Daedalus hummed quietly to herself. A familiar tune her master had taught her an eternity ago. It was one of the themes of his favorite video games: the ninth installment in its series. Melodies of…something. The door behind her was pushed open gently.

"Finally awake?" she asked teasingly, smiling at the girl who stood groggily in the doorway. She couldn't have been more than seven.

"Sorry, Mom…" she mumbled, rubbing blue eyes that were identical to Daedalus's. Her silver hair outshone even the moon.

"Even now, Ma—your father pesters me with his laziness…" She sighed.

The girl gave a cute scowl. "…How's Lambda?"

"Not good, I'm afraid; the sudden creation of an aged body won't flow with the stream of life." Daedalus shrugged. "I guess I'm not destined to go to the new world." She said those last words as if it brought back a distant memory. "However…"

"'However'…?" The child was confused.

"You're not bound by rules like that, are you?" Daedalus took the girl by the hand. "C'mon, we have work to do."

The child was even more confused as they walked. "What kind of work?"

"We have to welcome your sister into the world, don't we?" She smiled.

The girl smiled back, finally getting it. "Yeah!"

Daedalus led the girl as she skipped on Lunaria's monochromatic surface.