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Bathhouse Café - New Life

Chapter 1: Girl Troubles

It is said that in one of the desolate districts of Akihabara, Japan, there lies a mystical café. This café though is perhaps one of few to accommodate both a bathhouse and a café in there and many rumors spread of this café though few know of its location. In one of many rumors it is said that customers sometimes visit the café by accident or they do so knowingly expecting to find something there. So stands Narumi before the doorsteps to the "Bathhouse Café New Life" staring at the flyer in her hands, a job posting requiring a new waitress.

The flyer contained a hint of a traditional look to it. It was very plain and simple, and most important of all appealing to the eye. However one thing that was most distressing to her was that there was no address listed on the flyer, one may think that this was then either a prank or the rumors held some truth to them. Gently taking in a large breathe of air, she closed shut her eyes building her courage, 'You got this in the bag girl, just gotta remember to breathe and not go on a table flipping rampage if I end up losing it.'

The curtains fly open as she walks in noticing the entrance way. An unknown chill travels down her spine causing her to shake a little, a chill said to be of the unknown. Narumi has been to several cafés and perhaps this one is the one that gives her the most mystical feeling of all. Narumi suddenly turns around to stare in the dark shadows of the entrance ways. Something felt wrong, out of place, as though someone was watching her and she was right as a set of eyes peer from within the unknown at her. Those eyes travel down Narumi's body noticing the flyer, "Gehehehehe…fresh meat to play with. Please wait right there as I'll be right back dear."

A minute later the figure from the shadow reveals herself as she is setting down what can be observed as a crafts box. Narumi looks at the women in the maid uniform before her, a most peculiar hair color she has never seen on other people before, aside from TV and pictures online. It was purple with a puffy feel to it, the maid holds a rather grim expression slightly worrying Narumi as to where she has exactly come.

'No keep your cool Narumi…it's okay. If need be you're ready to flip a few tables at her and leg it!' Narumi thinks to herself as the maid takes out a doll. The maid studies it for a while and then puts it back, she takes out another and studies it. After browsing three dolls she settles on the fourth, "This one looks a perfect match for you dear. Now may I please know your name?"

"Sure…It's Narumi."

"Gehehehe…you've no idea how much you've doomed yours-I mean enlightened your own visit here. Now you may feel a little prick in the chest." says the maid as she writes "Narumi" on a blank paper; sticks it onto the doll and takes out a needle aiming at the chest. The needle only a millimetre away when suddenly they both hear, "Onee-chan Justice Kick!" and suddenly in comes another mysterious figure of a woman landing her heels hard on the purple haired maid.

"That's no way to treat our dear customer Rukia-chan!" scolds the new mysterious maid. Rukia sits on the ground rubbing a dolls butt that was very much similar to herself.

'What kind of a café is this?' Narumi wonders holding back the need to turn tails and run from the craziness. The mystery maid turns to face Narumi with a bright vibrant smile taking a gentle bow as she says, "Welcome to Bathhouse Café New Life master, what would you like to do today? Would you like a bath perhaps?"

"Er no I-"

"I know, how about spending a nice day outside enjoying a refreshing drink?" asks the mystery maid.

"Or maybe you would like to enjoy it over a relaxing needle bed? I can have one prepared especially for you if you would like gehehehe…" Rukia contributes to the service as Narumi holds up her hands in front of her. She shakes her head with Rukia then leaning in closer to look at the flyer in Narumi's hand.

"So, you're here because of a problem or a job?" asks Rukia pointing to the job advert on the flyer.

"Well I'm here for a job. But you mentioned problem, why would customers come here if they've a problem?" Narumi asks tilting her head to her side.

"Your first time hearing of this café isn't it?" the mystery maid says holding out an open palm hand, "Hi there Narumi-chan, my name is Yuno."

"Hello Yuno-san, so what's different about this café?"

"Well let's just say we're the type of café to breathe in new life into our customers."

"That's right, they come here with problems and we help give them the courage to find solutions to those problems." says Rukia, "In a way we're counselors to I guess."

"Alright, enough chit-chat, since you're here about a job let's go see Yakouma-san." Yuno says leading the way. Narumi leans in close asking, "Um…who is Yakouma-san?"

