Does she ever stop smiling?

Does she ever smile?

Seriously, it makes me suspicious of her.

Seriously, makes her look boring.


"That was exciting!" Yvette squealed next to her.

Rhea flinched at the high-pitched sound. She just had to get this loud when they got in the car.

Yvette then leaned forward getting a little too uncomfortably close to Rhea. Does this spirit not know anything about personal space? She attempted to scout away, which wasn't much. Her eyes darted from the road to Yvette.


"Lets club!" Yvette beamed. Her eyes practically glowed at the idea.

"No," Rhea replied. Her answer was quick and cold.

"What! Why? It's your birthday! Lets go crazy for your night!" She insisted.

"I have to go to work tomorrow and get you registered with a chip."

This time the spirit scoffed, her eyes narrowing at the word chip.

"Are you serious? Going to treat me like a pet?" she seethed.

Rhea didn't reply. Honestly, she didn't think it demeaned spirits. She just followed the law because it was what kept peace. Besides, whatever Yvette was she was strong. Usually you could look at a spirit and know what is it. Ophidia is a snake. Elijah is an elf. Corinna is a pixie. But Yvette, she didn't know what her spirit was. She never heard of a folk tale where a woman could manipulate gold. So, she will put the chip on Yvette tomorrow no matter what.

It was then Yvette suddenly reached over and pulled on the steering wheel. Rhea screamed and attempted to pull the wheel back straight as the car made a sharp right. The car went off the road and hit the curb, going straight onto a parking lot. Once it was off the road Yvette let go of the wheel and go out of the car.

Rhea was still in the car panting at the adrenaline of almost getting killed! Her hands were shaking and gripped tight on the wheel. She looked up finally to see that Yvette turned the car to stop in front of a bar. Patrons from outside were staring at the car and whispering. It was then that she realized Yvette ran inside the bar.

"I'm going to kill her!" she screamed.

Rhea got out of the car, slamming the door shut in her furry. She marched into the bar with her eyes searching the area. Of course Yvette didn't waste any time and went to bartender to order her drink.

"Yvette!" she yelled.

All the people inside turned their heads to Rhea, including Yvette, who already had two shots in her hands.

"Come on! I already got us started!" she said.

Rhea attempted to take the shots from her hands but the spirit pulled away from her. Rhea gave the spirit a warning glare. For a while it was the two of them having a staring contest, hoping the other would break first.

Yvette groaned and put the drinks on the table.

"Come on! It's my first day out and without that stupid chip thing you mentioned. Hey." Yvette took out her pinkie. Her human glared at the small appendix. "I promise you, after tonight I won't ask to go out for another bar night again."

Rhea looked from the woman's pinkie to her face. Yvette was trying too hard to make her lips pout and to her it just looked ridiculous. She debated the offer it was just one night. And if she came home so quickly her mother would berate her for not having fun on her birthday.

"Fine," Rhea moaned and joined pinkies with Yvette.

The blond smiled and handed her the shot. A bright smile on her face.

"To your birthday and our entangled fate!"

They both clinked glasses and downed the alcohol. Rhea coughed at the familiar burning it brought down her throat while Yvette slammed the glass down and ordered another.

Oh how much she would regret that one shot.

Or maybe the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth. Dammit, she should of marked lines on her wrist. All she knew now was that she was regretting every single one. Rhea was struggling to stand on her feet with hands on the bar counter. Yvette was attempting to help by having her arm around the woman. But was only just adding her own weight on her.

Rhea doesn't know when but the crowd started to sing her happy birthday to her. Probably because of Yvette who was giggling at all the happenings around her.

"Rhea! Meet Jonah and Noah!" Yvette practically screamed in her ear.

Rhea flinched at the sound as it caused a headache to come onto her. She looked to the two men and struggled to greet them as soberly as she could.

"Nice to meet, Rhea."

Well, that didn't go well.

The two just laughed and greeted themselves again. She then saw Yvette cling onto one of them, a guy that had a ridiculous amount of tattoos. Rhea guessed that was a spirit, and the other was his human. Attempting to stand up without Yvette's help she stumbled and the other man caught her before she could fall. She remembered how too comfortably he laid his hand on her waist.

Actually, that's when she probably regretted everything that night.

The number one reason why she quiet drinking to a stupor was because of the damn hangovers the next morning. She couldn't fall asleep again the moment the sun hit her face. Rhea groaned and struggled to sit up in the bed she found herself. She glanced around the plain room and then at the guy who she woke up next to. Thankfully he was deep in sleep, not showing any signs of waking up. Carefully getting out of the bed she struggled to find where her clothes were.

