle earning both Amsel's and Quin's attention as they eyed each other quickly.


The drive to Rivergreen wasn't long for Mark as he stopped his car in front a familiar garden before stepping out of his car with five white crosses and candles in his hands as he quickly kneeled down the patch of dirt beside Aniyah's and began to place the crosses in the dirt while looking over the names of Chris, his mother, Tyler, Eric, and Dominick before lighting a candle and setting it in front of each cross with a low sigh as his eyes soon fell on Aniyah's cross.

"I guess you got your wish after all. I just wish it wouldn't have cost so many lives including your own." thought Mark as he bowed his head and began to say a prayer in French before feeling a hand on his shoulder as Lee, Mercy, Trip, Reid, Clyde, Buck, and Calvin stood behind him with their heads down each saying a silent prayer.

After what felt like hours passed Mark opened his eyes and rose to his feet before turning to his brothers and looked each of them in the eyes before speaking.

"Let's do this shit." he said before walking away with them following close behind him as they made their way back to their Cul-De-Sac where they noticed Link, Zach, Ryan, Murphy, Task, Robson, and other members from the Tacoma, Spokane, Everett, and Yakima Chapter standing in the middle of the street of the dead end street with a burning barrel in front of them as the Rivergreen Brothers watched as the Brothers tossed yellow bandanna's into the flames of the barrel and watched them burn with a smile as Mark took a stand beside his brothers and watched as they each reached into their back pockets and tossed a yellow bandanna into the orange flames.

"A beautiful sight to end a bloody war." Mark thought while pulling a yellow bandanna from his back pocket, then tossing it in the barrel, and watching as the orange flames danced around the piece of clothing turning it black and almost paper like as it spread around the bandanna.

"It's time." said Robson interrupting everyone as they all turned to face him with an angry expression and watched as he walked away with the other Yakima Brothers before Mark took a deep breath and followed them into Mercy's backyard as Mark watched Link, Robson, Ryan, and Task stand before him while Lee, Murphy, Mercy, Trip, Davey Eddy, Reid, Clyde, Calvin, Buck, and the other Brothers stood behind him in silence.

"Let's get this trial over with." said Link with anger in his voice as he turned to face Robson who returned an angry expression.


The sight in Seattle was almost like the scene of a movie as a swarm of police cars surrounded the heap of ruble that was his house while various news reporter stood behind the yellow police tape including Kane, Clarke, and their cameraman as Quin and Urbano pulled their cars up at the seen before rushing past the yellow tape towards the other officers where they noticed a body lying on a white sheet.

"Oh god." said Urbano as he looked over the burned body of Amsel and noticed that he was missing both of his legs, his left hand, most of his lower right arm, and had a few number of holes in his torso, while blood stained his ash covered face and stained his once bright blonde hair.

"Jesus." said Quin as he looked over Mark's handwork with an emotionless look on his face, as he remembered the pictures and notes Mark showed him hours before, but couldn't help the few tears that were falling from his eyes at the sight of Amsel's mutilated body before turning to Urbano who was still and silent almost like a statue before he returned to reality and walked away from the scene without saying a word.


The trial of Marcus seemed to be going on for hours to the youngest Roman as he watched the heated arguments going back and forth between the Lee and the Rivergreen Brothers and Robson and the Yakima Brothers that seemed to be seconds from coming to blows as Lee got into Robson's face.

"ENOUGH!" yelled Mark earning everyone's attention as they turned to him.

"It's my choice to step down as leader despite my number of backers." stated Mark.

"I sat down and I drew up the rules for this organization, for this group, for this family to prevent infighting, to prevent us from stabbing our Brothers in the back, and to prevent us from making ourselves our own worst enemy." he added before turning to Robson.

"I'll admit this war was our war, and we dragged every Chapter into it even though some were more willing than others." said Mark as he eyed Robson and the Yakima Brothers angrily.

"This organization is my brain child, and I'll do anything to keep it standing even if it means walking away from it, so you know I'm stepping down as leader and as a member of the Rivergreen Chapter, but I'm still an active member I'll still support this brotherhood no matter what" said Mark earning nods from a few brothers as Link turned to Ryan, Task, and a smiling Robson.