"He is the owner of this bathhouse café, although it's a surprise this place is still standing." Yuno replies pointing to the empty café and the lack of missing keys from the key hanger by the bathhouse stand.

"Then how does this place keep on running?" Narumi asks now extremely curious as to what mysteries this place really holds.

"Yakouma-san apparently keeps it running all on his own money. He from what I remember once said that he has another business. This one is more to kill his boredom I guess." Rukia replies just trying to imagine the sea of money Yakouma must swim in every day. Walking up the steps to a second story the trio comes across a wooden door with the sign on it saying, "Café Manager's Office" and quickly Narumi straightens her clothes out wondering what kind of a man this Yakouma would be.

'Is he scary? Is he nice? Is he prince charming? Or does he have a moustache and is scary?! Moustache scary?! Ugh, I shudder at the thought!' Narumi panics but quickly recomposes her calm remembering back to the fact she has to restrain herself from table flipping if she screws up. Narumi in her school is widely known for her table flipping outbursts for whenever she would get a bad grade, table flip! For whenever she would get rejected, table flip! For whenever a teacher would scold her, well let's just say that teacher's table has seen better days.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come on iiiiinnnn." replies an exaggerating voice.

Before opening the door Yuno quickly turns to Narumi examining her, she takes Narumi's shoulders in a firm grip, "Are you ready for this? For once you lay eyes upon the man there is no going back to the innocent world you live in."

Gulp! Narumi's throat now begs for water at the worst possible moment out of pure anxiety. She tries to crack a smile slowly nodding her head, "Y-yes? I th-thinks so."

'Is he in the mafia to be able to run this place without any customers? Is he going to stare me down with his Mafioso look?!' Narumi wonders finding her leg's shaking a little.

Creak! The door opens as Yuno enters first. Narumi follows suddenly stopping as she tilts her head dumbfound, 'Eh?' is all that goes through her mind. The man named Yakouma sits on his fuzzy pink chair matching the same fuzziness of that of his table. His black hair with a wavy pointy tip at the top and bottom, his Italian style moustache, his pink gymnastics tight suit and a well built body. Looking at Narumi Yakouma suddenly jumps up in excitement like a little kid, "Oh new person to join the team! Join the team! Join the team!"

"Zip it!" and Yakouma is meets a karate chop to the head by Yuno. Clearing her throat Yuno says, "She was able to come here Yakouma-san, not to mention she came across that flyer by chance."

"Was it by chance or perhaps meant to be?" he asks in return causing Yuno to take a moment to think. She nods to Yakouma understanding his motto, "Correct, nothing in this world happens because of chance; whenever something happens, it happens for a reason, because it was meant to be."

Narumi suddenly steps forward holding out her resume and flyer with a bow. Yakouma asks for both Rukia and Yuno to leave with Narumi taking a seat as per his instruction.

'Cute.' Narumi thinks looking around the rather very pink room. Her chair just like his is fuzzy, comfortable, and one that brings a warm feeling inside. Yakouma suddenly sits in front of her with a very serious look, a very different person from the one she saw seconds ago. Studying Narumi up and down he asks her, "So, why is it you came here to this café?"

"I'm looking for a part time job."

"But why did you really come here? The job is simply a reason to enter, what's your reason to stay?"

"What? I don't think I follow."

Breathing out a sigh of annoyance he stands up walking towards a picture. Yakouma looks back to Narumi pointing at the picture, "See this person here in the picture?" and Narumi nods her head.

"Well they were a customer once. They came to this café with a rather difficult life problem, and we did what we do best, help these types of people to find a new courage to walk like a brand new duckling out of the water. We brought new life to this customer helping them find the courage to face their problems and now from what I hear every now and then, they're doing better than ever. Narumi-san, you to must've a problem you're looking to overcome, perhaps a mystery in the disguise of a problem?"

"Hmm…maybe something that is a problem is that I don't really know what kind of person I'm. I've what every other girl has, I've the love of those around me and yet I still ponder who am I exactly? What type of person am I?" Narumi ponders giving Yakouma a good idea from just getting a brief look at her as to what type of person she was. Her clothes, bright and vibrant, her actions while somewhat flimsy but still cute and her uplifting smile nearly always present, oh yes Yakouma knew exactly what kind of person she was.

