Angelika Chapter 124 Puzzle Solved

As the meeting began to turn towards more talk about the mysterious spacecraft, Angelika handed me a letter,

"Apparently it came in the NASA mail pouch and sat for a couple relfas over on somebody's desk until they realized it was meant for me."

Opening it I discovered it was a letter from noted author Stephan Yates requesting an interview with me. He also went on to say,

"I've been spending a lot of time lately in Pittsburgh doing research on a story when I happened upon several newspaper articles from the 1880's dealing with strange phenomena, or in other words early UFO reports and in one place in particular. Something about these stories really put the hook in me, I don't know, perhaps it was the way they were written. Anyway I did some more research discovering where these sightings were seen. Driving around the area one Sunday I chanced upon an old farmhouse right in the location where everyone was seeing strange objects in the sky. There happened to be a man out mowing the lawn so I asked him if he knew anything about any of this. Talk to Jake Gandrigg was all he would tell me. I had come across your name before and knew you were associated with these aliens as well as NASA. I ended up calling Director Singer who just told me to contact you. Well, here I am, consider this an official request to meet and possibly interview you."

I showed the letter to Robarik who could read English. After he read the letter he asked me,

"So what does he want?"

"Well at this stage I don't think he's really aware of what he's stumbled on. He's an excellent writer; I've read some of his stuff. He writes a lot of historical stuff along with current affairs. I will talk to him but if this thing goes the way I think it will sooner or later he's going to want to talk to you. And not only that, I think a trip to Falth is in the cards, what do you think?" Robarik thought a moment, then replied.

"Holly and Morkai are well known back on Falth, but I gather not very well on Kagor. If this fellow wants to write a book about them I have no objections. I will also be happy to meet and speak with him myself, simply keep me posted."

"I will do that Robarik, we can meet at my place and remember days past."

"I'll be looking forward to it old friend."

That evening Dori and I had dinner with Angelika and her husband who was taking some of his leave to be with his wife. We discussed a wide range of subjects from what was going on with the Falthian navy, the doings here on mars to the mysterious spacecraft.

"Since I was made total administrator," explained Angelika "Everyone is forced to go through me."

"I have also assigned trusted aides to filter other lesser requests and inquiries." She then looked at Dori,

"If you are interested I could put you to work right away Dori, it would be just like old times. The power I have been given reminds me of when I really was queen.

Clearly Dori was torn, here was an opportunity to serve her former queen, however she realized those days were gone forever.

"My queen as much as I am tempted by your gracious offer my life is with my husband as well as my flying, I do love it so." Angelika smiled, reached over and touched Dori's hand.

"I understand Dori, you have chosen correctly, I too long for the time when I too can spend more time with my dear Draycon."

The next day, we got to see what everyone was talking about. At breakfast I met with everyone human, Falthian, and Amulian alike who was connected with the project. Everyone was really contributing; even the Amulian's who had gone the extra mile checking with everyone they ever dealt with. Even coming up dry as they did told us a lot; we were dealing with a totally unknown race. The Falthian techs finally broke the computer code, while the two Elan translated the computer language. My fellow humans figured out what these fellows actually looked like along with a detailed report on their physiology and what their solar system might be like. Plans were also in the works for

Andara to construct an exact duplicate of the craft. Along with Parmek Dregga their rep on Uromathia the company had a full crew of experts going over every inch of that ship. One evening Dori and I were dining with some newly arrived NASA scientists when one of them casually asked about a group of Andara techs who must have just come off working on the mystery ship. All of them wore dirty yellow coveralls as they stood in the buffet line.

"Are those people the clean-up crew?" she asked me. I laughed and shook my head.

"Ma'am, they work for Andara, you know, the firm that's been building starships a hundred years before the Wright brothers took that first flight at Kitty Hawk." Needless to say, she shut her mouth.

Two days later, they finally cracked the language barrier. The Amulian's with help from the Elan painstakingly reconstructed the data spools found in the ship and now we knew what they were saying. At a special conference, with all parties present, the data was presented on a large screen off of a computer. As expected, there were a lot of numbers, mostly coordinates which were translated.

To be sure, there was a lot of cross referencing and data clarification but slowly a story began to emerge stunning nearly everyone, most of all the Russians. Our mystery ship was a scout ship and the people that flew it called themselves the

"Sokentu." The coordinates to their home world weren't making any sense, however those same coordinates pinpointed every planet on our solar system with earth being Y 9867*** the asterisks being symbols we could not translate. Mars was YX 44509*** and so on.