"Well than I guess it's official Mark is no longer the leader or a member of the Rivergreen Chapter, and Robson will pick one of his guys to take over command." said Ryan earning angry shouts from Lee and the other Rivergreen Brothers before Mark silenced them.

"It's for the best, I dragged you into a war without thinking too much of the risk I don't deserve to be your leader but that won't stop me from helping all of you out. So do me a favor and accept this not with open arms but at least with an open mind." stated Mark earning silence from the group before Lee sent looks to the others and nodded his head before shaking hands with Mark who walked out of Mercy's backyard while Robson approached Lee and the other Rivergreen members.

"I hope your happy asshole." stated Trip earning a chuckle from Robson.

"Oh I am, because now I have say who's gonna be your leader from any of my guys in Yakima and I got the perfect guy that matches Rivergreen's tough, bad boy, take no bullshit lifestyle and you'll be meeting him tomorrow." said Robson with a chuckle.

"Well where is he now?" asked Mercy with anger in his voice.

"Taking care of something." stated Robson with a chuckle.

Seattle (First Light Hotel)

The drive to Seattle's first light hotel wasn't long for Urbano as he stepped out of his car and began to make his way into the small dirty lounge area where he noticed a man standing behind the front desk before approaching him and getting the key from the man.

"You better had left me something good." whispered Urbano as he approached Amsel's room before opening the door and entering the room where he noticed something he wasn't expecting.

"Jesus Christ." said Urbano as he noticed a number of pictures stuck to a wide white board hanging on the wall of the room next to the bed where he noticed pieces of paper on the top of the bed.

"Operation Bad Brother." he said after picking up the paper and flipping through it and noticing some of the pictures matching pictures on the wall.

"Five Chapters of the Washington Brothers." he said before flipping through the pages.

"Bosses." he said before noticing a picture of Mark, Link, Ryan, Task, and a crossed out picture of Dominick along with the name of the Chapter they were affiliated with and the County they controlled.

"Underbosses or Sergeant of Arms." he said after flipping to the next page and noticing a picture of Lee, Zach, Murphy, Robson, and another brother and their affiliated Chapter.

"Captains." he said after flipping the next page and noticing pictures of Mercy, Trip, Davey, Eddy, Rockem, Sockem, and fifteen other Brothers and their Chapter.

"Soldiers." said he continued after flipping to the next page and noticing pictures of Calvin, Buck, and fifty other Brothers including a few that were crossed out.

"Support Groups." he said after flipping and few pages and coming to pictures of Reid, Clyde, and a few more men that belonged to either the 2nd Order, The Undertakers, and Flatline Crew and what Chapter they were affiliated with

After flipping through a number of pages he noticed pictures of houses, clubhouses, hangouts, weapons, and various pictures of the Brothers but what caught his attention was a small timeline of dates from September to November of various crimes that the Brothers were involved in from the murder of Cesar, to the Death of Sergio, and the death of Amsel as Urbano remembered the last thing Amsel screamed before his cellphone shut off.

As the man began to grit his teeth in anger he threw the book down on the bed in his rage but when he woke up he came to face to face with a startling sight as he quickly picked up the book with a surprised look.

"Den Parents/Advisers." he said as he noticed pictures of Sheriff Quin and Detective Harper among a list of law enforcement, corrections officers, and even lawyers that reported to the Brothers.

"This changes everything." said Urbano as he continued to look through the books.


The drive back to Seattle wasn't long for Mark as he stepped into the front door of his old apartment building with an emotionless look on his face as he quickly took off his jacket and began to make his way towards the television without the knowledge that three masked men were approaching him until he turned around and was met with a fist a hammer being slammed against his forehead successfully knocking Mark to the floor as the three men almost instantly hopped on him and began beating him.

"Get him up." yelled the lead man as the larger man grabbed Mark by his legs before forcibly dragging him into the kitchen where the shorter man was turning on the stove as Mark through his haze watched as the burners on the stove turned bright orange from the heat.

"Hope you don't need these." yelled the lead man before he grabbed Mark's right hand before forcibly slamming it on stove earning a loud scream of pain from Mark as he tried to fight out of the large man's grasp while the two men moved to his right hand.

End of Book 2

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