"It's perhaps fated to be then, in this café the employees all represent a certain type of character that is very much so their own personalities in reality. You said you wanted a part time job, how about working here for a while, at least until you find out just who you are." Yakouma asks holding out his hand and with a moment of ponder Narumi takes it in a firm grip.

"Yay! New teammate! Time to get you a dress…let's see shall we get you a long skirt or a short skirt? Perhaps stockings to go along with that, and there might be nothing wrong with exposing a little cleavage eh?" Yakouma added with a slightly perverted look only to quickly feel a sharp pain on his face over and over again.

Outside his office roars a commotion which while holding his cheek in pain he looks. Outside Rukia sits on the floor punching Yakouma look alike doll on the face over and over again, "Geehehehehe, die you stupid pervert hehehe…"

"Oh come on Rukia-chan, no need to be so cruel to your own boss." Yakouma said with a long face. Suddenly he felt a pain like no other; his happy spot had been violated as Rukia kicks the doll in the crotch.

"GEEEEEEYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!" shouts Yakouma thinking, 'Oh god please, let me still enjoy my happy nights with strapping men.'

Yuno enters to help Narumi with her maid dress and tells her of the payment system. Unlike other cafes or businesses today, this one still follow the old style of check payments to its employees. She also explains a few other things alongside the rarity behind the customers in the café.

"Hmm…this one looks about right for you Narumi-chan." Yuno says handing Narumi the dress and leading her to the change room. Quickly changing into her uniform Narumi studies herself in the mirror finding it to be somewhat of an excitement to get to wear one of these.

Knock! Knock!

"Done yet Narumi-chan?" Yuno asks.

"Yup, be right out." she replies gathering her other clothing in a bag Yuno provided alongside the maid uniform. Stepping outside with a little twirl Yuno claps in excitement hugging Narumi, "Let Onee-chan take you home!"

"No, let me dismember you to make a live doll out of you." says Rukia holding her sewing kit. Both Narumi and Yuno back away as Rukia gets closer, "What's wrong? You seem nervous."

"Of course they would be Rukia-chan." says a new voice stopping Rukia. The clarity behind this new voice was clear and extremely calm. The owner of the mystery voice steps back as they all close their eyes, "Embrace me Narumi for I've gone blind from Yume-chan's pure radiance." speaks Yuno embracing Narumi even tighter. Yume walks close to the two huggers and separates them, "Narumi-chan, I'm Yume, nice to meet you. Today begins your training and thus every shift from now on you shall accompany one of us observing our work."

"Nice to meet you to Yume-san, Okay…" replies Narumi not sure what to think of such a calm person. Just then a voice comes from downstairs, "A customer!" they all exclaim running downstairs leaving a poor trampled upon Yakouma on the floor, 'So cold…'

They all stand before a young man as he blushes at seeing so many young and beautiful girls in maid outfits. A man's fantasy land awaits! The maids all bow to him with Narumi simply following the others' leads, "Um…I don't know why I came here…" says the man unsure of what compelled him to come here.

"That's because perhaps it was meant to be. Please dear customer, if you'll kindly open your heart to us and let us weave the broken shards back together we will give you the new life to walk out into the world." Yume spoke with the customer looking at the mystic feeling the café gives off. Yume guides the customer inside asking him if he would like a bath or not, the customer declines and Narumi makes sure to take careful note of the welcome routine. Setting the customer down Yume comes back with a menu card with Narumi following behind her. Placing his order he sees the maids go off thinking, 'Strange place, weave my heart back together?'

"Yume-san, how exactly do we help the customer like you said you would? I don't think just about anyone would open up to a couple of café workers."

"It's all a matter of being patient and remaining calm."

"Okay, patience and calmness, got it!"

"No, you've to be calm…are you calm? You need to be calm, are you calm now?" Yume asks right up in Narumi's face as she finds herself backing away and a little freaked out. Preparing the drink and a slice of chocolate cake they walk back to the customer gently setting them down. Yume then does the unthinkable and sits down from across the customer and he suddenly freezes up, "Um…is something wrong m-maid-san?"