Each piece was found and she was now attempting to leave the room quietly. Dammit, what was wrong with her? Getting drunk and going to a guy's home she didn't know. She's not some crazy college student.

Once she opened the door and entered the living room she found Yvette also getting her dress on, rather loudly. All the gold on her was jangling as she struggling to get the tight piece of clothing on. Next to her the spirit she slept with was stroking her thigh with the back of his hand.

Rhea raised an eyebrow at the two.

"Did you have sex with all that jewelry on?" Rhea couldn't help ask.

Yvette continued to get her clothes together.

"Yeah, it's hard to take this stuff off and put it back on," she replied.

The spirit smirked.

"Good, I liked it," he mused.

Yvette glanced back with a sly smile of her own.

Ugh, Rhea could feel herself begin to throw up.

"Come on, I need to get back home," Rhea said walking to the entrance.

Behind her Yvette gets her boots on and follows Rhea, giving the spirit an air kiss and a wink before exiting the apartment.

The two walked out of the complex and down a set of stairs. Yvette descended the stairs with a light skip in her step; she skipped a few to caught up with her human. The spirit laughed and stretched her arms once the two were outside, the morning sun warming their skins.

"That was fun! First night here and we get every sin the one bands us from!" She comes up next to Rhea and puts an arm around the girl. A smirk was on her face. "I liked the spirit, but the human was hot too. Let's trade next time."

Rhea swiftly turned to glare at Yvette.

"There will be no next time," she seethed.

Yvette merely scoffed at the response. She walked ahead to their car. The good thing is one of the men were nice enough to drive her car to their apartment. Rhea groaned at the memory. That's even worse, she trust a random stranger with her car.

Never. Again.

Once the two got in the car Yvette chuckled.

"Yeah there will, you secretly enjoyed it." She then sighed again. "But, for now I'm tired. Let's head back to your place and sleep."

"Oh, no!" she said. "We're heading to SHEAP to get you chipped."

Yvette raised an eyebrow, she laughed again, making Rhea grind her teeth from the sound, and pointed to the digital clock in the car.

"I don't think you want to go to SHEAP to chip me. Since, you kind of broke the law. It's been twenty four hours since you have had me and still no chip." Yvette's grin only widened as she watched Rhea's face pale. The human then began to stutter over her words. It really did give Yvette a thrill to see the strong-headed woman finally break. "And if I did my research correctly."

"What damn research? You've only been here for a day!"

"If you have a crime like that on your record," she gasped. Pretending to be shocked at the information. "You could be demoted! And pulled off that case you've been working so hard on."

Rhea's eyes were wide and her mouth continued to open and close. She couldn't believe it, the spirit was threatening her! Now, instead of shock, anger was the emotion that was placed on her face. Yvette purposely wanted them to waste their time so that she wouldn't get chipped. Also, so she could get blackmail on her.

"What do you want," Rhea asked. Stressing each word in frustration.

"Rhea!" Yvette said while shaking her head side to side. "This isn't about me, it's mostly about you. After all, I'm not the one with a missing spirit father."

This time Rhea snapped. She attempted to reach over the seat and wring Yvette's pretty little neck. But, the spirit was faster. She quickly scouted back and flicked a finger, making a gold ring fly off and hit Rhea's wrist. Pinning the girl to the other side of the car. Rhea angrily pulled at the gold.

"Take this thing off me!" she yelled.

Yvette rolled her eyes at the woman. She sneered at her.

"Listen here, I'm trying to help both of us. So, once you stop that whole follow the law for peace attitude. I can change things."

"And why should I trust you? You're just a spirit that came into this world!"

"Because I still have memories from Falbaste," Yvette informed.

This stopped Rhea's struggles. She looked Yvette up and down. Falbaste is where religious devotees say spirits lie. She carefully looked at Yvette's expression. Now, instead of a smile there was a crinkle in her nose and mouth turned downwards. Looking at the woman now this seemed to be her actual attitude.

A real bitch.

"Fine, get this thing off me and let's talk back at my place."

Yvette smirked in victory and flicked her finger again, making the gold slick off Rhea's finger and back on hers as a ring.

Rhea was never the observant type. Whenever on missions she would be the one who would run into situations without really thinking it through.

While the two were exiting the apartment, another spirit was watching them from outside a window. He was ranking his hands through his long, blond hair trying to get the morning tangles out of it.

"Hey, Elijah. This is pretty early for you, what are you looking at?"

His human pushed a little bit in front of him to see what was outside. Once his human saw who was exiting the apartment, he flinched at the emotion that ran through his human. It was for a short moment, but he felt the hot and shrill emotion that burned through him.