A/N: another Armor Games entry. Theme this time: 'Last Chances'.

Remember when the clouds broke down,
And the storms clamoured for terror,
And it was then, at dawn,
That their tears began to tarry.

Then you struck, again,
Gave their last hopes one last final blow,
And as the heavens were godsent,
You were the Devil, incarnate.

But the city of tears was red with ribbons,
Red with the bones of the votive offerings
Of a thousand lives and a thousand more sons,
And you stood tall and omniscient and gait-fully living.

But the gods cried and the monsters wept,
For you, for us, for the dead and the still-living,
And the city wailed with half-dead voices that crept
Under your bed at night, but you heard nothing;

And the city knew, and the city feared,
And the city burned in the black fires of your mind,
And though cities can't die, this one did,
And with it came grieving,

And with it went hope, and forgiveness, and you,
For your last dance on earth,
Was your Last Chance at all,
And you blew it away,

And you destroyed the City of Second Chances.