"Please call me Yume. As I said before you've come here because of something troubling you. We will give you the courage to face that issue and give you a new life. Please feel free to talk to us."

"Um…okay Yume-san."

Minutes pass by, dead silence. Even the walls in this time seem to make more noise than these two having what could be like a staring contest as Narumi tilts her head in confusion. She then notices something, perhaps a clue! Squinting her eyes she makes out a mark on one of his fingers, "Um, please forgive my intrusion dear customer but could your troubles be perhaps related to a woman?"

They both look at her with the customer asking, "Yes, how did you know?"

"On your marriage ring finger, there is an indentation of what looks like that there may have been a ring there."

"You're a perceptive one maid-san." replies the customer taking in a deep breath as he looks at the chocolate cake taking a moment to collect his words. Clearing his throat he looks to both Yume and Narumi speaking, "Let's just call it fallout of sorts."

"Fallout?" Narumi asks not knowing the exact meaning behind the words. The customer simply nods continuing, "Well um…she and I were about to get married as you may've been able to tell. But recently an uncomfortable piece of news had surfaced forcing tension between her and me."

Yume and Narumi continue to listen very carefully, the customer takes a sip of his drink now with a gloomier look than before says, "She was…cheating on me."

"How cruel!" exclaims Narumi unable to fathom why anyone would get into a relationship only to cheat on them? It didn't make sense to her, not one bit of it.

"But how do you feel about her?" Yume asks with her calm yet blank expression.

"I feel the same as I did when I first met her, when we first locked eyes."…

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Yeah I hear you Mr. Alarm…" he says gently turning the loud contraption off. Sluggishly getting up he looks around with a yawn. Rubbing his eyes clear he stands up, scratching his butt he puts on his slippers and looking out the window to the noisy streets he walks to the bathroom. In there he takes out his tooth brush and paste; squeezing out the proper amount he opens his mouth and lets it hang for a few minutes.


'No! Bad me! Must stay awake!'

Placing the brush against his teeth he precedes with his morning rituals. He suddenly stops noticing his bed hair, like that of a western rock star.

'Air guitar…tenangnanao!'

Finishing with the bathroom he quickly prepares himself a toast all the while fighting with his tie.

'Even after all this time I still can't figure out how to put this dastardly creation on properly.'

Looking at the time from the side of his eyes he quickly takes his toast in his mouth and rushes out the door.

"Goodbye house-san, see you later!"

Rushing down the street past everyone and down to the station he quickly takes out some change to enter the station. Down the stairs with half a piece of toast in his mouth he looks at the tracks, 'Darn…missed my train…oh well…'

He looks at the timing board for the next train, five minutes.



Behind him lies a girl on the ground as she rubs her forehead gently. He looks at her long and curly orange hair, that violet colored lipstick, the fashion designer dress and purse and her white colored pompom hat. He bends down offering a hand as she gladly takes it, their mouths fall open as their eyes lock in the moment.

'She is so cute.' he thinks.

Gently picking her up he tries to find something to say, but before he can she quickly bows down apologizing with him raising his hand up in front of him, "It's alright, it happens when we're all in a hurry."

"Well thank you so much for your help." she says as she begins walking away only to notice their hands are still in a lock.

"Umm…may I have my hand back?"

Suddenly seeing their locked hands he feels a bit flushed as his cheek turn a shade of pink.

'Oh god why must you be so cruel? Why must it be at this time of morning I have to meet such a beauty and not another?!' he wonders looking away from her shaking his fist at the sky.

"Are you alright?" she asks.

"Oh yea sorry…um if you don't mind my asking…"


"Would you…would you please go out on a date with me?!" he asks suddenly bowing down, 'Eh? Why am I bowing down like I'm apologizing? Oh wait…crap this makes me look desperate!'

Standing up straight he panics for a moment rather jumping around weirdly bringing a small giggle to her. He stops to look at her smiling face; it entrances him as his mouth falls wide open at the sight. She walks over to him resting her hand on his chin and guides his mouth up to close, "4PM on this platform." she says with a wink walking away.