Finally Jofyr took a shot at deciphering the mysterious coordinates and came up with the very real possibility that these Sokentu had come from a parallel universe. However the best was yet to come. Apparently the initial exploration involved four craft, two scout ships and two war ships. All this occurred in the year 1908, June to be exact because that's when a mysterious explosion occurred over Russia known as the Tunguska event. Scientists declared it an air blast of a meteoroid but according to the data it wasn't a meteoroid but one of the warships exploding. At this point things start getting murky, or as one of the NASA scientists remarked,

"It reminds me of the reports the Itasca was receiving from Amelia Earhart before she disappeared." Our scout ship was apparently QQ0098 and it was requested to maintain an orbit over Y9867*** until some sort of recovery could be made which involved Y 9866*** obviously the other scout ship and C4456*** being the other war ship. C4454*** was the war ship that had blown up for unknown reasons, however two words, "Sabotage suspected," only deepened the mystery.

The ROSCOSMOS people immediately requested every known record, (and some unknown) be scoured but unfortunately, many of those records had been destroyed in the 1917 revolution. There was early speculation that that explosion was indeed caused by a UFO, and now it looks as though that is true. However, since the Falthian's, Amulian's and the Elan have taken all the wind out of the UFO believers that is now a moot point. The Russians claim no debris was ever found, but a cross-referenced ground coordinate indicated that a landing was made in the area where the explosion occurred. The last piece of the puzzle came from QQ0098 indicating that they were waiting for further orders but that their fuel was running very low and could C4456*** help them out.

It was the perfect story, full of hope possible betrayal, and mystery, the worlds news sources went wild with all sorts of wild accusations and speculation. Naturally, everyone was wondering what ever happened to the other two ships, could they have crashed somewhere on earth, made their way home or like QQ0098 tucked up in some asteroid?

Sergey Vasov of ROSCOSMOS even came to Angelika asking if the Falthian's had anything that might detect metal buried in the ground for over a hundred years. He was told that yes they did, however the Asnoc was the only craft capable of over flying the Tunguska area at heights capable of picking up traces of metal or other debris. He was also told that the Asnoc would not be recalled prematurely, and that Vasov would simply have to wait until its mission was over.

It was also generally understood among the Falthian's that if the Sokentu had recovered any wreckage and debris chances were pretty good they had already discovered everything worth recovering.

In the end, this is where everything now stood; we had names and purpose, combined with a mystery as to what had become of the other two ships while the Russians were busily combing every square inch of the Tunguska looking for that needle in a haystack.

The Maysgood project was now winding down but there would be those who would continue to unearth the truth. I remained on mars for two more weeks assisting Allen Bickford, and Robarik Draaka in getting their cruise line up and running before returning home. The tourist season was beginning in the Black Hills so Dori would be returning to work. The Showalter's were now back running the Clurian Coffee Company in Deadwood. Jey'Att was on her way to Falth to meet with the droid guild, and I was ready for a little rest.

I hadn't forgotten Mr. Yates, calling him a couple days after returning home.

"Mr. Yates, Jake Gandrigg here, I received your letter, although I must apologize for a screw-up, your letter ended up sitting on some NASA drone's desk. I'm back home now. If you're still interested in talking, catch a flight out to Rapid City South Dakota. You'll find me over here near Deadwood, give me a call when you hit town okay?" Mr. Yates must have been eager to talk as he called me two days later asking directions to the house.

Sitting in the kitchen I waved my hand around the room,

"Mr. Yates you are sitting in a very historic room, history happened here, if these walls could talk. If you are truly serious about your current project I will help you however I can. Be advised that you are about to embark on a trip who's ultimate destination is Falth itself. When the time comes I will see that you receive permission to travel there. Also, be prepared to devote several years to this project, once you get going, you're going to find yourself talking to people and traveling to places you cannot even imagine. To paraphrase Rod Serling, you will find yourself traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but mind. I have only one condition, and that is simply the truth. I've read a number of your works so I know you will do this right. I think…I think that when you are finished, you will have something truly incredible…" I then took him on a tour of the grounds pointing out where the Lu'Korian's and the Falthian's held the first galactic conference, along with pictures. We ended the tour at the family cemetery where Moreck, his wife Karla, brother and father were buried along with Colin and Olivia, Caleb and his wife. Pointing to the graves of Moreck, his brother Lemeck and his father, I said.

"In each of those graves is a little bit of Falth, there's also another fellow buried around here but no one can remember where it is. There was a shoot out here a very long time ago; you'll read about it in Holly's book. At any rate Moreck was my great great grandfather who died back in 2009, so you see Mr. Yates I have Falthian blood in me. Right over there is where a Falthian ship sat waiting for repairs to come from Falth, let's go back inside."

Back in the kitchen, I added,

"As I said before if these wall could talk. Around that table have sat a whole lot of what you would call aliens. Life and death decisions were made here follow me."

We went downstairs into the basement and Moreck's old study, everything still as he left it, as well as his extensive library. Pulling out a book, I handed it to Yates.

