This is a writing project of mine in which the trick was to write from a different perspective each chapter (switching between six different characters). So, in all fair warning, the chapters cycle between characters. The character narrating will be indicated at the beginning of each chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Rated M for some violence and future sexual content.


Chapter One: Guy

I'm a rough and tumble kinda guy. Don't need words. Don't use 'em. My guns talk for me. I live by four simple rules: eat, drink, sleep, and keep breathin'. I'm happiest when I've got hot food, strong drink, a couple of shiny guns, and a warm woman in my bunk at night. Guess you could say I'm easy to please, a real simple guy. That's my name, by the way, in case you were wonderin'. Guy Haywood, privateer, first class. Yeah, I know. That means I'm a pirate.

So I steal some stuff here and there. That don't make me a bad guy. Out here you do what you can to survive. Don't really matter what it is. 'Sides, I seen it on a show once. That means it's gotta be acceptable, right? There were these pirates on the show, pretty damn funny if you ask me, and some of 'em not bad to look at. I remember a blonde one with—

Anyway, Space Pirates. Watched it when I was a kid. Back then I wanted to be an engineer, work on one of the moons, maybe even work on the central star. Well, not on on it. Anybody landin' on it would burn right up like the back end of someone's trousers after burrito night. So I wanted to be an engineer, but that was before I learnt that you need school to do that. I guess pirate was my second choice of career.

So now I'm here. Got a good crew, a good ship, and a pretty good haul most weeks. We fly anywhere we want between the twenty-two planets in the system, do what we want, as long as those Feds don't catch up to us. Food, friends, and freedom. What more could a guy like me ask for?