"Yes? Yes…Yes!" and jumping happily he walks into the train that leads him to a day full of dreaming.

…"Oh that was interesting." Narumi comments with a small clap.

"Thanks…it was all going well until recently." the customer says.

"What happened dear customer?" Yume asks noticing his drink to be nearly empty.

"What happened? What happened indeed…" the customer says feeling himself slip in their recent argument…

"Come home early and I may cook you my specialty curry." she says with her bright morning smile.

"Oh, and what about the dessert?" he asks.

"Well we will see if your appetite will be able to handle just the dinner. If not, I'm sure we can set something up in our nest." she replies with a wink causing him to blush a little. He quickly looks away chugging his morning juice down and getting up to leave. Outside he looks at their house they bought together after being together for nearly five years now. He takes a look at his watch suddenly jumping in panic, "Crap! Run! Gotta run!"

Down the street and he suddenly remembers, 'Eh? Did I remember to take the keys?' and suddenly feels his forgetfulness weigh down on him. Slumping shoulders he turns around to walk back after a few minutes reaching the house.

'You really need to step it up here mate.' he scolds himself in his own mind reaching for the door bell.

"What?" and he suddenly freezes looking through the window by the door. She was in the house, yes but there was someone else. Someone who holds her intimately, someone who kisses her in the way only he has done since the beginning of their journey together, it is someone who is most unwelcomed in his mind…she is cheating on him.

'She is not doing this for real…she can't…be?' he wonders sitting on the steps to the door. Resting his cheek against the cool wall he looks to his side back towards the door. Then he remembers the type of girl she really is from their first meeting, the type that entranced him and lured him into her world. She is the wild, unrestrained type. She will go out, do what her heart desires and do so without any regrets left in her footprints.

'So then why can't she do it? Like for real…' he wonders feeling an indefinable anger rise, he feels a volcano waiting to burst out with its deadly molten lava of chaos.

'Am I feeling defeated? But I thought she too agreed on our relationship…I thought she was happy. I thought she was trustworthy, I thought she and I could perhaps spend this life together…' he wonders looking down at their marriage rings. With a sudden feel of disgust he forcibly removes it from his hand letting it fall onto the concrete below him.

'Why am I being like this? This is so pathetic. I need to get it together…I need to get her to confess why she did what she did, why the betrayal all along? I must know…' the day passes as he heads home from work. The question still bothers him and the need to know rises as he now stands at the gate to their house. Gently opening it he walks inside, although he really wanted to kick it open, smash it shut letting his anger out but he knew he had to be better than that. He had to be more than what he already is, he had to be the one taking things sensibly here with the morning's development.

Ding Dong!

He rings the door bell with her coming to answer the door as she wipes her hands on the cooking apron. Opening the door she jumps up in excitement at seeing him, 'How can you still smile like that?' he questions within the confines of his own mind.

"Come on, curry is ready like I promised! Curry night! Curry! Curry! Curry!" she happily sings hopping along the hallway back to the kitchen. He removes his shoes leaving them at the proper storage and then his coat in the living room. Loosening his tie he wonders, 'How will I go about doing this?' with a heavy sigh. Stepping into the kitchen he smells the curry, a smell as though he is taken on a wild ride of fragrances mixed into one. She sets the plates on the table and takes some rice out of the rice cooker. Pouring in large portions she pours in adequate amounts of curry. Wiping her hands clean she sets the apron aside sitting in front of him with a wide happy smile.

'You can still look at me like that with what you did this morning so easily? You can still think to sit at the same table as me, share the same space as me?!' he wonders tightly gripping the fork, to the point it almost felt as though it was digging into his skin.

"Are you okay?" she asks with him being shaken out of his trance. He nods trying to fake a smile, but it is no use as he knows he can't lie to himself, not about this. He digs the fork into the potato, digs it in, deeper and deeper until its cut in half! His anger now seeps out of his body, released onto the food. He shuts his eyes tight controlling it, he opens his eyes looking at her who happily eats a spoon of curry.

"How can you so happily sit here eating curry?" he asks.

She freezes for a moment and then looks up at him asking, "W-what are you talking about?"

"Didn't we have an unwelcomed guest this morning? Or perhaps welcomed for you?"

