I walk about on this mysterious road. This road is one I've never traveled through before. Just a moment ago, my mind has awoken and my life has continued. This road is not exactly a road, but a path, a path that is surrounded by the peaceful features of nature. My ragged clothes do not matter as the perfect temperature tells me that I will not be cold nor unhappy. A nice wind blows through, and I sweep back my hair in an attempt to keep it from flying. I ponder about myself while looking at the beautiful red maple trees around me.

I hear a slight rustling in the trees to my right. My body suddenly flinches and I stare in that direction. "Hello!" I yell into the red forest, only to be answered by more movement. "It's okay! I don't bite! Come out!" More movement…

"A-Ah!" I catch a glimpse of someone in a beautiful dress that nearly blends with the surroundings. The voice is a girl's; it doesn't sound mature. She's probably terrified of me because of my appearance.

I crouch onto one knee and project my voice in her direction, "come on! It's okay, I wont hurt you!" I close my eyes and put on my brightest smile, thinking that she'll be able to see it. I then put out my arms. More movement this time... Thump! Something hits my chest, it was like fabric. I open my eyes and notice the girl's hair. Her black hair flows down to her waist; a nice hair ornament sat with it. Her clothes seem to be something I've seen once before. It was a kimono, a traditional dress worn by Japanese people. Why is she here? She looks up to me with tears. Her dark brown eyes were wide open and I could see tears flowing down her small cheeks. She didn't look much older than ten; probably around eight years old. She must be lost.

"Kowai yo!" She lets out a small cry and buries her face in my chest. I couldn't understand her words, but I can understand how she's feeling. She must be terrified, being lost in this dense forest, and crying in the arms of a stranger.

I wrap my arms around her and comfort her, "it's okay… Don't cry… I'll help you out…" I try to comfort her to the best of my ability. She cries for a few more moments before she stops and wipes her tears away.

"Arigatou," she looks up to me again, "Onamae oshiete itadake masu ka?"

"S-Sorry, I don't know much Japanese…" I reply.

"KimiNamae wa?" She asks; this time, I understand. She's asking me for my name.

"Ah… Ore wa… Sorry… It seems that my name's escaped me…"

She studies my face a little more, "Anata wa nihongo o hanasemasu ka?"

"Gomenasai…" Instead of confusing her more, I think of another name. "Ore wa Yori da. Kimi no namae?" I think I asked her correctly.

"Watashi wa Kaede desu, hajimemashita, Yori-san," she introduces herself and I reply with a nod. I then lift her off the ground as I stand up. I hold her hand to make sure that she doesn't wander off randomly.

"Itai…" I could hear Kaede mumble as I take in the atmosphere.

"What's wro- Doushita? Daijoubu?" I ask her what's wrong and if she's alright. She points to her feet. Ah… Her feet hurts from all the walking. I kneel down and signal that I'll give her a piggyback ride. She takes off her geta -a type of footwear- and hands them to me. She then proceeds to hop onto my back. We then continue our lonely journey through this never ending path.