"There are only four of these books published in English so obviously I can't let you out of the house with it Mr. Yates. Your welcome to stay with us, there's a guest room upstairs. Make yourself at home and read that book. I believe that when you're finished you'll realize the monumental task ahead of you. Once you start into it, it might seem like science fiction but I assure you every word of it is true."

Yates looked at the book "Wishing on a Star, by Holly Draaka, thank you Mr. Gandrigg, I'll get started right away."

Two days later, he handed the book back to me.

"I would have finished it sooner but I've got a whole notebook of notes I've taken. Mr. Gandrigg, this is the most incredible thing I've ever read, simply amazing, to think that a human piloted a spacecraft to a distant planet fifteen years before the Wright brothers flew…This is definitely a project I really want to get into. But where to start?"

"We'll start where the story started Steve," I replied. The next day we drove out to Devils Tower. What I wanted to show him was on private property but my dad knew the guy that owned it, a quick phone call got me permission.

Later that afternoon, I pointed to what was a long abandoned road.

"That's the old stage road, we're gonna walk down there so be on the alert for rattlesnakes Mr. Yates." I had brought my .410 snake gun just in case, but we stomped and shuffled enough so they didn't bother us. Pointing to a stone cairn, I said,

"Moreck put that up around 70, maybe 80 years ago to mark the spot where the stagecoach overturned; about a mile away is where Morkai and Nargra came across Holly and Hanna." I drove as far as I could; trees now grew where back in 1886 none did. Once again there was another stone cairn to mark the spot. That, Mr. Yates is where humanity had it's first close encounter of the third kind."

Steve looked around then pointed to Devil's tower,

"Little did Mr. Spielberg know that the real thing took place not so far away." We both shared a good laugh at that one. Before we got back in my truck Yates looked at me.

"Mr. Gandrigg, I think that when I finally finish this project, you and the Draaka ancestors, as well as everyone else involved in this will be proud."

Steve spent close to two weeks in the area interviewing not only my family but the Blessing decedents as well. I had called everyone both out here and back east as well letting everyone know Mr. Yates was on the level and had personally promised me he intended to do a top drawer job. Unfortunately, duty called and I had to leave again. Steve promised me he would keep in touch.

My first stop was Houston and a meeting with not only Mr. Singer but the Vice President as well concerning the cruise line Robarik and Allen Bickford were trying to set up. Singer also told me that the Russians were still busily scouring the Tunguska area but so far had come up with nothing.

"My guess Mr. Singer is that the Sokentu were very thorough in sweeping up any debris. If there is still anything possibly left in the area it's out of the area they are searching. That explosion probably blew pieces of that ship for miles, well beyond where the Russians are searching." He agreed but didn't want to say anything to them about it.

After that, it was off to Uromathia again with Kha'Mak and the Giuffrida providing transport. Along with myself, went a NASA technician, as well as a young man from Germany who was being sponsored by the European Space Agency. Dieter Weschler was his name, and he was simply amazing. He was only seventeen but had already created a computer operating system that combined a Mac OS with that of a Falthian system. I had read about his achievement earlier, but at the time was on mars and involved in other things. After the boy had explained exactly what he had achieved I realized he had probably violated the prime directive big time, a little detail he wasn't even aware of.

I had really taken a liking to this kid but I was afraid he was going to find himself in big trouble with the Falthian's. When I explained the situation he got very frightened so I suggested.

"I think what we're going to do is drop Mr. Clark off on Uromathia and beat feet to mars, I'm going to have you speak with Commander Aelfric and see if we can't get this think sorted out."

At the time he didn't realize Commander Aelfric was actually Angelika the queen of mars and he about fainted when I told him. The poor kid was scared shitless. He had never met an alien in his life let alone one as famous and important as she was. I had to practically drag him into her office.

"Commander, we've got a little problem!"

Together we got poor Dieter calmed down after he realized he wasn't going to get in trouble. Angelika brought in a couple computer experts then had Dieter demonstrate exactly what he had created. Needless to say, not only Angelika, but the two techs simply couldn't believe a Kagorian was capable of doing what this young man had achieved.

"I'm sending those techs back to Falth with a full report," said Angelika. "This, as you humans like to say will certainly upset a few apple carts."

Meanwhile, while we waited, Dieter enjoyed his time on mars as well as becoming quite the sensation. Two weeks later, word came back from Falth. As our young man sat in Angelika's office she smiled at him,

"Well Dieter, it looks like you're on your way to Falth." Naturally your's truly was assigned to accompany him. I got a transmission off to Dori letting her know where I was at and probably would be going to Falth for a few weeks. We caught a ride aboard a navy shuttle that was rotating crewmen off the Kor'Math and the Narjasic back to Falth. Dieter occupied his time impressing the Falthian's with his computer skills while learning to speak the language.