"This morning? I don't remember anyone being here this morning."

"You don't remember the way he touched you? The way he kissed you? You don't remember the way he carried you in his arms up the stairs…to our bedroom perhaps?"

She freezes with her eyes wide open, "Um…y-you're kind of starting to scare me here."

"And I just want the truth from you. Why did you turn your back on us? Why choose another man when you already agreed to marry me?"

A moment of silence passes with her putting down her fork, she stares up at him breaking out into a grin, "So you were there this morning?"

"Don't avoid the question, why did you do it?"

"Come on, is it really that bad? After all once I'm married then I'll lose some privileges. May as well make the most of what I can of my adventures." she replies.

"Cheating on others seem like adventures to you?"

"If it gives me a thrill, then yes, and I didn't really love that man. He was just a fling, just another adventure. I broke up with him this morning; that was our last time so you don't need to worry."

"An adventure? So it was all just an adventure to you?"

"Yup, nothing wrong with that, you should do whatever your heart desires after all." she speaks blowing out a hair strand from her view. He suddenly stands up causing the table to shake, she looks up at him surprised and a little scared at the sudden action. He stares her down, fists shaking, barely containing the anger as he feels his leg shaking.

"So…all of this was just an adventure in the end…adventures where you don't consider the feelings of others and just do it?" he mumbles just enough for her to hear.

"…Yup" she replies after some thought. His eyes shoot wide open; that was it the last straw bitten and gone. He rushes towards the hallway quickly taking whatever he needed; wallet, coat, cellphone and shoes.


Stopping by the door window, he sees that she sits there unaffected but looking confused. This was her response, a truly carefree girl who cared not for others but her own desires.

'Is this what it feels like to lose the time you spent so much on someone? Just feel it being snatched all away in one fleeting moment? If so then…life really sucks right now.'

Running, running and running, 'All this running but what is my destination?! What did I even think when asking that woman to marry me?! Why did I bother asking her to marry me?! Why is it…I was so blind to the reality before me?!' he wonders as each footstep get louder and harder. He can feel it, his lungs working harder and harder, with each intake the air purifies his body and with the outtake he feels his spirit leave him. Leave him to the world beyond the worries of his life, leave him in peace. Yet again he feels the gravity trap him down to his physical existence; the betrayal leaves him with bitterness in his mind.

Suddenly he stops; his feet begin to turn as though they have a mind of their own.

'Eh? What the heck? Oi! Oi! Where are you taking me feet-san?!' he wonders in panic as his feet continue to guide him.

'You've a problem…and we can help you' a voice echoes in his head.

"Eh? What was that?" he wonders out loud.

'Let your feet guide you to your salvation, let us help you take your weight off for a moment and give you a new found courage.'

"A voice? Not mine so whose is it? And what's this about my feet suddenly acting on their own?!" he wonders nearly being at the point of crying tears of defeat. Navigating him through different part of Akihabara to the desolate street he stops in front of a bathhouse café.

"There is a café here in such an empty street?" he thinks out to himself noticing the shop to have a rather very different aura to it. He feels a shiver travel down his spine, 'Cold' he feels rubbing his nose.

'Step inside if you wish to be reborn amidst this large world.' the voice again speaks in his head bringing some concern and great confusion to him. However he opts to try it as it can't hurt, worst case scenario is that he just wasted his time but perhaps got a delicious snack out of it.

…"Oh…that's so mean of her!" Narumi exclaims with her arms raised angrily.

"Mean is one way to put it." he replies.

"So this was recent…first things first, are you calm now?" Yume questions.

"I think so." the customer replies.

"Are you absolutely sure that you're calm? You have to be calm, you need to be calm!" she states up in his face. He balls up like a little bug in a large world, "Please maid-san have mercy on little old me!"

Narumi retreats Yume a little apologizing to the customer bowing up and down. The customer laughs it off as a harmless joke with a moment of silence taking over, "So…are you calm now?" Yume asks oblivious to the silence. A nerve pops out on the customer's forehead as his eyebrows twitch, 'That's starting to get annoying now, and I'm already calm enough as it is.'

"Um…customer-san, it seems as though that you may just need to go back and talk to her about what you want to do with the future now, if you see her in it or not." Narumi advises hoping to contribute to the discussion.

"Easier said than done maid-san."

"But you don't want to regret this in the near future do you? You don't want to have to remember back to this time and wonder why you didn't take this action? Why you didn't say these things to her? Why you didn't talk to her now do you?" Narumi argues with a strong conviction of helping him see the light of his problem. She wants him to see that even when the world feels dark, there will always be a small silver lining that can become one's hope. It's a matter of whether one can see and reach out to that lining or not, and that's why this bathhouse café exists.

"You're right, but finding the courage…how do I talk to her now?"

"That has to come from inside you, but customer-san please remember that once you've talked with her and it's off your chest, won't you feel as though a weight has been lifted?" Narumi asks back.

"That's right, that's totally right!" Yume agrees bobbing her head up and down all the while maintaining the stoic expression. The customer smiles at their enthusiasm, or perhaps lack of in one maid's case. He stands up walking towards the exit, "I think I now know why this café is named "New Life", perhaps I to have been given a new life, a new courage to face this problem. If I had just run from it who knows what kind of future I would've, it's better to face my problems than to run from them. In the long run it will be less hurt for everyone involved…thank you maid-sans." the customer says with a bow causing Narumi to blush a little, "Ah think nothing of it dear customer, please stop bowing."

"And remember," begins Yume, "you've to do it calmly."

That was it, his head blew up like a steam pot screaming, "I'm calm!" suddenly realizing that he wasn't as calm as he thought he was. Pink blush and silence to go around for all, "Ehehehehahaha" and they all break out into a friendly laughter.

"Oh that's right," the customer begins taking out his walled, "How much is my bill?"

"No need for payment dear customer." Yume replies shaking her head with closed eyes.

"What? But I can't just eat and run."

"We don't accept payment from any customer here; or rather our payment is helping the customer overcome their problems."

"I see…well I guess I may see you girls again after seeing what happens now." he says.

"No need to worry about that customer-san!" Narumi exclaims still in her cheery tone, "Just go out there and focus on facing your problems with a bright outlook to the future!"

"And we will know if you have solved them or not, so go now dear customer and walk towards a bright world with your newfound life." Yume says with a bow of appreciation, "And thank you for your patronage."

"No, thank you maid-sans for your help." he says walking out the shop and out of the wooden fence, 'Strange to have a wooden fence around a shop.' he thinks looking back to now find nothing there. There was only a green grassy piece of land, "What the…wasn't there a shop just here now?" he wonders out loud walking onto the empty land and looking around in confusion.

'Go now and face your problems with the conviction of your newly found enthusiasm, and remember that whenever times are dark, there is always a silver lining. You will just have to look hard enough, reach out for it and take a hold of that hidden happiness.' the mystery voice from before speaks in his head as he then stops looking for the shop. He knows what he must do now and so he walks out of the fenced area dialing the number to their home, "Hi…I think we need to have a serious talk...calmly." he says with a grin remembering back to the stoic maid.

"Um…what was that customer doing Yume-san?" Narumi asks having just observed his antics.

"He was trying to find the shop, when people have a serious problem they will see the shop. However when they no longer have a need for this shop that is built to help solve people's problems, they'll no longer need to see it."

"I don't really get it, sort of like something supernatural?"

"You could say that, but we're all real and here so in a way we're in a separate dimension? Yeah perhaps that's one of the best ways to put it."

"And what about the payment? The customer didn't have to pay at all."

"Wrong, like I said before the payment comes in the form of the customers resolving their problems, so in this case more than likely that customer has given his payment."

"But how do we manage to stay in business? How do we manage to keep the employees here?"

"You already know that Yakouma-san funds everything here with his other business I presume, so if you want to find out anything more then you're better off asking him." Yume replies turning around to go and clean the table. Narumi turns to look at the door way and wonders, 'This shop is perhaps truly something else…something that is a mystery to the physical realm of the human world. But regardless of whatever it may be, one thing is certain, it's an oasis of sorts for weary people to come and find a new strength to move forward in life." and so happily she goes about the rest of her shift.


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